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  1. ln my continuous search in ways to kill time, l was searching the infamous interweb when l came across these pretty neat pictures of some old trucks. First one is old cementer rig on a IH truck. All these pics are from the Breckenridge, Texas area in 1936 and '37 during one of the oil booms. Next one is a IH truck hauling a cable drilling rig. What models of IH trucks are these? This a 1937 GMC pickup at Werner Tank Manufacturing in Albany, Texas. For many years Werner Tank, later becoming Albany Tank was a major supplier of oil tanks in all of Texas, Louisana and eastern New Mexico. Personally l have climbed the ladders on probably hundreds of Albany tanks, from small 90 Bbl all the way up to 1500 Bbl tanks.
  2. Geez!! Don't ya'll know those are highly trained attack ducks??
  3. l saw a guy hauling sand like this with straps. l told him it was really stupid....he should've used a chain.....
  4. Rick, l don't know what year model that the cabover KW was in the accident, but back in the late '80's and early '90's there was a major recall on certain types of steering boxes that affected just about all class 8 truck manufactures but really hit PACCAR (Pete and KW). What was really odd was at the time l drove for a company that had a fleet of 250 1987 to 1995 Marmon's. They were all included in the recall but only about 50 trucks actually had the defective steering box.
  5. @MacARhow abut a update on your cotton crop?
  6. Ford in Brazil are quite a bit different. The body style pickups that Ford guys call "bump sides" was built in Brazil until 1999 l think. l kind of like the dual headlights on this '97 model.
  7. Now you know that can't be. That sprocket is a 8 hole pattern and the A-Team van is only a 5 hole....geez.... 😁
  8. Just wondering if any of you guys could tell me what kind of truck this is? Caption just said it was taken near Breckinridge, Texas oilfields in 1932.
  9. l really don't know but she says they buy fuel from West-T-Go and it comes from the Holley terminal across the street from West-T-Go truck stop in Tye.
  10. Early this morning at a small truck stop near Abilene, Tx. where my step daughter works the price of premium gas was $4.37. Diesel was $5.09.
  11. Tony l love listening to running pumpjacks, electric or hit n' miss gas engines. Your pic brings back memories of my 'ol crude haulin' days. Looking forward to more of your pics during your trip.
  12. Go ahead and move to Amarillo Tony!! You wouldn't have to raise cotton anymore. My nephew could probably put you to work in his cotton gin at White Deer, Texas. (about 30 minutes from Amarillo) Be safe out there compadre and keep posting pics of your travels.
  13. Those were scenes from the movie "The War Lover" starring Steve McQueen. McQueen's character in the movie was angry because he was part of a group of planes that was sent over France to drop leaflets instead of bombs. Reason l know this? l saw the whole movie on TV just last week....lol. Actually not a very good movie. "12 O'Clock High" is a lot better movie.
  14. Leland Snow's S-2A built in 1959, the first model of plane built in the AirTractor factory in Olney, Texas. l hope this link works,l'm still learning how to use Windows 10. https://fb.watch/dH7vXsyN8H/
  15. Dick's Farm Toy Price Guide is still published (2022) but l haven't seen a online version.
  16. l thought maybe someone would have mentioned it by now. D-Day was taking place 78 years ago today. My Dad was on a troop ship about halfway across the Atlantic when he was woke up by men hollering and the ship's horn blowing. His first thought were "Damn!! We're sinking!!" But then the Captain came over the loudspeaker and said "The invasion of France has began!!" Just a few weeks later he was in a Sherman tank trying to bust through hedgerows and cross flooded fields.
  17. Well, Booger Creek Gin hired a new ginner's assistant. l have to admit she don't have much experience but the T-shirt fit sooo..... She turned one year old last week and been walking for about two weeks and starting to talk. We been trying to get her to say "pawpaw" and finally this morning she said "pappy" instead so go figure. We got Booger Creek T-shirts for the other 3 great-granddaughters but they haven't got to come down to visit since school has been out.
  18. Was perusing the "interweb" yesterday and found this pic. The only information about it said "International F series truck with cotton bales. 1921". ls that what that particular model was called? F series? Regardless, looks like he's been in some mud somewhere.
  19. A friend of mine is a former Marine that went Viet Nam on two different tours of duty. He told me once "We weren't heroes, just a bunch of dumb kids that did what we had to do to keep ourselves and our buddies alive. The real heroes were the one that sacrificed to keep the rest of us alive." He came home to Plainview, Texas and became a firefighter. A few years later he was one of the first class of EMT's to graduate from Texas Tech Med School. We rode many miles on motorcycles later. Couple years ago his wife inherited a ranch not too far from here. (part of it borders the 6666's ranch)
  20. l can think of only two words to describe it Tony. Unbelievable and WOW!!
  21. Some schools in Texas have taken measures to protect against school shootings. Both Ballinger, Tx (south of Abilene) and Claude, Tx (near Amarillo) have armed teachers. Maybe it works and maybe it don't, but there sure ain't been no school shootings there.... Forgot to add that they started these programs in 2018.
  22. Chrysler's biggest hemi....10 feet long, 16 cylinders and 2220 cubic inches, rated at 2500 hp. The XI2220 was first developed in 1940. Gear reduction gearbox and engine mounts were in the middle of the engine for torque and vibration control. Later tested in a XP-47.
  23. This storm built up late yesterday afternoon near Morton, Texas. (about 60 miles west of Lubbock) l don't know much about tornadoes but they said this one was a "wedge" type instead of the more common "funnel" type. That storm did produce a lot of rain but it goes to show that you better be careful what you pray for. When you pray for rain just be prepared for the "extras" that might come with it.
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