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    Salix, Iowa USA
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    antique airplanes, automobiles prior to 1970, steam locomotives, old trucks, and any old farm machines.

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  1. I had a real dandy just south of Applington in 2003. A diagonal wire across the corner of the field. I spent 5 weeks in the hospital....The airplane did not survive. Ron
  2. You have to survive your mistakes to become an expert. Ron
  3. That will be nice when done, and you will like it. Ron
  4. Wife put out our feeder today. Ron
  5. I would not use a 5th wheel running gear for anything!! Ron
  6. Ron Cook

    Is this a B

    I think it is an A. Ron
  7. just like mine. Ron
  8. Working good here, BJ. Thanks, Ron
  9. Happy birthday, Mark. Ron
  10. Now......that scared me and I am sitting at my kitchen table! Ron
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