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  1. I am glad some of you include photos. What you call work boots, I have always called "work shoes". No laces on my Boots.😀 Keep the replies coming. I am in the market for boots. I can't find my Red Wing Work Shoes. I think the wife threw them away as I seldom ever wore them. She says she did not. So be it. They were not worn out. I just got too fat to bend over and lace them up comfortably. I am currently wearing a pair of Ariat Sierra H2O that I picked up a couple Sundays ago at Fleet Farm due to a footwear emergency. Probably ok for something made in Vietnam, but not something I like. Ron
  2. Same here sort of. I wore the same number Red Wings for 40+ years. They quit making them and so far I have not found any of theirs that I like. I only buy the US made RedWings. Ron
  3. Good info. You fellows moving small grain have it made. I vac mostly soybeans and occasionally corn. The only thing I could load in 10 minutes would be a wheelbarrow. I kinda wanted to sell the old 1566 before my nephews ruin it and it isn't worth anything. I don't seem to be able to get any equipment rent from them, so I want to give them some advice on what to buy for their own power. They use a Deere 8640 until field work starts, then they come get my 1566 and keep it until all the bins are empty. Starts all over next year. I am tired of it. Their dead dad, my 1/2 brother, couldn't stand red equipment, so they aren't too likely to buy my 1566 unless I painted it green or something. Yet they prefer it on their vac. They used to use their 4630 until the pto stopped working. Dunno why they don't fix the thing. Ron
  4. What do you use to power an REM 2700 vac. I am going to have to find something different. I have been using my 1566, but I don't think anything with that much horsepower is necessary. Not fussy about the color. Thanks, Ron
  5. Class of '61 here. Went to the first reunion. Haven't been back. Did not like high school. Stepmother was a teacher. 365 days a year 24 hours a day of that crap. Nope. don't care. Ron
  6. We started last night with the freezing. Do same as Pete 1458. Doing the rest of the first planting tonight. Then we get a couple days off, maybe. I plant nothing but jubilee, but at different times. If it gets hot as it usually does, it all gets ready the same day anyway. This year is a little different. I got this year's planted too thick and didn't thin it, so the ears are skinny. We usually end up with about five gallons or so. Ron
  7. I like that. There was one on the farm when I was growing up that I had to use to mow road shoulders. Worked. I have no idea where it went. Might still be in the grove somewhere. Ron
  8. Ron Cook

    Broken H

    Probably all true. Point is, though, It is an easy fix. Lots of parts around and not a tough job. Ron
  9. Everything on old tractors was made for young skinny operators. That is what farmers were. Young, skinny, tough, and limber. I went past that years ago.😀 Ron
  10. I bought up hundreds of Gillette Platinum Plus years ago on eBay when I could no longer find them in the stores. Also scored a couple new razors. Wife called me stupid. I am still in good shape. Use one every day. Blades last me several shaves, but I do not have a very tough beard. Ron
  11. Has to be pretty scarce. Ron
  12. See that sort of thing all the time. Danged shame. History leaving for a few bucks. Ron
  13. I do not farm, so therefore I have no corn crib. However, not only did we have the wood double crib and a wooden single crib, but 4 wire cribs. If that wasn't enough torture, we also did custom corn shelling. I have seen way too many ear corn storages. Corn was usually sealed, so what did not get fed to livestock was shelled in August and delivered to Commodity Credit. This in the fifties, by the way. Ron
  14. I was in Omaha last Saturday but didn't know it was there, so I will have to catch it on the way back. I really like those big steam locomotives. Both 844 and 3985 have been to Sioux City in past years, but I guess 4014 won't on this trip. Ron
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