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  1. Have a good 4th of July , everyone. Ron
  2. Ron Cook

    Thank You

    Good to hear from you, Runner. Hang in there. Ron
  3. That one is a bit newer than mine. My newest one that I still have is a 1950 CJ3A. The trencher is very hard on the frame and rear springs. Also almost requires duals on the rear. Ron
  4. I have had two Jeep-A-Trench units. Still have one. Trencher made in Auburn, NE. One was on a CJ2A and all mechanical. One on a CJ3A and driven by a hydro. I still have that one. Ron
  5. Well, they are okay, but no thanks to that Case baler. The dust rolling out behind that head was bad on that side of the baler for sure. I used a Bandanna for a dust mask. Early to mid fifties. All most all baling was alfalfa. Just South of Sioux City, near Sergeant Bluff. Ron
  6. I spent many hours for a few summers twisting wires on Case Hand Tie baler. Not exactly fun. Ron
  7. Good neighbor. Ron
  8. That is what I did. Great trimmer! My non starting Stihl is still sitting on the shop floor going on its second year of non-use. Ron
  9. Ron Cook


    '49 fuel cap is not under a cover as far as I know. Ron
  10. Ron Cook


    It is a '50. Ron
  11. Ron Cook

    Randy Sohn

    I just heard he has passed. No proof yet. Ron
  12. YES. That is what I have used for years. Ron
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