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  1. Ron Cook


    I do not like that new weather radar either. Ron
  2. Ron Cook


    I think you are safe Runner. At least I hope so. Ron
  3. Happy New Year everyone. Ron
  4. Ron Cook


    The meat looks great! Both kinds. Merry Christmas, Runner. Ron
  5. We had yellow stop signs here in Iowa. The letters had "cat eye" reflectors to enable them to reflect off your headlights. Same with the Railroad Crossing signs. I had a 1968 IH VF 192 truck. Last year for the V series. Ron
  6. Prayers for you. Hang in there. It'll be okay. Ron
  7. K-hats were the best. Dunno where they went. Ron
  8. That setup was at the farm where I grew up. Now all that is left is the speed jack. Ron
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