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  1. Ron Cook


    There is a race going on somewhere? Ron
  2. John Deere 70, Farmall Super MTA, and Farmall 400 are all around 50HP. The Farmall 560 is around 65. The red advantage would be the TA, if it worked. Ron
  3. Timpte traps are terrible. I knew that for years and still bought one because the price seemed right. Huge mistake. If you figure out how to get them to work even half way decent, let me know how the heck you did it. I have an old Wilson with bad suspension. I am about ready to take the suspension off the Timpte and put it on the Wilson and junk the Timpte. Ron
  4. Salix. I can see the outer marker from my place one mile east of Salix where I now live when the fields are bare. Ron
  5. I was born in Nov 1 of '43 so I wasn't paying much attention to the many crashes and off airport landings that too place around my home a couple miles or less East of Sioux City AAB. One of which was within an 8th of mile from our house in the dark. Iced up B-17 belly landed in the field below our house in the corn field. I was told that when the crew knocked on the door of the house, it scared the **** out of my mother who was home alone with me at the time. My dad who was at his folk's farm a half mile away rushed home. We had no phone, so he took some of the crew to the base to report the incident. There were no injuries, but the airplane was damaged enough that it was disassembled and trucked out. They only had to truck it a mile and a half. Ron
  6. Grumman Goose works too. Not quite the range, though. Just fish closer to home. Ron
  7. Peterbuilt owners all do that stuff to their trucks to be different and now they all look alike. Mostly impractical. Ron
  8. It might already be in there, or a 220. Ron
  9. For a time years ago, I had a VCOE with a 22 ft grain box and hoist. 549 10-speed Road Ranger with tag axle. Heck of a good grain truck if you could afford the 3 mpg gasolene consumption. Was just fine until gas price went above 45 cents per gal. Ron
  10. I thought Emeryville,s were built in Emeryville. Ron
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