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  1. Ron Cook

    Machine shed estimate

    Very, very nice!!! Ron
  2. You also don't want to leave your truck in the field for the farmer to fill after the elevator is closed. You will be badly overloaded! Guaranteed!! Ron
  3. I have had an electric tarp for years. Wouldn't be without it. Wouldn't work for someone without one. I am 75 and my shoulders wouldn't hack it. The first tarp I electified was one of the heavy Wahpeton Canvas Co. tarps. When cold it was like a piece of tin. Maybe 10 years ago. I do all short hauls. I am not a farmer. They have new stuff. 4 years ago I got stupid (knew better) and bought a used Timpte super hopper grain trailer because the price was right. I asked the owner if the traps worked decently because they are notorious for hard working traps, especially the long ones like this trailer. He said oh, yeah. No problems. Operate easily. Now I didn't believe him but bought the trailer. First load, I could not move the traps Even on low speed. There was a hellforstout employee at the elevator that got them opened and he said he had never been around one that tough. So much for the sellers honesty. I did a lot of fixing, lubing, adjusting, etc. and did get working easily enough that electric actuators will operate them. When hauling where gravel roads are traveled on, it takes the electric AND the hand crank. My older Wilson works fine with the crank traps. Ornery when on gravel roads, but doable. I am always about 5 minutes away from quitting, so I will not be updating anything. Hauling grain does not make much money for the owner/operator. Maybe none. Keep that stuff working easily for your Dad, Pete. He is valuable. Ron
  4. Ron Cook

    Fehr Cab Pedal Boots for 66 Series Deluxe Cab

    They do look good. I will go that way when I get that far. Lotsa other stuff to fix first🙂.
  5. Ron Cook

    Muscle Cars

    I forgot to mention that the other cars could stop, sorta. Mine would slow. 40 Ford brakes. Ron
  6. Ron Cook

    Muscle Cars

    In 1962 my main wheels was a '40 Ford coupe with Olds power. Blow the doors plumb off that Impala and Galaxie. Run right with or faster than the Vette in a quarter. Couldn't get the girls though. I had to add a red '56 Bel Aire convertible to the fleet for that. Ron
  7. Ron Cook

    Mahindra knock off of a jeep

    Mahindra built the CJ3B for many years. Kinda looks like they still are, but Jeep has different owners nowaday. Ron
  8. Ron Cook


    We have small ones too. Those we do not pick up as it would take too many for fire lighting. We also have many large cones from some of the trees. Those are the ones we use. Ron
  9. Ron Cook


    For fire starters, we pick up pine cones off the ground. We have dipped some in wax, but most just get lit dry. Ron
  10. Ron Cook

    Vintage Ads

    Yes. Same company. We have/had several of their products. The road gear for the F-20, Corn cribs, grain bins, Power steering for 70 John Deere. Ron
  11. Ron Cook

    A guide to roundabouts.

    Lotsa hours behind them, Randy. Love em. Started with the 985 and went to 1340 and used them until I quit. Maybe 10000 hrs. dunno. Ron
  12. Ron Cook

    A guide to roundabouts.

    Nope. Retired. Ron
  13. Ron Cook

    Over driving lights

    Same here. Ron
  14. Ron Cook

    Over driving lights

    Absolutely! Ron
  15. Ron Cook

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    concur! Ron