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  1. Ron Cook

    The Dog Thread

    Been there, Gonzo. Borders are especially tough to lose. Feeling for you. Flash and Tess will welcome Gypsy Rose. Ron
  2. Ron Cook

    Old toys

    The my toy tractor came from Klopstad Implement. Grandma's new car from Mahoney Ford. Both in Sioux City. I have never seen another toy Jubilee that was as precise as that one. Of course it is long gone... And..if all else failed you could always follow US 75 and CNW tracks from Sloan through Salix until you see the intersection with Highway 230. A little left and you should be looking at the approach lights to 31. Texaco road maps were the best.😀 Ron
  3. Ron Cook

    Old toys

    Yes they did. My Granddad was looking at a new red belly Ford. I got a new toy Ford Tractor. Grandad bought Grandma a new '53 Ford car. I got to keep the tractor, though. Ron
  4. Done. Thanks to all. Ron
  5. Thanks. I was thinking it took around 5 gallons. I have the tractor rented out and the renter is changing the oil. Ron
  6. My operator's manual is hiding and I cannot remember how much oil for an oil change. The tractor is not at home and I need to obtain oil for it. Ron
  7. Ron Cook

    You go girl!

    Okay. I looked at that trailer. Not a stock 55. Someone's cobbled up gasser. Ron
  8. Ron Cook

    You go girl!

    55 is on the driver's side. '56 is behind the tail light. Ron
  9. Yes it would. I might buy a ticket to see that. Ron
  10. I drove a Fleetstar 2050 years ago with the Allison behind a DV549. Hated that setup. Only truck with auto I have ever driven. As an owner, I can't afford to have the autos around. And I ain't driving anyone else's truck. So it is moot. Ron
  11. Someone would have to show me how to operate an auto. Ron
  12. I have not had the chance to go to Pioneer Village. I sure hope it stays. That Archway was pure stupidity and far as I am concerned. I tried to get there one time when it was just built. No good way. I ran out of time and had to give up. Ron
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