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  1. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    in 2000 I think it was, I went looking for a pickup to help at work and use to pull my camper in case I ever had a chance to vacation in it. I lived in it during the spraying season and it did not move. All the proper used units were diesels and not what I wanted. All the new ones at the dealers were also diesels. Just not a fit for me. Too expensive and noisy and smelly for my low mileage use. I wanted an extended cab long box 4X4 auto trans with air conditioning big block gas burner. I gave up and decided the old 79 GMC one ton would just have to keep on going.(by the way it still is) Several months later I happened to spot an ad for exactly what I had been looking for and went to look at it. 1995 Silverado set up exactly like I would have done it. Just like new appearing. Not a mark on it. had 170,000 on the odometer. Sure had me confused. Not even a door ding or mark on the bed floor except where the gooseneck hitch was. I asked the owner for an explanation as I was sort of interested. Turns out it had been under contract to General Motors pulling a trailer with GM Performance parts to auto shows all over the country. I asked why no door dings. He said you do not get door dings on the show floor. This truck and trailer were the actual display and the body style had changed so the truck had to be updated to the current model and was for sale. Price was right and I took it home. I have it still. 230,000 miles now and a few dings but still a good truck. Sometimes things do come together. Ron
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Just looking at photos on this thread. Dunno. I am an Iowegian and a John Deere man anyways. Never seen a cotton field. And.......also a '43 model. Ron
  3. Something You Don't See Very Often

    It probably started life as a single axle city delivery tractor. They really shined at that. I would have no time for a tag axle truck out in farm work around here. I is a nice looking old truck, though and the tag axle will hold the price down. Ron
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That is for sure a goofy looking exhaust pipe. It could get snagged for sure. What is the reason for the tank over the hoods on those cotton picking tractors? Looks like they are mostly regulars or F-20s. Ron
  5. What ruled the roads then?

    Most definitely my kind of ride. Very nice! That is the engine I had in my 41 Chevy coupe. They really run sweet. Ron
  6. Vintage Ads

    He has a very nice setup there. I have a gas powershift 4020 with a loader on front and a blower on back. I certainly do like the blower moved to the front. I would do that if we got more snow here. I like the less snow best. It is expensive stuff for me. Ron
  7. Something From Mr. Sohn's Neck Of The Woods

    And now that area is getting filled with those ugly wind turbines. Ron
  8. Vintage Ads

    Being in the corn country of Iowa, I have to ask.....What is the reason for the short wheel base? Ron
  9. What ruled the roads then?

    So now we are talking school? I had the only Allis Chalmers B parked out front on the street. That eventually got replaced by a 41 Ford for a year, and when I was a junior I bought a very nice and sort of quick 55 Ford Customline 2 Door V8 3-speed overdrive. But the winner was one of our teachers that showed up with a brand new 1958 Bonneville fuel injected beauty. It sort of outclassed a seniors black 58, 348 tri-power 3 speed Impala. I had to switch to build your own hotrods to stay with those GM units. The 55 Ford couldn't hack it. Put a valve down through a piston and that was the end of that. Ron
  10. What ruled the roads then?

    Yep. Pretty much the same here. I had the 303 Olds in my 40 Ford coupe. Chased the skirts in my 56 Chev ragtop. My Duntov chevy was in a 41 Chevy coupe. Nicer car than the 40 Ford but not quite as fast. Those were my cars and my 40 did rule the road. Finally I couldn't go anywhere in it without being bothered by the cops. I had to buy the 56 Bel Air to get anywhere. There were many many 57 Chevies and some were pretty rapid at the drags. Then came the sixties. Ron
  11. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers sent.
  12. Guns

    Good enough. That is what I was gathering from you. Ron
  13. Guns

    Huh? How did you figure that? My posting:That is a very good article. I am not sure how you convince the no guns group, but our 2nd amendment to the Constitution is there for that very reason and is all important. You do not think folks are supposed to follow the constitution? Or did you simply misunderstand my posting. You quoted me twice. Ron
  14. Guns

    So, what is the reason for quoting me? Ron
  15. Snow was gone last night-----

    Plenty enough snowing and blowing going on here south of Sioux City. Currently white out with 38 mph gusts. Ron