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  1. popo

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    Not a wheel bearing. This only happened to the rear brakes, pretty equal both sides. I'll let you know what I find when I get a chance to investigate in few days.
  2. Drove the 74 1600 today, 38,000 miles. Went about 8 miles and decided the hand brake was not fully released, felt a slight drag. It was not the hand brake but the rear brakes..slight drag. I backed the adusterers off a little and things were fine and still had enough brake. Went 25 miles, picked up 7 ton of 1 1/2 gravel, no drag and plenty of brake. 15 miles toward home and drag became noticable again, slowly increased, even though I did not touch the pedal in that time. Did not dare stop going up a steep hill, got a bit of smoke when I stopped at the top. Backed the adjusters off again and no further problems the next 7 miles home. What the heck, adjusters tightening themselves too much? Or pressure not releasing in the lines somewhere? Any thoughts would be helpful, can't start taking thing apart for a week. Thanks, Popo
  3. popo

    mid 50's Cabovers at or under 26k gvwr?

    There is one of these trucks coming up for auction in Colorado. Link: http://k-wauctions.com/myweb/images/Johnson12.jpg
  4. popo

    My friends know me to well...

    Fits me as well, just ask the in-laws.
  5. Just noticed that there is a td9 listed in a Nebraska auction Nov. 29th. http://www.farmauction.net/auctions/ and yes it's been quite awhile since I've been here. Plan is to get one of the td9's running by Christmas. Pictures have been taken at almost every step and a full update will be posted when time allows.
  6. popo

    what is guy supposed to do?

    Hopefully just a head gasket. Last one I purchased was under $100 US. Several years ago I posted about same issue after putting on rebuilt head and new gasket. Water in the crankcase, guys here gave good advice and all that was needed was better goo on gasket surfaces: black permatex aviation grade. Could be cracked head or block, more $, hopefully not. More knowledgeable folks will chime in soon. popo