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  1. popo

    TD 18. 1939. Dozer

    Wow, sorry to hear about your accident. I sure hope your condition improves. I suffered a broken/shatttered tib/fib a couple years ago, takes a long time to get as good as it's going to. Where are you located?
  2. popo

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    Not a wheel bearing. This only happened to the rear brakes, pretty equal both sides. I'll let you know what I find when I get a chance to investigate in few days.
  3. Drove the 74 1600 today, 38,000 miles. Went about 8 miles and decided the hand brake was not fully released, felt a slight drag. It was not the hand brake but the rear brakes..slight drag. I backed the adusterers off a little and things were fine and still had enough brake. Went 25 miles, picked up 7 ton of 1 1/2 gravel, no drag and plenty of brake. 15 miles toward home and drag became noticable again, slowly increased, even though I did not touch the pedal in that time. Did not dare stop going up a steep hill, got a bit of smoke when I stopped at the top. Backed the adjusters off again and no further problems the next 7 miles home. What the heck, adjusters tightening themselves too much? Or pressure not releasing in the lines somewhere? Any thoughts would be helpful, can't start taking thing apart for a week. Thanks, Popo
  4. popo

    mid 50's Cabovers at or under 26k gvwr?

    There is one of these trucks coming up for auction in Colorado. Link: http://k-wauctions.com/myweb/images/Johnson12.jpg
  5. popo

    My friends know me to well...

    Fits me as well, just ask the in-laws.