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  1. Just bought a 5 shank DMI 2500 three point ripper for my 5288 front wheel,assist looking forward to trying it this spring. In 2012 I rented a 5 shank John Deere and it had no issues pulling it at 17" depth don't expect any with this either but two sales people told me I didn't have enough tractor. This is a clean as can be 1985 model that I thought of adding a 5488 inter cooler to it for more power if needed. Is there any difference between the 5488 and 5288 transmission and rear end? I do remember getting a little hot last time but I did find a good cleaning of the radiator fixed that. Would this be a major job or some what simple? DAW
  2. DAW

    Kewanee 1020

    Looking for the wing leveling eye bolt & tube assembly for a 1020 Kewanee disc. or a suitable substitute. They are quite short and both mine are in poor condition. Shoup has one for an International disc that goes down to 13"s don't think that is small enough, not at my farm today or I would measure. Thought about cutting the IH one down and welding a sleeve over the shortened tube any ideas?
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