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  1. Very nice pictures!!!!!
  2. I have always tried to not be quite that much help.
  3. I use to have from 3 to 10 beer drinkers stop by at my shop most every evening when I was young and was farming and trucking. I enjoyed those days however now that I am in my mid seventy's and had cancer and heart bypass I would prefer that I and my wife just sit out on our deck and be left alone for the most part.
  4. 74A-472

    Covid Shot

    I guess that I will be the odd guy here. I am 75 years old and do not scare as quick as most of the responders on this site. I am not going to let myself be frightened out of my wits because this corrupt government is trying to order the sheep what they can do and what they can't. They can stick their shot up where the sun don't shine.
  5. i just asked my wife this morning where is this global warming when we need it.
  6. what is with all this shooting. they tell me that ammo is hard to come by
  7. i cured my digital tach problem after sending it off to be fixed and when it returned and still did not work .. i rented my farm ground out and sold my 1486 to my new renter. now he has a digital tact problem. i did not realize how great life could be with very few worries and wake up every day doing what ever you feel like doing.
  8. I am 74 years old and thinking that with the store shelves bare here that if I get a $1000 dollar check that I may try to cash into $1.00 bills and my wife and I can use the bills for toilet paper as there is none on the shelves in this area.
  9. I am getting up in years but this did seem to be a very thought out idea to me.
  10. I run the new so called toned down diesel oil in everything I own on my farm. 30 wt or 10-40 wt makes no difference to me. I have had no problems that I know of.
  11. was the name Freeman?

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    2. red211


      Just sat down to eat supper and saw this, can you say small world!!!!!   I would like to talk sometime when We both have a few minutes to spare.  Do you farm now, work somewhere or are retired?  I work for Myself running a 943 cat, D3C, C185 NH and a KW dump truck.  Super busy right now, guess that's a good thing...  Let Me know what times usually work for You and will try to make a call work out.   My number is 615-428-2284, I answer any time between 5:00 and 9:00.   Thanks for the replies, sure is odd finding someone that not only knows the area but owned the same land.  Who would guess.

    3. 74A-472


      my wife and I are staying and looking after 2 granddaughters in Parkville this week as a daughter and son in law are on vacation at a resort in Mexico. we are busy getting them to their school, ball practice, piano lessons, dance lessons and ect. I just came back home later this evening to pick a few things we need to stay there the rest of the week. I do not know what draws the son in law and his family to places out of the United states for vacations . I was drafted and ended up on a 1 year tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968. when I returned  home at the old Kansas city airport from Vietnam in 1969  I told my wife of 3 years that I will never get on a airplane again. I will try to give you a call down the road when things settle down here.  (Ron)

    4. red211


      I can't imagine what it was like over there, thank you for your service.   I have no desire to leave this Country on vacation.  I said once I would NEVER go to New York City, L.A. or leave this Country.   I have eaten those words with a working mission trip to N.Y., twice to L.A. and six trips to Brazil.  None were vacation but did get to do stuff besides just work.  It has proved to Me that I was right that I don't want to go any of those places to vacation.  

      I was with Family coming through Kansas City around 70, not sure of exact date but it was dark and a jet was going down right into the buildings.  I thought it was crashing but Dad laughed and said the airport was there.  It was right after that they opened the new airport but can still see that jet going down in the city.  No worries about calling, winter is coming and stuff slows down for Me.  Thanks for making contact, it's a small world for sure.  I will stay in touch here.  Good luck with the kids,  talk about keeping you going!!!!  I know it's all good but I am sure Y'all will be due for a break when They get back. Randi

  12. 74A-472

    IH 1456

    it is great to save the old girls of the past. this 1456 looks to have a chance to be a beautiful tractor again. I have a low hour 1456 that is wearing way better duds than your tractor. I just wish i had the money and get up and go to bring my 1456 up to the standard that you will end up with this tractor. I hope to see your 1456 on this site when you get done giving it a new lease on life.
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