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  1. Pick One To Restore

    There's a jockey over in Amboy that usually has some decent stuff, and I think theres another guy in sterling. I dont know if the sterling guy is still around or not. Otherwise there is Crossroads equipment just outside of Forreston that gets in some decent stuff from time to time. If I were you I'd go to the Hazelhurst Auction (between Milledgeville and Polo) and try to pick up something cheap, or talk to your local auctioneer and watch the farm auctions. Especially if you arent in a rush.
  2. BB gun advice.

    I guess you cant say c0ck on this website, even when it applies to lever action guns.
  3. BB gun advice.

    If it's not serious, the red rider would be my vote. Just **** it once and be ready to shoot. Those pump guns have more power, but slow for follow up shots. Some shoot 2" right at 300 yards, so you'll just need to shoot it on paper and know where your gun shoots before applying it to other targets (dont want to hit the feeder)
  4. Super bowl add

    Sorry, had to....
  5. Super bowl add

    Dilly Dilly!!!
  6. Things to see on way to red power

    Granted, there are some tough areas north and east of downtown. BUT, downtown and MOST of the st. louis area is great. Don't sell STL short!! I would suggest an Arch (and old courthouse) tour and a Busch Stadium tour. Check ahead for times and availability. the Arch and Arch grounds just went under a major renovation (and still going on to some extent). If your kids are in jr high or under, there is also the City Museum, which is different/quirky/weird. Kids usually have a blast when they go there. Further out from downtown along I-64 is the St. Louis Zoo. St. Louis really has one of the best zoo's in the country. If you like seeing animals, it is a must do. The Zoo is located in Forrest Park, which is the City's central park (and the 3rd largest city park in the US!). Forrest Park also has science, planetary, history and art museums, several spots to picnic, and a boat house where you can rent a paddle boat. The brewery is south of downtown at I-55 and Arsenal. I dont recall if you have to be 21 to take the tour. If your kids can go along, it is a neat tour to do. That area also has some neat shops along Cherokee street, and Gus' Pretzels is just across the interstate overpass from the brewery. Grants Farm has several Clydesdales to see, but that is only part of the tour. there is a guided tram tour of the farm, which includes several exotic animals, and a stop at a european-style beer garden with free beer! Across the street from Grants Farm is the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site, which is neat. Grants Farm is located on Gravois (GRAH-voy) Road, SW of downtown. Historic St. Charles (west of downtown along I-70) is usually a hit with the Mrs. Historic main street with several shops, brick lined streets, and several ice cream shops. Missouri's first state capitol was here, and you can tour the building.
  7. Shop stuff

    An IH made Shania!?!? No wonder she is still going strong......

    Looks like only $27,500 and she's all yours.
  9. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    If all else fails, you could always make something up and have fun with it. "SAFETY FIRST If you can read this, you're too close. Please keep all arms and legs outside this ride at all times, and make sure all digits remain affixed to your hand."
  10. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    I'd call Maple-Hunter in Indiana. They likely have it. If they dont have it, they can make it if you have the dimensions and what it says
  11. West Texas IH 1256

    Figured as much.
  12. West Texas IH 1256

    Are you saying you have suitcase weights you have no need for, or the one-piece wheel weights?
  13. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    And then put some weight up front to help balance you out. You can only put so much on the wheels. All the other weight you'd have to hang would be off the front bolster on a unframed tractor. Im not saying good or bad, just something to think about.
  14. 1/16 IH 1456 Gold Demo

    What are the chances of you doing an 1/16th scale open station 1256 and having me pick it up from you on 2/3 here in STL?
  15. 15 k an acre land sale.

    I'm from NW Illinois. Doesnt surprise me one bit!