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  1. I think Firestone comes right out and says that they arent intended for your primary tractor or for heavy tillage. But for a beauty queen that sits in the shed 350 days a year?....maybe. I guess it depends on price. If they're significantly cheaper, im interested. It looks like they also have 45 degree tires that are offered in more sizes. maybe they'll start making them in 14.9-38?
  2. I was looking at tires and these "Performer Evo" tires popped up from Firestone. Does anyone have experience with these? Use would be for a secondary tractor that doesnt get much use. mowing and sitting in the shed, mainly. https://commercial.firestone.com/en/agriculture/product/performer-evo-23
  3. Jeez, I feel like I need a cigarette after looking at that pic...🤤
  4. Could be: crap seed or a bad seed variety cross pollination from nearby field corn, picked prematurely (before the kernel juice gets milky), lack of water or phosphorous in the soil.
  5. Wow. Beautiful job to everyone involved. This proves that American craftsmanship is not dead! Now, wrap her in bubble wrap and park her in the shed.
  6. Pretty small and light, but it would fit the bill for hay rides this fall. Pulling with a C. Thoughts?
  7. Wow, what a difference already. I like the changes you have made. She is looking good and set up nice!
  8. I have bought a couple harnesses from Porch electric and am very happy with the product and the service.
  9. Sometimes you just fall in it.... nice haul.
  10. I have my Grandpa's 1256, which never had the Turbo stickers on it as well. Its a '67 I believe.
  11. Another beaut, Clark! So, how much damage does that TX sun do to that paint job? Can the oxidation be buffed off and the paint be brought back? I used a 3M marine buffing product (I think it was called Finesse-it), that really brought back the shine on my 12 and 400. They were oxidized pretty badly when I brought them home. I like that look more than a repaint job, but that is just me. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  12. Wilks54

    IH 1456

    "McMaster-Carr. Its like Amazon.com, but for real men...."
  13. Lookin real nice, Clark! Thanks for posting the pictures and the updates. Its fun to watch!
  14. Dont need to move the fronts in if you move the backs out.....
  15. There's a jockey over in Amboy that usually has some decent stuff, and I think theres another guy in sterling. I dont know if the sterling guy is still around or not. Otherwise there is Crossroads equipment just outside of Forreston that gets in some decent stuff from time to time. If I were you I'd go to the Hazelhurst Auction (between Milledgeville and Polo) and try to pick up something cheap, or talk to your local auctioneer and watch the farm auctions. Especially if you arent in a rush.
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