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  1. This is sort of like the story about the cobbler with no shoes......... To dam*ed cold to do anything so I fired up the wood stove and me and the knot head figured we would start working on the cabinets for the wood shop. (we... means one of us was sleeping in front of the stove on a rug..... a dogs life) I thought it a good idea that we should use the stiff in the scrap/junk bin and save the good stuff for something important. I remember "self" tapping on my shoulder and saying something about me having had dumber ideas but he couldn't remember when. And that maybe I should rethink
  2. Got a call today from a short person......... Grandpa....."How come you can't see elephants in trees"? "I don't know, how come"? "They hide pretty good don't they"? Not sure what the original joke was, but she gets a kick out of repeating it and making grandpa laugh. She has had a few knock knocks as well, but they made no sense at all. Oh well. Ya hug 'em anyway.
  3. Great pictures, I've never seen any 'for sale'. But back to the original question........ Who made them, and are they still made?
  4. Lorenzo is the resident expert I'm sure he will jump in.
  5. The weather man said we are getting an Arctic Clipper from our Canadian friends. No offense, but I didn't know we requested one. Cold is fine, but you can keep the wind.
  6. dads706


    There are others like it in the area. Not rare. I think I was told they were made in southern Iowa. Many of the summer shows have at least one.
  7. I understand, but usually I don't feel like playing chicken with some idiot that is coming into my lane one way of another. As long as there is no one to my left, I slide over. Not worth a wreck./
  8. Good news wrong number......... 2 years ago a guy called. Wife answers. Guy said he was returning the call. Wife said she never called. Guy said well this is the number that came up on the caller ID. They started chatting about robo calls etc. He said that he thought our number may have been from a guy he called about some car parts. They chatted about old cars. Wife said that we have a 1941 Oldsmoble that we are going to put in Hemmings. Guy asked questions and wanted to know if he could come look before we put it in Hemmings. He came out, I got a small stack of $100 bills and he left
  9. I did not know that. I just always pull to the left lane when possible to allow the ramp traffic to merge.
  10. Had to make a plywood run yesterday. Why is it that some people don't understand the concept of "adjust speed to merge with traffic"? Nope they have to go like he!! up the ramp then everyone else has to adjust for these idiots. And another peeve are the ones who won't move over to the outside lane when someone is coming up the entrance ramp and trying to merge with traffic. End of todays b!tching.
  11. My 1256 had a belly fuel tank. Someone on here has a 12 or 14 with the same tank. Who made them and are they still made?
  12. Agree 200%.... yeah we b!tch about it, but it's what we do.... rain, sleet, to much snow, no snow, hot, cold, you name it. In the the end .... just another day in the neighborhood. Do what ya gotta do.
  13. I'm waiting for that electric 747 that flies non-stop for 18 hours.
  14. Dam* I guess I need to get out more.
  15. Self closers are nice, but everything has to be dead on or you will pull your hair out making them work correctly. (experience talking) Blum makes some that have adjustments built into them, but the last I looked, they were about $45-$50 per drawer. (they use a different drawer carcass than normal also)
  16. Is this cabinet wood or steel. I like Blum full extension drawer slides but they are pricy. I am building cabinets for the shop and didn't want to spend $20 for each drawer because there will be a lo of them before I'm done. Ordered a dozen online, $6.00 a pair, free delivery. Got them yesterday and they say Minglang Hardware the package. (installation instructions are in Chinese) I laid one side by side with the $20 ones and if you didn't know better, you would pick the $6. as the best due to the fact it has more ball bearings. Looks well made. It's going to be in the shop, we'll see how they
  17. Not what I wanted to hear Lorenzo. Sending a beef in to be butchered Tuesday and probably don't have room for all of it. Figured I'd run up to NFM and pick one up for the excess, can always use the extra freezer space. I'm assuming that is where you went.
  18. dads706

    IH Freezer

    10X Know a guy that has a freezer that he stores (green/yellow) paint in an unheated building. Just hang a 60 watt bulb inside and close the lid. Bulb puts off enough heat and the freezer is insulated well enough to keep the paint from freezing.
  19. Found this on the web...... https://apnews.com/article/8decb522d5d249d6bf75a2981fc0c53a#:~:text=The astronauts probably survived the,of death for the crew.
  20. I remember it as well. I seem to remember hearing that they were alive when they hit the water or am I miss thinking this? A sad day. One of those days you always remember.
  21. But it's a "dry cold".... seriously. I've said it before, but when we lived in MT and would come back to IA for Christmas, we would have to go back to MT to warm up. It seemed like Wall, SD was the dividing line for starting to feel the humidity. Even though it was probably 20 degrees warmer here, we just couldn't keep warm. -20F was comfortable where we lived in the mountains. I could set on the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and just a sweatshirt. Usually had people get lungs frozen or something because it didn't feel as cold as it was and they would over-do the outdoor activi
  22. I remember getting a call 2 years ago about the wifes truck. I needed to get the extended warranty because mine was about to expire....... her truck was less than a week old. I get the robo calls coming from local numbers. I don't answer them. They go to the answering machine. If they are legit, they will leave a message. I once got a robo call from myself....... yep, the number on caller id was the same number they were calling. I should have answered so I could talk to myself and hear what I was trying to sell myself. If I had hung up, would I have been hanging up on myself?
  23. I understand it was tied up in Nebraska courts prior to Biden poofing it. This thread will get poofed as well. Talked to a friend in Calgary today. His son is in the oil industry. Said that the Canadian oil industry feels betrayed. As has been said it effects more than the oil industry...... it has a huge trickle effect. The oil will still get to the gulf, but it will be going via rail. He has told me about the oil sands and how expensive it is to extract it. As long as the cost of crude remained where it was everyone made money. The drillers as well as the oil sand miners. But with XL shut
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