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  1. Since cold is the only current affair we can discuss..............? Those who have livestock don't get a break no matter what the weather is like. I like everyone though, likes to bit*h about the prices charged by plumbers, furnace men, electricians, mechanics, tow truck driver, etc. Basically any service person. But.....it's this kind of weather that they earn every penny. The next time you get your bill, think about the guy who goes out when the temp is -20 and crawls around under your house in the mud fixing your frozen pipes. Or the mechanic that comes out to start your car so you ca
  2. Supposed to break on Wednesday here. Tomorrow morning it hits bottom and then we start back up. 30+ this coming weekend. Getting down to the dangerous level. Checked everything outside this morning and it burns your skin to be out very long.
  3. I mentioned food because my diabetic meds sometimes react to certain foods. Unfortunately I never seem to know what will or will not react. Only that..... you don't get much warning, and when you gotta go, you gotta go. I know, much more than you wanted to know.
  4. MTO....Had you not been able to celebrate, your thread would have been celebrated. Looks good Lorenzo. Dad and I were the only one's who like maple frosting so I have to settle for sneaking an occasional Maple frosted from the bakery.
  5. dads706

    Knifing manure

    I've never seen one like the one pictured. Looks like a nice setup. Some guys here have injectors mounted on the back of the tank wagons. Never seen it done, but have heard of guys using the injector/tank wagon to inject as a side dress for standing corn (12-15 tall) Give them a chance to lower the pit if they are running out of capacity and can't wait till harvest to get it applied. As has been said, have never heard of a down side as long as you rotate a bit. Iowa State has said that you can get negative build up if you continually apply to the same piece of ground.
  6. Never been to that one Lorenzo. Used to go to the Triumph of Ag in Omaha when it was at the old Civic Autotorium, Last time I went was probably 20 years ago.
  7. Hard to run with puckered cheeks.
  8. This test could go on for quite some time because food can be added to the equation. Especially food that does not agree with said gastronomical functions (if you know what I mean). It is a known fact that this will usually happen when any or a combination of conditions occur for example....... number of clothes layers requiring removal and distance from commode are the two most common. Add to this ...slip-on overshoes vs lace -up's. Combine all these with with a rapidly increasing urgency along with the difficulty of garment removal while trying to keep in what desperately wants to get out.
  9. dads706

    Bale mover

    Novice question....... what is a Euro mount? I'm considering a Bobcat mid-size.
  10. This fluffy stuff isn't hard to move. Thank god the wind isn't blow 30mph. Hopefully the next batch that is coming tomorrow(I think) will be fluffy as well since it is so darn cold.
  11. I think Omaha weather this morning said that one day this weekend we could be pushing -20F actual temp.
  12. I wonder if the gouging laws apply to ammo? Did you check his gun prices?
  13. My apologies sir. When someone says 1/4" router, I think of the $49.95 router that you buy at Menards. You need to thank whoever bought you that because it is a good one. But, having said that, don't try to overwork it. Because it is battery powered you may not get a lot of use between charges. It says 250 feet between charges... this is relative statement. When you start building something, you'd be surprised that 250 feet goes by quickly. My only word of caution here is this... that router is made to be used with one hand so don't expect it to handle like a 2 handed machine. Take your time a
  14. 70 years and I still haven't learned how to keep my mouth shut....... As Mathew Quigly would say....... "said I didn't have a use for one...never said I didn't know how to use it". Know a couple guys that have them, but have never seen them use them.
  15. Use that money to take the wife out to dinner. It will be better spent. My opinion only........ 1/4 is a hobby router. What brand is it? Don't try doing any heavy lifting with it. Regarding 1/4 bits...... $30-$50 is what I would pay for a single box store bit. You are in Wisconsin, go to Menards and buy CMT (the orange ones) bits. They are good bits. mid-range in price and quality. This is another good example of you get what you pay for. That $30 set can't be carbide. If it has a 3/4" bit, that bit will last maybe 1 sheet of plywood (dado/rabbet/etc.) and then you will go buy another.
  16. Here ya go boys. Even has one for the rear..... Must be heavy duty, it has Agri in the company name. https://shop.agricover.com/category/snowplows?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4_noitrd7gIVQ__jBx2KJgsHEAAYASAAEgKvNvD_BwE. Makes as much sense as a Gnuse 3-point loader bucket. (oh sh!t, I'm gonna get beat up now)
  17. The huge bins my brother built were for grain elevators I think. All our flat bottom bins have a perforated floor with a drying fan to blow air to dry the grain if needed. Some with optional heat for additional drying. Even if no drying is needed, we will still run the fans for a few days just to cool the grain after harvest.
  18. Great question...... I have always wondered that as well. I was always going to stop and ask a Canadian farmer when I traveled, but never did. Here in Iowa / midwest everything is a flat bottom with a sweep auger to unload. The only hopper bottoms are for feed and they are just x# of ton capacity, never the size I have seen in Canada. As for separating type of grain ours would be usually GMO / Non GMO for example but then they would still be in a flat bottom bin. I have seen the hopper bottom bins in Australia as well. Maybe we are the odd balls here in the midwest? As an addendum..
  19. We had a local guy get killed while responding to an accident on I-80. The first responders were getting set up and as I heard it, he stepped out and was hit by a car doing the speed limit +/-. (no description is needed) I heard that it was finally determined that both he and the driver were determined to be at fault. To you guys out there....be safe, pay attention. We need you.
  20. Our REC (Rural Electric Co-Op) will allow net metering (sell the excess to the power company) but like I said they want you to jump through so many hoops that it isn't worth it. When I checked into it 5-6 years ago they were going to buy the excess at about 1% or less value. (that was after all the hoops) I have heard that in California the power companies have to buy the excess at near the rate they charge customers (no knowledge if that is true or not) By eliminating the equipment needed for net metering you can keep the cost down as well. My plan was to use batteries to store the elect
  21. Neighbor called to chat. Said he came in from doing chores and jumped into his freezer so he could warm up......? -19 this morning and about 8 inches of fluff. Good thing the wind isn't blowing. I know, that's warm to our Canadian friends. Can't talk politics, but at least we can get some laughs out of the weather. It's February 8th. We'll be planting corn in 60-70 days.
  22. Dale560, I did the same. Mine was the Richie with the float on one end and the rest was open. I used the 1 1/2" purple styrofoam and lined the underside, under the float lid etc. Basically I glued the styrofoam anywhere it made sense to put it. Then I made a lid for the top so that only about half the top was open. It had the electric mat underneath, but I plugged an electric heat coil under it also. Never had an issue with it, but you are right about those &^^$*%&^%^ mice. How they got inside there is beyond me, but they did.
  23. I was interested in Solar/Wind before AOC could even spell it. Just never pursued it. Well, I think this is the year. Our house has a perfect south roof and the wife's business has one as well. I know there are people on here who have solar panels.(maybe wind too). Can you provide some advice? I have a 4000sq ft house with all electric except the floor heat boiler. I don't plan on net metering simply because the local REC requires so many hoops to jump through and don't pay diddly even then. I'm sure I will just go 50/50 solar and power company. I've read a lot about solar/wind so I think
  24. Thanks Long Farms. I didn't realize they brought that much. My guess would have been $1000-$1500.
  25. I don't know what they normally sell for, but I gotta ask........is he throwing in the tractor along for that price?? Just me being a smart a**.
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