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  1. This was reported on the news tonight. As well as the progressive's are wanting Dr. Seuss removed from school libraries due to 'racist' overtones. My wife read every Dr. Seuss book to the boys when they were kids, and as a 70+ year old kid I still enjoy watching "The Grinch that stole Christmas" every December when it comes on tv. I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard anything in any of his books that I would consider racist. But then I'm a deplorable sort, so what do I know. (I'll get poofed for sure now)
  2. The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham will not be part of our grandchildren's literary learning. And the Grinch will never attempt to steal another Christmas. Peanuts and the gang had better start looking over their shoulder. Linus has waited to see the Great Pumpkin for the last time. SAD SAD SAD yeah, I'll probably get poofed.
  3. Are the horns a factory option? ?
  4. You can never have enough light. If you need sunscreen then you have 'almost enough'. LED LED LED.....WHITE WHITE WHITE. I painted the inside of the wood shop white and love it. I hate shadows. Especially since I have only one good eye, I need all the help I can get. As said, the 'daylight' color is my preference as well. Youngest son has some in his shop that are recommended to NOT be lower than 10 feet above the floor. His are right at 10' and it hurts yours eyes to look directly at them. But dam* they are bright. I'll see if I can find out what kind they are. I'm sure the electricians
  5. All I can say is THANKS. Please keep any info coming, not just for me but for everyone who will get a chance to get out after things open up again. New England sounds right up my alley especially Colonial Williamsburg and Sturbridge. Being a wood worker and an admirer of the form and function of Shaker furniture I would like to see the Shaker museum also. Washington DC, I used to work there, and agree the Smithsonian is a must see. NY City..... I tell people that everyone needs to go to NYC at least once so you will know why you never want to go back. A fascinating city for sure. I
  6. Nice nice ride. Keep the corn off the roof. ?
  7. I don't remember a vacation thread, so I'll start one. We were planning on going to Alaska for 3 weeks or so this summer, but now am not sure. Canada won't let me in (I can understand not letting me in, but you could at least let the wife in.) So that means I have to fly. OK, but Alaska says I have to test negative within 72 hours of getting on the plane. Then I have to be tested as soon as I get off the plane. One place I called said that after I test getting off the plane I have to stay in a hotel room until the test comes back. Sooooooo, am thinking just staying here in the lower 48.
  8. Since Montana has become northeast California, you can post that in almost every little town in MT. SAD Very SAD
  9. Those are the things that make the world right.
  10. For those of you who are familiar with my all time favorite movie 'Jeremiah Johnson', you will remember that quote. As I was thumbing through the mail as I walked back to the house this morning I noticed a flyer from the local nursing home. I have never seen them advertise in such a way. So, as I dutifully handed the mail to my wife, (she is the designated mail opener) I pointed out the flyer and used that quote on her. With out skipping a beat.......she said... "great, I called and told them to let me know when they had an open room. They told me to bring you over when I was ready". "D
  11. Comments please. Pro/Con etc. Thanks
  12. dads706


    I have a friend who is a stock broker in Chicago. He tells his customers that LAND is ALWAYS a good investment no matter what the stock market is doing. He has some very wealthy clients who live in Chicago but own farms throughout Illinois. He was telling me about an investment group in the Chicago area that all they invest in are farms. This was several years ago, but at that time I think it took a quarter million $$ to 'buy in' to the group. The Gates and Bezo's of the world aside, many the largest land owners in the US are corporate investment groups.
  13. Weather man said 1-3 inches of light snow. Road is drifted shut, and I just got done pushing a foot of heavy wet sh!t. Heard it was raining south of me.
  14. Ace.... I spent quite a bit of time in Harrison. I know what you mean. Even the mention of snow is enough to close schools, and an inch will close businesses. But like they always said, they get "snowed in" for 2 days and then it is back up to 70 degrees so any snow they get is gone in a couple days.
  15. A frame for 48-30's would in theory hold 72 -20's (probably not strong enough though) I would think that would be a he!! of a load even for a 600 quad. I remember when guys started getting 8 row JD planters and people thought they were big.
  16. Local BTO had a couple of the big planters for 2 years or so. Went back to multiple 16 row units. Much more versital. Can get more work done with 3 or 4 16's. Just curious....... who wins the prize for biggest? I thought I read that JD had one 50+. I guess with individual row units and all the modern air/electric/hydraulic etc. you could probably build a 100 row if you could pull it. Might have to pull the TA back on the 560 if it gets that big.
  17. Friends family bought one of the first JD 36x30's their biggest tractor was a JD 8400 and it wouldn't pull it. He said the best they could get was maybe 2mph and the tractor was spinning doing it.
  18. Is it impeachable? Oh crap, now I'll get poofed.
  19. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/aoc-says-green-new-deal-would-have-helped-prevent-texas-blackouts-during-winter-storm
  20. I read the book "Shadow Divers" a few years ago. Great read. About some guys who found a WWII German sub off the New Jersey coast that both the US and German governments denied it existed. It went down with all hands. Cost both these guys their marriages and I think 3 people died diving the wreck. But eventually they not only confirmed the sub, but if I remember correctly they were able to return a couple of things to some German family members. I think it is now considered a grave site and is off limits to rec divers. Lorenzo, am I correct?
  21. Somewhat off topic, but the one thing that has not been on the local news are ...."house fires" ... usually every winter during a cold snap there is a house fire. Be it they stoked the woodstove to hot, plugged in a bunch if electric heaters, etc. But so far this cold snap it sounds like everyone has remained safe.
  22. Larry, tell us about your scariest/dangerous stuff if you have any.
  23. Used to run cows on the neighbors corn stalks. There was a spring in a small grassy ditch. Probably 6" wide and 3 ' long, never frozen, and flowed enough that they could go and drink at their leisure. Give them water and shelter, and they can stand a lot.
  24. I saw a picture of a barge (I assume) stacked high with logs just sitting on the bottom. They were still chained to the deck. Surprised someone hasn't tried to salvage.
  25. Back in 2013, I spent a week in Fargo ND. The high that week was -11. I drove from here, and being from the midwest in January, even though the dress code was suit and tie all week, I still packed my carharts and sorels. It was cold but I did not think uncomfortable. The two guys from Atlanta, now that was a different story. Neither of them even had an overcoat. Oh well.
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