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  1. Brown eggs, white eggs, dark yokes, light yokes....... sounds racist to me..... But....... a relative of mine always enjoys growing a huge garden. He does the cash box thing. He puts all the excess on 3 or 4 picnic tables. I've never heard of any complaints. But, he does NOT do that with sweet corn. He tried that once and ended up with a situation similar to what Lorenzo described. Sweet corn disappeared and no money in the box.
  2. Hereford's started getting goggle eyed back in the 70's when they started infusing some Fleckvieh (German Simmental) blood to get some size and rate of gain. But the purebred Hereford folks will deny it. Shorthorn people did the same thing using Maine's.
  3. https://www.skicrescent.com/ Yep still there. For those not from here, Mt Crescent is just a tall hill in the Loess Hills of Iowa. What they don't mention is that if you are standing at the bottom and look west, you can see for 30 miles or so because it is as flat as a pool table.
  4. The IH parts warehouse in downtown Council Bluffs? I was in there once with dad back when I couldn't see over the counter. Today the building is high $$$ condos. I know the woman who led the investor group that converted it to condos after it had set empty and in disrepair for 30+ years. I told her to save the name on the building. Don't know if she listened to me or not, but you can still (sort of) see the "International Harvester" painted on the side. I'll try to get some pictures.
  5. If you don't believe that cattle are herd animals, just separate one from the herd sometime. Had a situation once where one of the bulls was on the opposite side of the creek from the rest of the herd. I was moving them to a different farm to clean up the corn stalks and just figured he would tail along later. When he didn't I hauled everything (about 3 miles) and thought he would be there waiting for me tomorrow, and I'd load him. Uh oh, bad idea. When he realized that his herd mates were gone, getting pizzed off was an understatement. That boy was in the mood to knock the schit out of a
  6. I need a good salsa recipe. I hate the store bought in-the-jar stuff, and the local Mexican restaurant won't give me their recipe no matter how I try to bribe them. Best stuff I ever had was in Arizona. Back in the 70's I was on my way back to San Diego and I stopped in a little hole in the wall place along some out of the way highway. (similar to one of the places you find but don't want to look in the kitchen.....these are usually the best places to eat) anyway.... I ordered my usual enchiladas. The lady (owner/cook) brought me 2 of the biggest enchiladas I have ever seen (then or since
  7. That meant lunch of ...... Polish sausage, saurkraut, fried onions, and German mustard. All grilled up, mixed together, and heaped to the point of falling off the plate. ...... gawd, somebody grab the Trocar, I may be bloated. (not much of a beer drinker, but an ice cold one would have been good to wash it all down)
  8. 3/4" wide is the standard width for anything that uses the miter slots so any brand should work. EXCEPT Sears.... their miter slots measure .743+/- They did that so that the only guides that will work on their saws are their own. FYI, many of their power tools are like that. Instead of a miter gauge, why not make a good crosscut sled instead. Like someone has already mentioned, my miter gauge hangs on the wall and gathers dust.
  9. He also fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Until he died, he always slept with a window open. He and I would sometimes talk about 'things'. I'm sure he shared things with me that he never told his kids. Maybe some day in a different thread. Enough on that topic. gene
  10. Gotta give the guy credit for thinking outside the box just for finding all the needed stuff and putting it all together into something workable albeit not the safest though.
  11. Growing up, I hated feeding cattle this time of year. They were standing bely deep in mud at the bunks (dad didn't have cement pads for the bunks) and getting stuck with the feed wagon seemed like an every day occurance. Ground sloped away from the upright silo just enough that you couldn't keep the feed wagon from sliding away from the unloading chute. Grrrrrrr. Love feeding cattle, but don't miss those days.
  12. You need to remember who are making those so called 'tax the rich' laws. Sort of like asking the fox how to make a lock for the chicken coop door. Same reason you will never see term limits or line item veto. (poof)
  13. Growing up, I remember dad having a large forge, trip hammer, several tongs, and ...... 2 or 3 varieties of those square blocks with different curves, squares and holes. (sorry, don't know what they are called, but would know if I heard it) He donated all of it to the Pioneer Village museum at Minden, Nebraska. Wish I had it all back. When I bought my wood planer, the guy asked me if I was interested in blacksmithing. He showed me his shop. Almost peed down my leg. His shop was what I imagine Sledgehammers to look like. Just made ya drool looking at the stuff. He told me he taught
  14. A little snow on the ground this morning. Mostly just rain yesterday and today. 50mph winds along with the rain yesterday. Frost is gone from the gravel roads so that means no bottom to them until we get some sun and heat. Wife's nephew said they got 31 inches where he is in Wyoming.
  15. Malted Milk Balls are up near the top. Milk Duds are in the running, but there are others that are better. 'Good and Plenty' if I owned the company, I'd eat myself bankrupt. Werther's original are addictive. Being diabetic I have to distance myself, but I have been known to fall off the wagon on occasion.
  16. I can see at least three pieces on that Ford that I need for my 4400.
  17. It is used to sharpen sickles. Used to see one on every farm sale. I remember dad and granddad using my dad's when I was a kid.
  18. I've never seen it, but have heard of an instance. Yes, from the description it was ugly.
  19. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/connecitcut-passes-crown-act-ban-discrimination-natural-hair This reminds me of youngest granddaughter. Cutest blondie you will ever see (I'm prejudiced) but the poor kid just has natural flyaway hair.
  20. If you want to hear the most disgusting song you will ever hear, google Cardi B WAP lyrics.
  21. Well, excuse the he!! out of me. When I originally posted that, it was being reported that all Dr. Seuss books were being banned. Given time, this is just the start.
  22. Farmers never get tired of bitc*in about the weather. Couple weeks ago it was almost -30 here followed by a knee deep snow storm. Today....I'm walking around in my shirt sleeves. Hey, I heard birds chirping this morning. They must like it too. The part that I don't like is the frost hasn't gone out yet and it's water sitting everywhere and 4" of slimy mud on top of still frozen ground. I always gauge the ground frost by the terrace in my south field. The water will be sitting 2 feet deep in the terrace, and then ya look out there some morning and it's all gone... yep, the fros
  23. Sad to say, but if it has tires or an engine, my traveling partner is not the least interested. While I would spend all day there I may pay for it later. Though she did enjoy the WWII museum in New Orleans. Been there a couple times. She and I do not share the same love for museums. She strolls and browses, while on the other hand I stop and read every plaque/poster/description/etc. Historic markers along the highway are a magnet for me. She has learned after 50 years that if it says anything that resembles history....we are pulling over.
  24. The wife watches "The View". Those women make me gag or throw a brick through the tv (or both) But Joy Behar actually said something today that made sense. " These books/paintings/movies/etc. were all produced in a different time. They may be wrong for our current time, but that doesn't make them wrong. If you don't agree with a book or a movie, put a disclaimer at the beginning explaining the time it was created etc. But don't eliminate art or literature." How far back in history are these people going to cancel and destroy? Let's go back to the Romans, or maybe we should suggest
  25. Local lockers (3 of them) are booked a year in advance. I called last April hoping to get one in around November..... nope, February 2nd was the earliest date they had. Yes, I cringe when they hand me the bill and you can go to the store and probably buy it cheaper. But, as the wife says, "you know what you are getting when you have your own butchered" and that itself is worth a lot. For some reason we bought 10# of hamburger at the grocery store a couple years ago. I almost gagged eating it. Served some steaks to some city friends and they couldn't stop talking about the tenderness and the fl
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