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  1. Oleman.... I've wired 402 accounting machines, collators, and reproducers as well as card sorters. I had a fully wired 402 board but it got lost during one of the many moves. I'm sure nobody knew what it was so they just tossed it in the dumpster. General Electric model 225 computer had vac tubes as well. It covered an area of probably 20 feet by 40 feet and had 4k of memory. You arranged toggle switches to set the load addresses when you started a program. I too am a dinosaur.
  2. What is the problem. This was a site seen on every recess from my 1st to sixth grade. I must admit that these two must be wusses as they still have a couple feet of elevation to go before they are horizontal. But the one on the left is getting there. Ahhh, the memories.
  3. Only thing I got for Christmas 1963. Didn't need anything else. More than once I fell asleep with it under my pillow where my folks couldn't hear it.
  4. She said during in interview that she wrote this while on an LSD trip...
  5. Sitting in a farm house, next to the stoked up stove, just relaxing doing nothing but listening to the blizzard howling outside. Tomorrow, cattle and hog chores are gonna be tough, but right at that moment there isn't anything better. Nothing more comforting than a warm fire on a cold night. And on Saturday night, pop some popcorn, get out the checker board, Dad turns on KMA and listens to Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, and a couple of local high school kids who call themselves the Everly Brothers. (a winter Saturday night in the 50's) Those are experiences our kids will never have.
  6. Besides the northern lights, the other thing I miss is sitting out on a calm, quiet, and COLD night and listen to the pine trees explode in the timber. I do like snow and cold. But I like Montana snow and cold a whole lot more than Iowa snow and cold.
  7. hot coffee or cocoa, sitting on the deck, snow falling, no wind, and......the northern lights. If you have never seen them, trust me, they are magical.
  8. Lorenzo, can I ask who/where you are getting it milled?
  9. Had a relay burned up on the 4wheeler (my fault). $89 +/- from Honda dealer. I think I paid about 7 or 8 bucks online with free shipping. Probably made in China, but it's been working for probably 3 years or so. If it quits working, I'll spend another 8 bucks and 20 minutes to replace it. Same 4 wheeler, I thought the starter was bad (it wasn't) I called the local Honda dealer. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.+. About crapped down my leg. Got online and found the same thing for $49.00. Called the dealer back just to let him know what I found online. Sears isn't a
  10. This reminds me of the painter who takes a canvas and a handful of colors and creates a masterpiece. You are taking some rusty metal that a salvage yard would reject and are creating a combine. Fortunately the pieces are there for a pattern even though you have to make a completely new piece. Keep the photos coming. Now that you are taking pictures of the machine, someone needs to take a photo of you the first time that engine fires, or the first time the threshed grain spills into the tank. I envy and admire you and the rest of the people here on this forum who have the talent and
  11. A bit off topic, but back in the 50's and 60's the drag racers and nascar builders would grind the inside of the block smooth and then either polish it or paint it to get the oil to run back down into the crankcase faster. No need now with the aluminum blocks, but I know a guy that runs in the lower drag racing classes and he does it still. Any trick that works. Youngest son is building a balanced and blueprinted Ford 390 for his restored 63 station wagon and is planning on smoothing the inside of the block.
  12. That is NICE work. Now you need something on the front. Years ago I saw a B (I think) with a hitch on the front that he used to move machinery around in his barn remodeled into a machine shed.
  13. Tony, Tony, Tony ...... is that dust on those fenders? I think an air filtration system is in order for the new shop... ie... display building.
  14. I've never been around one, never even been within 100 feet of one. I do know as a kid it seemed like some guys would bale the last cutting and leave the bales in the field for the cows in winter. Claimed they shed rain and didn't rot like a square bale would. Makes sense then same as now. Buddy collects AC tractors, says there are hundreds of roto balers out there if you are looking for one.
  15. Either a chicken feeder or waterer. I'm leaning toward waterer.
  16. But in '48 that $12 was probably considered the same as the $109 today. My wife has a receipt (somewhere) from her grandfather for a fuel fill on the farm. If I remember, the date was '50 or '51 and the price was 9 cents a gallon. Total to fill the barrel was $20 or something like that.
  17. My brother has 2 Case Eagle/Globe statues. Both are about the size of the one pictured. No idea what he paid for them, and never asked. Heard a rumor around 15k each, but none of my business. One is painted original colors, and spotlighted and mounted in his yard. He has the other hidden somewhere. He has lots of old,old Case stuff. Including a wooden beam walking plow that still (faintly) shows the color and name painted on the beam. Made in 18xx something. If I wasn't photo challenged, I'd get some pictures.
  18. Maybe the wrong place for it, but tell an Iowa farm boy....what's the difference between a cotton picker and a cotton stripper?
  19. Believe it or not, some of my best memories as a small kid was shoveling corn into a Bear Cat grinder just like the one pictured. In their day, they were the Steiger of grinders.
  20. I use it for restoring metal furniture parts. Fill a coffee can half full and throw the parts in until you need them. (Now if I can just remember where I put the coffee can)
  21. If it's a 9/16ths it could be mine. I always said I wanted to be buried with a 1/2 x 9/16 combo, but oldest son said that I would probably lose it before they got the lid closed.
  22. Back to those IH baler pictures and the knotter comments. We had a 55T. It either tied or it didn't. There was no such thing as missing one here and there. Whenever it was in it's 'no tie' mood, it was my job to sit on the twine box and grab the loose ends and do a quick square knot before it got under that piece of channel iron connecting the left and right side of the bale chamber. You had a distance of about a foot and a half to get it tied. In heavy hay you had to be quick. Not the cleanest job for sure.
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