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  1. Forefront is GOOD stuff. But I thought they quit making it about 5 years ago.

    I had a neighbor that must have thought Canadian thistles were pretty so I ended up with a patch in my pasture. Pasture -Pro or similar would burn them down, but didn't kill them. Forefront inspring when they were greening up, and then summer when the second crop was coming on. Poof no more Canadian thistles.      

    Chemical guy said it will also work as a lawn spray but you don't want to mix it very strong.

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  2. There are 2 versions of Grazon one is restricted use and contains Tordon so be careful around any trees you don't want harmed. The other does not contain Tordon and is not restricted. I think it is Grazon PL (or something like that) your chemical guy will know.

  3. It is one of the laws of physics, that anything round will fall on the floor and roll into the only crack in the concrete. The smaller the part and 'no longer available' it is more likely that this will happen.

    Pocket knives are also coated with some sort of invisible coating. 

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  4. Could get interesting if he plans on going around much of a corner. He can probably make it as long as he doesn't tie them to the trailer. He'll be ok with the DOT. Doesn't need a flag because he's under 4 feet beyond the trailer. My concern would be that he'll be on I-80 about 2 vehicles ahead of me.

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  5. Well now that I'm one of those bad a** landlords who doesn't let the renter have free rein. I don't just sit back all meek and mild and do as I'm told. Even though that land was bought and paid for by me and nobody else.

    My rental agreement states that the renter will keep all volunteer trees cut in the terraces and fence rows.   I told him when he rented the farms that I would never tell him that statement twice.       His comment was that I could look at any of his terraces and and fence rows and realize that I would never have to.

    All it takes is black coffee, my wife's chocolate cake, the dining room table, and honest conversation. It's amazing what can be accomplished.  

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  6. Damn.... why am I catching ****. I never said I was against spraying. I think you should ask the landlord his reasoning. He may not understand why you want/need to spray. 

    As for accusing me of never spraying anything myself...... be careful where you go with that. I sprayed my first field of corn in the late 1950's and my last when RR corn was only a couple years old.


  7. Many of the WWII air documentaries show the fighter planes flying with the canopies open. Not just on takeoff but in formation as well as combat. I have flown (as a passenger) in a WWII trainer with the canopy open and at speed the wind really hammered you. 

    My question is.....why do they fly with the canopies open? Better vision? Easier escape? 

  8. OK guys, good points all. What jerked my chain was that some felt that it was their way or the highway.

    Sonny seemed to be saying " You're not going to tell me how I'm going to do things.". In my part of Iowa you would be told to not let the door hit you on the way out. Not trying to be a smart ass, but around here land doesn't often come up for rent. If I went to the local coffee crowd and said I had some land for rent, there would probably be 3 or 4 pickups on my yard by the time I got home. 

    Mule's plan works, but seems to be looking for a way to sneak something past the landlord. Run your idea past the landlord. He may like it, or it may piss him off that much worse.

    Cat's idea is just a way to pour salt on an already open sore. 


    As a landlord, I'm going to tell you what I'm putting in the lease and why I'm doing it. We may both have reasons for doing what we do that the other party isn't aware of. The situation here is also a bit different if for no more than the scale of the land in question. In my situation, we are talking about 540 acres though the farm we we are referring to is only a 160, but I have the same renter for all of it. I'm sure Hobby's 8 acres are just as important to him as mine are to me.

    I don't like being bullied. As I've said I have a great renter. If this can't be fixed, maybe it's best to just cut your losses and walk away.

  9. I'll take the side of the landowner. I can 100% guarantee you guys that if I said "No Spray" and you got caught, your lease would be terminated on the spot and you would be assured that this is your last year farming ANY of my ground.

    I say this because I am one of those not spray/limited spray landlords. My wife has a business in the middle of one of our farms. Each year we plant 20-50 lbs of wild flower seeds around the business area. You talk about the cost of seed corn etc...... you should buy 50 lbs of wildflower seed sometime. It is usually sold by the ounce. Our renter is very good about working with us. Absolutely ZERO dicamba and any others are sprayed only when the wind is right. He has worked with us since day one Not only spraying but he makes sure that if she has a function or anything there, they will make sure they do not do field work or harvest there that day. I couldn't ask for a better renter, and in return he gets a break on the rent on this farm.

    I say all this because some of the posts above struck a nerve. You seem to forget who owns the land. The rules are spelled out in the lease. We have both done some give and take on the farm. The other farms rents from us he farms as he chooses. 

    I believe someone said in another thread several months ago (and I'll paraphrase). "In my house you obey my rules, in yours, I obey yours".

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  10. 4 hours ago, lorenzo said:

    I know, I am being facetious.  Everything was Trumps fault 

    Then everything was Covid’s fault. 

    So now it’s Biden’s turn  In my opinion . 

    Don't forget O'bies admin..... do you remember, "it was Bush's fault"? We heard that the entire first 4 years.

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  11. This was when NASCAR racers were racers and not photo prima donnas. These guys built their own cars all week and raced on Sunday.

    I've heard some of the old timers doing interviews saying that back in the good old days smoking during the race and getting handed an ice cold beer during pit stops was standard procedure.

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  12. Lumber futures had been on a steady decline for the past 2 weeks (I thought there was hope), but is now heading back up. Probably speculators taking their profits.

    Was at Menards Friday.... 3/4" underlayment.....$87.00 per sheet. 

    Saw a guy loading a full bundle of 2x4's. I asked if he had an armed guard for that. 🤣      20 years ago I knew a guy who had a contract to build houses on the Crow reservation in Montana. He said that they constantly had problems with the xxxxxns (can't say that word or I'll be a racist) breaking into the unfinished houses and stealing the copper wiring. (they had to use 100% PVC for liquids for the same reason). Now I'm guessing they are just stealing the whole house. 



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  13. 7 hours ago, Qc.Can.IH man said:

    Well maybe… 

     But ONLY if My regular driver isn’t available! 


    Before you jump to un-warranted conclusions, this UBER driver may be a very good conversationalist. She could be a college kid just working her way through school as she studies for her doctorate in AstroPhysics or Quantum Mathematics. My biggest concern is that she seems to be focusing to much on her coffee. I would request that she keep both hand on the steering wheel. I would offer to hold her...ummmmm...coffee cup(s) as she drives

    Remember we should not be to harsh.... she is someone's daughter and goes to Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner just like the rest of us. She may be a good cook.

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