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  1. I had a 69 SS396 that was pretty hot. Re-worked heads, Big Holley, L88 cam, headers, bigger clutch, 3.90's, traction bars, Hurst short throw. It would set you back in the seat and was told on occasion you could see day light under the front tires. Even though it impressed the guys and the girl friend it wasn't something for a married guy who drove 100 miles to and from work each day. So.... within 6 months after saying 'I do' to the girl friend, it got traded for a bone stock Nova 350 automatic, bench seat, etc. Still got the girl friend (50 years this past April) but I do miss that Chevelle some days.
  2. Drop a warmed up big block in that Chevelle.......mmmmmmmm good. Or, just the angle that the Chevelle is sitting, I can visualize a polished 6-71 sitting there for everybody to see. Or in that Impala (with quiet mufflers) to create grandpa's Saturday night sleeper at the DQ. I just have a warm spot for those Chevy gas guzzling big blocks. Who can't love cubic inches....the more the merrier.
  3. Good topic...... I have a similar issue with my 706. It won't stay at idle. It will gradually creep up to 15-1800 rpm if you let it. A real pain in the azz if you are doing something on the ground but the tractor needs to be running. You have to run back and forth between the task and the tractor to keep idling it down. Will probably tear into it this winter and see what the issue is. I have been told that my issue is the friction disk also because not only do I have the idle issue, but when you shut the tractor off, the throttle flies to the wide open position.
  4. Had the same issue with mine. (rust on bottom) Mine has sediment bowl as pictured. Unscrew the whole unit, get ready with a long funnel and a bucket. Then flush the rest of the crud out, replace sediment bowl (NAPA has exact replacement if you decide to replace the unit), put in fresh gas and start it up.
  5. That M with the cab reminds me of one an area guy had back in the 50's. All the cabs back in those days were made with whatever was handy. Some were pretty well built units while others kept you out of the weather but nothing more. That one looks pretty nice for it's day. Ahhhh the days gone by.
  6. Don't want to hi-jack Ron's thread....... but a stalk baling question. Does anyone up there have a Hillco residue unit? It's a pull behind chopper and JD round baler for baling the husks and lost kernals. Pulls behind a JD combine. There is a guy about 10 miles from me near Harlan that I saw last year was running one. That would be the cats meow for stock cow feed, but I have no idea the price tag. We were the first in this area to bale corn stover for our cows. My experience.... First couple years I hired a guy who had a flail chopper on his JD round baler. He only baled the center two rows. Made pretty decent feed, but the chopper shook his baler to pieces. He quit because it was to expensive to fix the equipment. Next we slid the chopper back on the renters combine (JD) and just dumped everything in the center two rows. The guy baling didn't like it because he said the standing stalks were to hard on his baler. Next we hired a guy to rake and bale the stalks. Never again !!. Waaayyyyy to much dirt. Cows looked like they had been eating in a mud hole. Finally just went back to buying hay. Love feeding corn stover. But it needs to be put up by someone who knows something about cows and not just concerned about the number of bales. Now, using the bales as bedding, that is a different story. Makes great bedding. If you haven't seen those Hillco units, check them out on the internet. That is the way to make cow feed.
  7. Do we have any folks in the New Orleans area? Love that city..!!! Stay safe down there and any other area in Ida's path.
  8. I hadn't thought about the husks not letting it dry down in the crib. Makes perfect sense. Yep, ground ear corn.... GREAT cattle feed.
  9. dads706


    U.S. Marine, Sgt Johanny Rosario (25) U.S. Marine, Cpl Hunter Lopez (22) U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui (22) U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum (20) U.S. Marine, LCpl Jared Schmitz (20) U.S. Marine, LCpl David Lee Espinoza (20) U.S. Navy, Maxton Soviak (20) U.S. Marine, SSgt Taylor Hoover (31) U.S. Marine, Cpl Daegan Page (23) U.S. Army, Ryan Knauss (23) U.S. Marine, Cpl Humberto Sanchez (22) U.S. Marine, Sgt Nicole Gee (23) U.S. Marine, Ricky Thompson (21) You will not be forgotten.............
  10. This question goes back 65 years to a kid looking at an IH equipment catalog (literature) on cold winter nights. I remember IH corn pickers and I think they were called corn snappers. If I remember correctly the difference was the "snapper" was simply a picker without the husking bed. Is my memory correct? Has anyone ever owned one.? What was the advantage of a snapper? Was it price? Remember this was all when everything was picked in the ear and shelled using the local 'corn sheller'. You used the cobs for a dozen different things and the husks for hog bedding? Inquiring minds.
  11. I like those re-powers. Especially the 5020 with the big rears. But, ohhhhhhhhh, my ears hurt just looking at them.
  12. Oh Oh , this thread is giving me the munchies.
  13. Is that a 396 Nova beside it? I thought that place was closing and selling their inventory. Maybe someone bought it. Not quite as many signs along I-90 as "Wall Drug", but close.
  14. For years that product was considered illegal even though it was readily available. Many of the younger farmers were using it to dispose of some variety of weeds. It used to only be purchased late at night on dark street corners. But because it was so widely used, many of the more liberal states have now allowed its use.
  15. Are these the same 4 or 5 people that stop by and make sure the valve on the anhydrous tank is closed or make sure your fuel barrel doesn't spill on the ground. We have some of those community minded souls in Iowa also. People are just nice all over.
  16. It treats Round-up like fertilizer. Gimme more gimme more. Nope, round-up won't even phase it.
  17. I carefully sprayed this stuff because it is mixed with the wife's Hostas. I used brush killer that will kill a Mulberry or Chinese Elm dead in a week. I know it will kill grass and weeds because everywhere I spray a tree, everything dies. It barely curled the leaves on this stuff. Now I'm getting pissed!!
  18. When and what model did IH quit making Wheatland tractors?
  19. Sorry guys.... I'm showin' my age, but Rock and Roll wasn't the same after Jimmy and Janis died, and Grace quit doing acid. Never into beads and hair unless you call white walls hair. I'm into anything pre 1970 regarding Rock and Roll But.... crazy as it may seem. I can listen to Meatloaf all day long. Just the way Meat feels the lyrics and the way Jim Steinman put the words together to mean different things to different people. If you can't relate to "Paradise by the dashboard light" you have never been 17 in the back of a 53 Mercury in a corn field in July. Well ok, Bob Seger has a couple good ones too. Night Moves and Like a Rock.
  20. Gas is down 15 cents from last week, but crude looks to be heading back up. Oh well.......
  21. I remember listening to them before they were famous singing live on KMA radio on Saturday nights. The dawn of rock and roll when it was still music.
  22. Since you said all the sumps are empty, it sounds like it is bridged over across the bin. Should be easy enough to figure out by looking through the roof access door(s). It hasn't been mentioned, but have you considered a concrete vibrator. Fasten to some PVC or similar and come at it from the top. If it is bridged, that should shake it loose and avoid cutting holes. Though for future I would install an access slide in the door once you get it empty. Cheap insurance for next time. Just my 2 cents.
  23. He is 100% correct. When we owned the Cstore, I did the math. The ice and the cup cost more than the soft drink that was in them. Total cost for every fountain drink sold was less than a nickel.
  24. https://www.stihlusa.com/products/pole-pruners/professional-pole-pruners/ht131polepruner/ Been wanting one, so this week I wrote the check. The jury is still out on whether I will like it or not. Pro = It will probably cut stuff bigger than I want to tackle with it. So far biggest limb was an 8" ash and it went through it as fast as any of my regular saws. Kinda makes you consider your intelligence though when you are cutting something that big 10' over your head. I like the shoulder harness for helping to balance it. Harness is very easy to move fore and aft along the shaft for balance. Unextended it is easy enough to maneuver. Like the rest of my Stihl's it starts on the 3rd pull cold, 1st pull warm. When fully extended, I jam the motor into my hip for support. Works well. Con = If you start it laying on the ground, you should prop the bar end on something or the chain will dig into the dirt. If you shut it off and then restart with the harness on, it is awkward to start. The pull cord is just a little to far away and it makes if hard to get a good strong pull, but when warm it starts on the first pull so that is ok. Doesn't have a chain brake like a chain saw. Not sure it is needed, but would be nice to have. It will wear your azz out! It is just heavy enough and awkward enough to make it tiring. But I'm an old guy and that gives me an excuse to rest. Not something I will use all the time, but sure beats standing in a loader bucket. Like every new toy, I had to try it out on every tree in sight. Didn't realize I had that many dead and low hanging limbs. Now I get to spend tomorrow cleaning everything up.
  25. Ron, keep the pictures coming of the working facilities. Always like to see a good set of working pens. gene
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