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  1. Plex-i-glass will turn yellow. Lexan is stronger and will stay clear. Lexan is used in greenhouses. Pricey, but anything worth it always is.
  2. What happened the last time was that some of the BTO's and wanna be BTO's forward contracted new crop at big dollars, then ran cash rent sky high to pick up more land. They then milked the residual fertilizer for a year. When prices came down they re-figured cash rent so they could keep the land, or just walked away and let somebody else apply build it back up.
  3. Lorenzo, surely they aren't farming that unless the buyer already had a bunch paid for.? I assume it is under a pivot. I've seen $12,500 1/4 mile from me. That was when corn was $8. I was offered a poor 80 a mile from me just the other day. He told me to make an offer. I'm afraid if I offered what it was worth the guy would probably never speak to me again. My guess is it will easily bring north of $10. And that is this month. Next month may be altogether different. I'd like to have it, but it will take a lot of work and $$ (mostly $$) to get it in shape.
  4. What are these rakes called? I'm dozing 1/2 acre of trees to make an orchard and plan on mowing it as well. I'd like to maybe find one to rent to clean up the sticks etc that will be left behind from the dozing/chain sawing/stump burying/brush burning.etc. Thanks
  5. dads706


    Not trying to rub it in to you rock pickers, but in my part of Iowa, the only way to get a rock is to go somewhere and buy one. The only rocks I have ever picked were the ones I picked while on vacation to bring home for the wife's flower gardens. Dad had a well drilled back in about 1960 or so...... 80 feet or so before they hit water, and the only thing between the grass on top and the water below was 80 feet of dirt.
  6. According to Iowa Fish and Game, that is a dog. Don't you know what a dog looks like?
  7. Youngest son said that the majority of the new Mack's are all coming with some sort of automatic transmission in them (it sounds like some sort of power shift) because nobody can shift anymore. They have one fleet owner that usually has one truck in the shop getting clutch or transmission repair. They just keep rotating. Fix one and bring in another. He said that some drivers they won't even let drive around the lot for fear of them hitting something. They will make them part the truck and the mechanics will move them where they need them. And never ask them to back up!! The storie
  8. These were the standard for manure spreaders in this area. I think every farmer had one or two. We had one that was always parked next to the hog house (farrowing) and the other one was used for hog finishing and cattle barn. If I had a dollar for every pitchfork full I pitched into them.
  9. 50 years. The woman is a saint. She has had 101 reasons to send my azz packing.
  10. We all know about dimensional lumber...... but, 3/4" Oak plywood is $70 a sheet and going higher. I have a bunch of 3/4" Birch that I bought when it was $42 a sheet and I thought I was getting screwed then. Now it looks cheap. Twisted/cracked/used landscape timbers (railroad ties) are $25 a piece.
  11. Glad someone added the above....... I grew up on the stuff that you could either drink it or use it to patch the roof, fix leaky cattle tanks, etc. Why would anyone ruin good roofing tar by adding cream or sugar? Tried Bailey's a time or two and all that does is ruin both products. I've been inside a Starbuck's ONCE. I ordered 'black coffee', and I think they had to find someone who knew what I was talking about.
  12. Lorenzo, you forgot to add that they would break into your shop, steal the tools you used to build the chicken coop. As well as anything that can be used to cook meth.
  13. Brown eggs, white eggs, dark yokes, light yokes....... sounds racist to me..... But....... a relative of mine always enjoys growing a huge garden. He does the cash box thing. He puts all the excess on 3 or 4 picnic tables. I've never heard of any complaints. But, he does NOT do that with sweet corn. He tried that once and ended up with a situation similar to what Lorenzo described. Sweet corn disappeared and no money in the box.
  14. Hereford's started getting goggle eyed back in the 70's when they started infusing some Fleckvieh (German Simmental) blood to get some size and rate of gain. But the purebred Hereford folks will deny it. Shorthorn people did the same thing using Maine's.
  15. https://www.skicrescent.com/ Yep still there. For those not from here, Mt Crescent is just a tall hill in the Loess Hills of Iowa. What they don't mention is that if you are standing at the bottom and look west, you can see for 30 miles or so because it is as flat as a pool table.
  16. The IH parts warehouse in downtown Council Bluffs? I was in there once with dad back when I couldn't see over the counter. Today the building is high $$$ condos. I know the woman who led the investor group that converted it to condos after it had set empty and in disrepair for 30+ years. I told her to save the name on the building. Don't know if she listened to me or not, but you can still (sort of) see the "International Harvester" painted on the side. I'll try to get some pictures.
  17. If you don't believe that cattle are herd animals, just separate one from the herd sometime. Had a situation once where one of the bulls was on the opposite side of the creek from the rest of the herd. I was moving them to a different farm to clean up the corn stalks and just figured he would tail along later. When he didn't I hauled everything (about 3 miles) and thought he would be there waiting for me tomorrow, and I'd load him. Uh oh, bad idea. When he realized that his herd mates were gone, getting pizzed off was an understatement. That boy was in the mood to knock the schit out of a
  18. I need a good salsa recipe. I hate the store bought in-the-jar stuff, and the local Mexican restaurant won't give me their recipe no matter how I try to bribe them. Best stuff I ever had was in Arizona. Back in the 70's I was on my way back to San Diego and I stopped in a little hole in the wall place along some out of the way highway. (similar to one of the places you find but don't want to look in the kitchen.....these are usually the best places to eat) anyway.... I ordered my usual enchiladas. The lady (owner/cook) brought me 2 of the biggest enchiladas I have ever seen (then or since
  19. That meant lunch of ...... Polish sausage, saurkraut, fried onions, and German mustard. All grilled up, mixed together, and heaped to the point of falling off the plate. ...... gawd, somebody grab the Trocar, I may be bloated. (not much of a beer drinker, but an ice cold one would have been good to wash it all down)
  20. 3/4" wide is the standard width for anything that uses the miter slots so any brand should work. EXCEPT Sears.... their miter slots measure .743+/- They did that so that the only guides that will work on their saws are their own. FYI, many of their power tools are like that. Instead of a miter gauge, why not make a good crosscut sled instead. Like someone has already mentioned, my miter gauge hangs on the wall and gathers dust.
  21. He also fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Until he died, he always slept with a window open. He and I would sometimes talk about 'things'. I'm sure he shared things with me that he never told his kids. Maybe some day in a different thread. Enough on that topic. gene
  22. Gotta give the guy credit for thinking outside the box just for finding all the needed stuff and putting it all together into something workable albeit not the safest though.
  23. Growing up, I hated feeding cattle this time of year. They were standing bely deep in mud at the bunks (dad didn't have cement pads for the bunks) and getting stuck with the feed wagon seemed like an every day occurance. Ground sloped away from the upright silo just enough that you couldn't keep the feed wagon from sliding away from the unloading chute. Grrrrrrr. Love feeding cattle, but don't miss those days.
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