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    It was an IBM model 10 about the size of my pickup and had 6K total (memory and storage combined) could only use assembler. Had to manually enter load addresses.
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    NewEnglander... I wrote my first computer program in '68.
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    I love this guy!

    MTO, I love the idea of extending the fuel tank. But.... doesn't that void any insurance coverage should you have a wreck?
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    A politician is being discussed, and negative comments about him have been made. This thread has lasted longer than I expected.
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    My grandfather told me once that "anybody can raise cattle, but not just anybody can be a cattleman". True today as much as it was 65 years ago. Same can be said for anyone in the ag sector. I have been all over the world, and since society has become urban people all over the world have lost touch with their food and where it comes from. Though I must say it seems to be more prevalent here in the USA. And in my travels to Toronto, if it wasn't for the oil sands, they would not know that Alberta existed. (Well, there are the Oilers let's not forget) But back to the original thought. I can do a pretty good job of welding (for example) but by no stretch of the imagination does that qualify me to be considered a 'welder'. You guys get the point.
  6. U-C, are all the cattle kept indoors in the winter?
  7. It was 40 degrees today so we went outside to get some fresh air. The wife pointed out that some dumb SOB graded gravel onto her lawn again. Has done it for the last 20+ years. He must come by when nobody is watching. Wish I could catch him. I'd let him go out there with a rake and he could move it all back onto the lane. Rumor has it that it's some old bald headed guy last seen driving a worn out 706.
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    I quit watching NASCAR when they took the sport out of it and turned it into a multi-million dollar commercial business. The top tier of drag racing is no different.
  9. Build a 3 point carrier bracket. It would make a great counter weight of moving big bales. Or for packing silage.
  10. There is no such thing as 'to many' circuits or outlets. People laughed when I built this house, but each room is on two circuits 1 for ligts and 1 for outlets. Plus wall outlet every 4 feet. I have outlets in this house that are virgins and I've lived here since '93. But, if you want to plug something in, you don't need an extension cord. I have 4 (2 double, 2 single) outlets just in the kitchen island. I grew up in a house that in my bedroom the only electric was the light. You needed one of those adapters that had an outlet and a socket screwed into the outlet if you needed to plug something in.
  11. Those home improvement shows are downright scary at times. Some have licensed contractors doing the work, but the scary one are the ones you mention. 1.) Buy a house with the plan of making big bucks. (Example.... profit is 3 time what they paid for the house.) 2.) Go to Home Depot and get a Sledge Hammer, a crow bar and a Sawzall. (and a handful of other assorted useless tools) 3.) Start gutting the house and using the crowbar and sledge to remove the windows. 4.) Turning off the water and circuit breakers is optional. 5.) Screw the wall cabinets into the drywall. a) if that doesn't work just use those plastic expansion things that I throw away. 6.) Crap, I don't have time to write everything down. You get the jist of it. BUT... Don't forget to order a granite counter top. That is the most important part of the whole project. This place has gotta 'look good'. I've made a million mistakes myself. But please tell me that someone with some building experience at least follows them around. There was just a thing on the news about a home owner (Chicago I think) suing one of the fixit shows. Seems everything leaked and nothing was square. I once was asked to build some cabinets for a couple. ..... The kitchen walls were so far out of square. I measured, and one wall was almost a foot longer than the other. You have to work at building something that bad. Oops, before I forget..... don't forget the required foot wear...... sandals.
  12. Making hay is one of my favorite summer jobs. But how about some winter picture of those hay fields. Or show us some of those cattle in the winter.
  13. What does everyone use to keep an eye on the weather forecasts etc.? Years ago I used Intellicast, but after they changed the format I haven't used it in years. Now I just use the National Weather Service. (or local TV for summer tornados and storms)
  14. I love the bright lights on the wife's High Country. They spoiled me because when we bought the MIL's Town and Country van, every time I drive it I think the lights are on dim. I am thinking of swapping the bulbs out for LED's . Has anyone here done it? What do you think of them?
  15. I always thought they would be fun to play with. A lot of farmsteads have been bulldozed flat and planted over in this area, but it would still be fun. Most of the local city parks and school play grounds in this area have been covered a dozen times, so not much 'old' stuff left to find. Back in the 70's I couldn't find a water line. The telephone guy stopped and pinpointed it within a couple inches. My many holes were 6 feet from where it was. I'd have probably still been making holes.
  16. I would say that 99.9% of the time here in the Coffee Shop nobody is trying to pick a fight. Usually just an honest venting of frustration on some topics, and just a personal opinion on others. Nothing said here that probably wasn't said a thousand times around a thousand coffee tables this morning. No name calling etc. Renter was hauling corn from the bins this morning and stopped in to say hello. Hello was the first thing, did you watch the SOTU was the second. He didn't swear, didn't call names on either side, just vented his thoughts. Ok, my vent is over for this thread.
  17. I was reading page 1 when it was vaporized. I didn't see anything bad. Just honest opinions.
  18. If my memory is correct, the heater in the bus did not work. Valens was sick, and Waylon gave his plane seat to Valens so he could fly ahead and get some rest.
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Day_the_Music_Died...... Can't imagine country music without Waylon..... fate has it's own way of doing things.
  20. When I first read Lorenzo's post I thought maybe he was talking about the 2 SAC bombers that collided over by Corley (south of Harlan) back in the early 60's. I remember air force guys walking our corn fields (and the neighbors as well) looking for wreckage and bodies. Mostly over by Corley I think was where most was found. Don't remember a lot about it.
  21. Where is that at? I get over to Walnut a few times a year. Relatives are buried there.
  22. Just to expand on cjf711's quote.... I'm speaking from personal experience and I'm sure others here can relate. It has happened to me a dozen times and each time I'm glad it did. "Just about the time you start to think you are really good at something..... you meet someone who really is". It tends to quickly bring you back down where you belong.
  23. I'm not an engineer, but if you take a pane of glass and hold it an inch in the air and drop a weight on it, it will shatter. Lay that same pane of glass on a solid surface and drop a weight on it and nothing happens. Part of the same reason hail doesn't hurt them. But then like I said, I'm not an engineer. Now that the wind chill discussion has calmed down. Back in the 60's if we found somebody to buy us some beer, the best way to get it cold quick was to set it behind the grill of the car and drive down the interstate to the next exit and then come back. Depending on how cold it was you could sometimes freeze it. Just sayin'.
  24. I think in Russian he said... "here, hold my beer and watch this." or maybe hold my vodka.
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