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  1. Vandalism

    Here is a case where justice was served but in a tragic sense; several months ago in the next county over, after dark there was a Jeep 4 wheel drive with a boy driving & his girlfriend was with him. They were out in a field doing doughnuts & etc. There was a creek dividing the field with a large concrete culvert crossing the road. He came up to the culvert & attempted to cross the creek & subsequently got stuck & mired in the creek. He was so deep the tailpipe was in the water. A passerby stopped to offer help but they had already made a call for a tow. It was cold, dark and the boy & girl stayed in the still running Jeep to keep warm until the tow came. By the time the tow came both were found dead due to carbon monoxide poisoning. A very high price to pay for doing stupid stuff.
  2. Enduro Series XT3

    As I said in my original post, I stored my new XT-3 for the winter after taking delivery last fall and waited until the week before last to use it for the first time. All I can say is, "WOW!", I'm very impressed! Quite an improvement over the old 1864 I used to have, it steers so much shorter, more power and the cruise control is nice to have although the 1864 had something similar to it with the hand lever, just set it & let it go. With the foot controls on this one cruise is a nice option to have. Also the fabricated deck is well built and after mowing for 2+ hrs it does not have a large accumulation of grass on top of the deck like the old stamped steel deck the 1864 had. Am very happy with it so far & mowing should be more fun this summer & years to come. On the Cub Cadet page in Facebook Cub Cadets get a bad rap because they are made by MTD. What a lot of people don't realize is that the Cub Cadet division of MTD has their own engineering dept and that the CC's are built to their standards, which are obviously higher than the other brands built by MTD. It's no different than Lincoln cars being built by Ford or Cadillac being built by GM. It also makes a difference where one purchases their CC whether it's from a CC dealer or a box store, you get what you pay for.
  3. Enduro Series XT3

    Eason, do you have the stamped steel deck? I had a choice of stamped steel or a fabricated deck, the fabricated was $100 more and I was advised to get the fabricated deck because it was heavier & much better built. I chose the fabricated deck & it does look more rugged.
  4. Enduro Series XT3

    Had a lot of trouble with my 20 yr old 1864 this year, spent over $520 on 2 repairs earlier this summer & then the PTO clutch went out (2nd time in 6 years) and when I took it back to the dealer they convinced me it was time to trade & upgrade because I would never get the money I spent on repairs back. So I pulled the trigger & bought an XT3 with a 54" fabricated deck. It was only supposed to take a week to get the complete outfit but it took 7 weeks to get the deck due to robotic welder issues at the factory. Took delivery of it a little over a week ago. At this point I'm not going to mow my yard until next spring because of our dry conditions & cold weather coming, I want the yard to have some growth when it frosts, that may not make any difference that's me. Just wondering if anyone has one of these outfits & how do you like it? Are there any issues to be aware of? I should have asked this question before buying but since I already had a Cub Cadet & I preferred to stay with that brand. I have seen some negative reviews of the smaller series (XT1 & 2) on the Cub Cadet Facebook page about "can't keep belts on" or "cheaply made" but those units were purchased from either box stores or farm supply stores such as TSC. I was told by my dealer that it does make a difference where you buy these mowers because the ones sold at box stores have fewer bells & whistles than the ones sold by Cub Cadet dealers. In reality it comes down to you getting "what you pay for". Looking forward to using it next spring!
  5. The Age old Flappy Cap Question

    What makes the Mercury Products rain cap more superior than the Walker style? And why do you say the Walker caps are poorly made? I'd like to think it's more a matter of preference than anything. Run them both under the same tree branch and they will both bend. They will also wear out over a period of time. I have never liked the looks of the Mercury Products cap, always preferred the Walker type & that's what I have on my tractors, to each his own.
  6. The Age old Flappy Cap Question

    I have no pics but they are the exact replica of the originals. Contact Nick Barbieri at 516-221-4116
  7. The Age old Flappy Cap Question

    Yes, I remember them very well but John Deere did not make them. Deere contracted a small foundry outside of Waterloo to make them for Deere. The foundry went out of business when Deere was building the 30 series and then Deere went to another supplier & started using the same ones IH was putting on their tractors at the factory. The molds for the 3020/4020 cast rain caps from the foundry were sold and are now being reproduced by an aftermarket supplier that reproduces replacement parts for antique John Deere tractors. He is from New York & they cost big bucks!
  8. Vintage Ads

    The last I knew the 580 prototype was owned by an Ohio State patrolman right here in Ohio. The story was Cockshutt actually made 3 of these 580's but there was only 1 known to exist & it was this one. I have seen it myself completely restored.
  9. Vintage Ads

    I have a 1/16 scale metal toy pickup truck just like the one pictured in the top photo, it has two tone paint, turquoise & white. It was in the toy box at my grandparents and my brothers, cousins & I used to play with it every time we went there, it's got to be around 50 or so years old. After my grandparents passed and my unmarried aunt that lived with them was going through things & downsizing, she passed it on to me.
  10. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Now I wished that I hadn't said anything. Again I apoplogize for giving my opinion. I should have worded my feelings differently. I'm not asking to shut this thread down, just make the title and posts match, but I guess that's not possible. You're right, I don't have to click on it but if I don't I might miss the chance to see some old IH tractors. Go for the record - keep it going, the last thing I want is to be responsible for it's demise. Keep on truckin'!
  11. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I'm going to stick my neck out and go out on a limb and say this and I will probably ruffle some feathers and hurt some feelings when I do but I think it's time this thread closes and any future new posts are labelled with appropriate titles because 99% of the time I'm disappointed every time I click on it to see "IH Tractors on a Montana Farm" and instead I find cars, trucks, steam engines, combines, trains, snowmobiles, airplanes, bulldozers, buldings, ships, motorcycles or anything else that has nothing to do with the original title. The original post when it started was good but for some reason it got carried away and also got way off subject. I know I don't have to click on it if I don't want to read it but on the flipside I'm being misled too. I don't have a problem with this thread staying alive if it would show IH tractors like the title says but if it's not possible then start a new thread about the appropriate subject. Am I the only one that feels this way? I don't think so because some time ago someone else gave a hint in not so many words but it didn't catch on. If I'm the only one that feels this way, please accept my apoplogy for being outspoken, ignore me and carry on. Eventually all good things come to an end.
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    '53 Plymouth?
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Loadstar............is that a Cockshutt or a Blackhawk? Or a Golden Eagle? I've seen all 3 names on that paint scheme already. I know it's a Cockshutt underneathe the color but what makes a Blackhawk or an Golden Eagle? Also why are the rear tires mounted backwards?
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Are you serious? If so, corn cribs were buildings with gaps in the sides to allow air in to dry ear corn when it was put into storage. Cribs could be wood as shown here or round shaped like todays' grain bins using metal slats or wire mesh or even picket fencing construction. As for your question regarding the use of cobs in outhouses, no, today they use toilet paper or even pages torn from magazines should they run out. When I was a kid we had an outhouse and I never saw the first cob in there and even if there were, there would have to be a tube of Preparation H in there too
  15. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Ralph..........do I see a loader on an articulated Steiger behind the tractor you're sitting on? That's what it looks like to me, also I didn't know Steiger had loaders unless it's an aftermarket painted in Steiger colors.