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    --Have two 500C's one for parts--also IH-TD18 SERIES 182-- 460--656-M-H-F20 & Deere B.--Two gas powered air compessors for sand blasting(Buda engine on one). Live in town-but spend time on my 170 arce farm.For 25 years installed & serviced printing presses for Addressograph Multigraph Corp.

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  1. Hector -- my parts book number for the gear is 271-803R1 and 271-813R1 for pinion . I have not removed them from the tractor yet so I do not know what numbers are on the gears . If you know for sure that your gears are out of TD18 series 182 then they should work ? If not I will check the numbers on the gears after I remove them and see if the numbers match yours . Not sure what you saying " 2 teeth the rust try to heat them " ? Good to hear from you -- saw some place on the internet you were retired -- not buying tractors . Thanks John Knepper 563-590-3964
  2. Thanks hardtail I have removed every thing except the winch . The ring gear and pinion are bad . Who would have these parts ? FP Smith ? Watch my video of this tractor YouTube "MVI0733 knepper " Thanks
  3. Can the pinion and ring gear be removed with out removing the tracks and sprockets on aTD18-183 ? Thanks
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