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  1. Not having any luck finding any inner fenders. Would any one have any pictures of inner fender, I mite try to make some.
  2. Im needing two inner fenders for my truck, left and right side. It the only two items im needing to make it complete. Where could I find these at. Ive made several calls to bone yards with no luck.
  3. I welded my manifold on my 5488 about 10 years ago, haven't had any problems.
  4. Id buy MX270, not many people complain having a tractor too big.
  5. Be hard too drive away if its in pieces, guy is worried about it getting stolen, sounds kinda risky
  6. Its not that hard to replace the roof. looks like it needs fenders on the cab also. Not knowing what the rest of the cab is like replace the roof and fenders mite be cheaper then putting on a used cab. I replace the complete roof and sides on my 5488, I got a good used roof for about $900.
  7. Good luck finding a sentry system. They are getting hard find.
  8. Tint your side windows it helps. I've tinted several tractor windows. I use 30% tint. Hay baling tractor I tinted all the windows I run the air speed on low and sometimes I have to turn down the A/C gets kinda chilly.
  9. I pull kinze 2600 fully loaded, 700 gallons row starter and 24 bags seed. Never had any problems.
  10. My 1985 5488 that I redone.

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