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  1. They scrap 2 of them a few months ago. Could have saved them but, I cannot save everything with no help. No one is interested in saving old iron and working no more. Shame.😞
  2. 351's, 390's,428's, and 429's. I was always swapping them around from one to another. Corse I was younger and more energetic.😁
  3. Yea, and the intake manifold seems like it weighs 300lbs. Done pulled a many one in my time.
  4. Yes it is! I owned 3 of them in my past. And 7 Ford Torino GT's all together. Wish I had kept a couple. Oh well.
  5. International Model 175 Series C Crawler Loader Parts Manual list catalog 175c | eBay
  6. Lots of folks say they can RUN a dozer but, Damm few can OPERATE one. There is a big difference.
  7. Buddy


    I done good ! 😎
  8. Buddy


    I have a red one sitting here you can also buy if it would set you in good grace with the IH folks.😉
  9. I chunk mine in the shop wood stove.
  10. Buddy


    I am going to let the cat out the bag. 😁 Rawleigh99 has been holding out! He has a new toy and is not sharing pictures with us.
  11. I am some slow but, Here is the Cat D7F.
  12. I picked up an H myself this past weekend. Don't know much about it yet, but the serial number states it is a 1942 year.
  13. He is now an official Old Fart ! 😁
  14. And it is for sale! Still sitting in my building untouched ever since I bought it.
  15. international crawler dozer 175 manuals parts operating | eBay
  16. Old phone booth cab! What we called them. I would save that one if it were closer.
  17. Someone would have to pay me to watch ANY physical sport period.
  18. Here. Automotive Manufacturers Inc. - Manufacturer in Richmond
  19. They are right proud of it! 😁
  20. I have one exactly like it. Been sitting in my old shop for 30 years, I guess. I will try to get a picture of it.
  21. Buddy


    Global warming!
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