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  1. Gonna get worse, if not just dry up completely ! Cry baby drivers , foreign cars, hurt feelings over southern traditions, restrictor plates , and over priced tickets. Not the great American race no more !
  2. I can have it delivered ! I have the engine now running and ready to set back in .
  3. Gas may very well be going to the carburetor but, it don't have to be getting to the cylinders. Sounds like its a good chance the float may be stuck.
  4. Yep, I feel your pain. Been wrenching over 40 years. Rotator cuff surgery , carpal tunnel surgery in both hands, several times ,and still going. ?
  5. There it is , Engine complete ! Only thing needed now is , WARM, DRY, spring weather. Not going to set it back in the machine until thin !
  6. Alright fella's. Here is a few update pictures. Its been a while but, I finely have gotten around to do a little part swapping . The original engine had spun a bearing , so the previous owner had bought another DT466 to replace it with. I am just picking up a project they started in 2006. Buddy
  7. Nice looking machine. Believe I would pull into it and find out what happened. Once that was determined , thin I would make a decision. Ether way , a machine in that condition I would get it going .
  8. I have one sitting here you can get !
  9. I will add a few pictures of my cable stuff, if I can.
  10. Finely had time to move the 175c home.
  11. How about some bottom pictures case someone is interested.
  12. Thanks guy's. I bought this 175c to add to my many ( Get to one day projects) . or sell, which ever one comes first. Old thing not in bad shape , just been sitting a while.
  13. Serial 4290001U003011 Anyone can tell me year of manufacture ?
  14. Where east in Tenn ? How far is it from Va line ? You decide you dont want it, let me know.
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