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  1. Sounds to me they are on the right path. Binderoid did a good job explaining the rack adjustment. It takes practice to get clevis wobble on each injector without interfering with others.
  2. Guess yall will say, fried pigeon tastes like fried chicken. Not! It is actually better.😁
  3. I like those ol Wisconsin's. I have one left here, it is on a Lincoln welder. They last a long time and run well.
  4. Off topic a bit but. Do I see two Wisconsin engines in the background?
  5. Here is all I found so far. It's a good start. International L series - Wikipedia
  6. Any ideas what year this gem maybe? I briefly looked it over since it just showed this afternoon at my supper time, so I did not look at it long. I did not see no tags, plates of no kind as to serial numbers. Any ideas the locations? It says L200 on the hood so that is the title of the topic.😁 I will get more pictures as time allows and more information as its reason for being here.
  7. I use plastic bottles in mine. Place the parts in the bottles filled with carb cleaner, float them in the tank filled with water. Clean parts and no cleanup of the machine. I also strain the cleaner back into the original can and reuse time and time again. We po folk here gotta save pennies. 😁
  8. They scrap 2 of them a few months ago. Could have saved them but, I cannot save everything with no help. No one is interested in saving old iron and working no more. Shame.😞
  9. 351's, 390's,428's, and 429's. I was always swapping them around from one to another. Corse I was younger and more energetic.😁
  10. Yea, and the intake manifold seems like it weighs 300lbs. Done pulled a many one in my time.
  11. Yes it is! I owned 3 of them in my past. And 7 Ford Torino GT's all together. Wish I had kept a couple. Oh well.
  12. International Model 175 Series C Crawler Loader Parts Manual list catalog 175c | eBay
  13. Lots of folks say they can RUN a dozer but, Damm few can OPERATE one. There is a big difference.
  14. Buddy


    I done good ! 😎
  15. Buddy


    I have a red one sitting here you can also buy if it would set you in good grace with the IH folks.😉
  16. I chunk mine in the shop wood stove.
  17. Buddy


    I am going to let the cat out the bag. 😁 Rawleigh99 has been holding out! He has a new toy and is not sharing pictures with us.
  18. I am some slow but, Here is the Cat D7F.
  19. I picked up an H myself this past weekend. Don't know much about it yet, but the serial number states it is a 1942 year.
  20. He is now an official Old Fart ! 😁
  21. And it is for sale! Still sitting in my building untouched ever since I bought it.
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