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  1. Getting closer all the time. I have had it running enough to check some pressures and to travel it back and forth about 6'. Setting the hardnose and radiator in place here. Seems I am missing the radiator fan if any of you may have one laying around I be in the market for one.
  2. "Double post" πŸ˜€ I don't mind looking at an old machine again. Especially when it's going to get saved 😁and in good condition.
  3. Nice looking little machine. It's a keeper for sure. I had a starter rebuilt once and it was turning backwards when I got it back. This has happened once in 40 years of wrenching but, it can happen.
  4. Whew, I am glad they are a long ways away from me! This darn yellow/rust disease is hard on me.
  5. Couple more going in pictures.
  6. Today's Doings. Heading back in with it but, only God knows when I will have the time to get everything hooked up.
  7. If it is a true 4400 industrial tractor it will have wet brakes.
  8. Do trailer count in restorations? πŸ™‚
  9. I like it ! Glad it is a kazillion miles away from me.😁
  10. Not a International but, it has a International UD-16 engine. Needs some tlc but, she be ok. ? 1950 Austin Western 99H.
  11. The vacuum line for the fuel pump ! Replace it . Mine had a small hole in it once causing issues. Also. it got engine oil in it once causing issues.
  12. This machine has the Detroit Diesel. No! The Bucyrus-Erie is not mine. Belongs to the club members.
  13. Yes, I have several buckets for it. Drag and clam. I bought the machine years ago from a sand quarry.
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