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  1. Just hauled the '17 Suburban 40 miles to the dealer, with transmission issues............. Got a feeling this could be spendy.... DANG, I shoulda bit on the extended warranty offer... Mike
  2. And DON'T lay out a headland by sighting on a grazing cow on the horizon!!!!!!!! (a friend told me) Mike
  3. Whatever fluid you use, (Not going there), take a chunk of inner tube or rubber roofing material and wrap it around the shift lever like a teepee, and clamp it snug with a hose clamp. This will keep rain, melting snow, etc., from running down the shifter, and into the transmission. (worked for me) Welcome, by the way.... Mike
  4. mikem

    Saw this

    And if you left the keys in them, they will all be on, with dead batteries the next time you need them. Or the headlights will be left on with the same result. Mike
  5. If you have a torch, welder, and a Truck full of money.....Anything will fit! Mike
  6. If you have a torch, welder, and a Truck full of money.....Anything will fit! Mike
  7. Been nice knowing you guys......😆 Mike
  8. 5 gallon seat to work on brakes, lawnmowers, other short things in the shop... Mike
  9. Metric all-sixteenths... Mike
  10. mikem

    Why LP?

    According to Wikipedia, LP has 91,500 btu/gal, and gasoline has 120,286 btu/gal. Roughly 24% less energy per gallon. Some of that can be recovered by running a higher compression ratio, since LP is 110 octane, compared to 87 (ish) for todays' gas. The good DR. also failed to mention that LP makes a dandy air conditioning refrigerant, in an emergency. Mike
  11. BRAVO!!!! Nicely done!! Mike
  12. OH-SURE, ONE guy gets ALL his trailer lights working, and the cops will expect us ALL to have them all working!!!😠😠😠 Mike
  13. Had a little breeze here over the weekend---several hours of 40 to 50 mph with gusts to 70.... This is getting OLD!!! Mike
  14. Hummer H3, the last civilian version weighs roughly 4500 lbs. EV Hummer weighs about 9000. Another good question would be what is being used to make the electricity to charge the vehicle. Hummer EV stats from Wikipedia: MSRP: From $108,700 Curb weight: 9,063 lbs Range: 329 mi battery-only Dimensions: 217″ L x 87″ W x 79″ H Battery charge time: 55h at 110V, 10h at 220V, 1h at 440V Engine: Electric Make: GMC Mike Edit: How much will it cost to re-wire the entire country for 440V, 3PH. ????? Just wondering..😵 More im
  15. 50 in my graduating class. I had a buddy that went to high school 15 miles away, and when asked about his school, always said that "He graduated third in his class." Rarely did he add the rest of the sentence..... "OF THREE"... Mike
  16. Was that one of those old red ones, about a foot thick? I saw one go by a study hall window once. Mike
  17. And now I know what "quarter sawn", means... I have heard that term my whole life, and never knew what it meant. THANKS!!! Mike
  18. Back in the '70s, my next-door neighbor had an Allice-Chalmers electric lawn tractor. It was weird watching him mow the lawn, with just a HUMMM. Mike
  19. Beats the day-lights out of a shovel!!! Mike
  20. Lost another one... Darn it. Mike
  21. Kinda puts a whole new meaning to the term "Items too numerous to mention"!! Mike
  22. It is amazing how much unexploded stuff is actually around..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unexploded_ordnance Mike
  23. Old Home Bread commercial, with a different C.W....(Might be before C.W. took off) Mike
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