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  1. Basic training in Ft. Campbell KY, (Most of it is in Tenn.), Jan thru Mar., Tampa Fl., First week in Aug, moving Mom home... I'll stay right here, thank you.....Even if I DO HATE SNOW!!!!!!!! 🥶 Mike
  2. That looks a WHOLE LOT like "frame is busted"!!😲 Mike
  3. mikem

    The Dog Thread

    This is a MUCH better post than the one about Chief was back on April 4th. This is Sadie. 42 pounds of pure love, with just enough rascal mixed in to keep it interesting. Unfortunately her first human got health issues and had to give her up, but what a blessing for us!!! Likes to ride in the car or truck, likes it best with her head out the window. Absolutely adores playing fetch with the 'chuck-it'. (We are working on the frisbee...she just about has it mastered.) I found Sadie in the Sioux City Iowa Humane Society. Very nice place, and great people to work with. Check them out if you need a family member. I would keep typing, but I need my rest.....Some of us have a ball to throw tomorrow! Mike
  4. Did away with a dead Russian Olive... Didn't even bother with the chainsaw. All in all, a good day. Mike
  5. That guy can definitely back up a four wheel wagon!!! Mike
  6. My 1066 was doing that bad, and a dose of Stanadyne fuel treatment cleaned it right up. Good luck Mike
  7. Where are you located? Might be interested. Send me a P.M. Mike
  8. All depends on what they identify as......😵 Mike
  9. Ask Diesel Doctor about the F-20 with a Hemi........ Kind of a "hold my beer" deal. Mike
  10. Some serious treasures there....Nice Mike
  11. A little detail on the R-R Meteor engine... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolls-Royce_Meteor Mike
  12. Kinda what I figured, but I thought I would ask.... Thanks Mike
  13. I will get back to this statement in a minute.... This is a 560 Diesel that I bought for a "nearly new" set of 18.4-34's. (Not the ones in the pic)..Seller said "puts water in the oil, parts only". Well, one thing led to another and one battery and a set of jumper cables later, I'm taking a quick lap around the yard. She smokes a LOT, runs on about 4, but everything else works. TA works, Trans shifts into all 5, PTO goes on and off, power steering works. With any luck, a head gasket may fix the ills. There is definitely water in the oil too!!! Now to the quoted sentence above, "the diesel turned into a gas." Meaning a complete swap out, engine for engine? , or can a diesel block be fitted with enough gas parts to make it a gas. (I'm guessing the answer will be a BIG NO, but I thought I would ask before starting to buy parts...) Mike
  14. The local IH dealer had a 549 gas 'fire truck ' engine on a display stand in his showroom, when I was a kid. That had dual distributors, and two plugs per cylinder. Mike
  15. Houston------We have a problem------- Mike
  16. mikem


    Correct....282 diesel turned up to 2400 max RPM. Planetary rear hubs to slow back down. 560 was D-282 governed at 1800... Mike
  17. How about a 215 Buick powered CHAINSAW???? https://www.facebook.com/Icon1000/videos/want-to-see-a-v8-buick-powered-chainsaw-ok-sure-heres-the-predator/1032559633467400/ Mike
  18. Dad always claimed that they sold this truck to him............ Mike
  19. If it hasn't been used for 15 years, I would be VERY LEERY of the brakes.............. Some of the brake parts are getting hard to find. I had a terrible time finding a brake booster. Finally had to get mine rebuilt locally. If they say at the auction, "brakes need work", I would walk. Just my opinion. Mike
  20. Are you guys sure that's not the front end for a Mennonite soap box derby car??? Mike
  21. That makes the 560 that Diesel Doctor helped me haul home today look pretty cheep at 2K. (With good tires yet)😁 On the down side, it's a diesel that pees in the oil pan) Mike
  22. Sioux River? She's running full in Watertown today. Mike
  23. I don't think my memory is that good...how about you? Mike
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