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  1. https://www.farmauction.net/auction/nebraska-truck-hoard/ WOW Mike
  2. I hear the collar in a 2 and 1/2 gallon oil jug, and tossed in a river works too.....or you could put it on a sheep, in someone else's pasture Mike
  3. That gonna fit under the hood of that 55 Chebby??? Mike
  4. Hold my beer, and watch this.............................................. Mike
  5. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/auctions/online/event/216452003/list NOT MINE...(darn) Mike
  6. https://steffesgroup.com/Auction/AuctionDetails?Name=loren-nelson-estate-collectible-auction-34210 Really different stuff here. NOT MINE. Mike
  7. I know this has been addressed here before, but I can't find the post. I am putting a loader that was on a 1086, on an 806. I put a loader off of a 1066 on a 706, and had to space it 3/8 on each side. Seems I heard that 86's are another inch wider........or is it 2??? Mike
  8. Should be worth a few bux to the right guy.... Can't just buy them on every street corner anymore. Mike
  9. SHOP GREMLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵 The same guys that hide tools in plain sight!!! (I got extras if you need some!) Mike
  10. Or they can ground you for NOT taking an unknown side effect shot, too. Mike
  11. Sweet corn, and BLT's with fresh garden tomato's........that's why we put up with the other 9 months of winter around here.....😲😵 Mike
  12. https://southdakota.hibid.com/lot/129345162/1947-ihc-m-american--8-grader--127242/?g=all-categories&cpage=11&ipp=100&q=&ref=catalog NOT mine! Mike
  13. SOMEBODY REALLY does have too much time to think------------- Mike
  14. Did it work, or is your memory getting like mine....???? Mike
  15. Just might have been a good day to pick up a lottery ticket...... Mike
  16. Come on Dad..................that 04 Corvette with 20K miles for the same price would be THE way to go to college!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  17. Dog watching "deer-tv", out the front window of the house... Mike
  18. I'm gettin so old, I got one of those in with my electronic caliper, with the screen!!!😲 Mike
  19. That's what I thought... Thanks. Mike
  20. How far is "further away"? How dry is the ground. If you are hurting for moisture, that will weaken the ground too. Some guys learn by observing. Some guys learn by doing. The rest just HAVE to pee on the fence!😵 Mike
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