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  1. Always a possibility that the valve guides or seals might need some attention... Good luck.. Keep us posted Mike
  2. We call that, "Watch your dog run away for three days" country!!? Mike
  3. I took the KT-17 out of mine, and put in a CH-18 Kohler. I gave $400 for it from one of the parts vendors at Red Power 2020. It came with the wiring harness out of the donor tractor, and that was a lifesaver. Install was not bad. Just had to drill new mounting holes in the base plate, and re-build the trans drive shaft. Wiring was by far the biggest challenge. Exhaust pipe(s) had to be rebuilt too. The tractor has about twice the H.P. it used to, and sounds like a Harley when it idles... (V-twin) ? Mike
  4. Gonna park that with your super H TA??? mike
  5. Last time I put a load that size on a 5000# trailer, it folded up right in the middle.... You should pick up a lottery ticket, since it looks like your lucky day...? Mike
  6. Found one..... Picture the outer gear being driven by the PTO shaft, and the small gear driving the generator. If I remove the gear box, and drive the generator with a shaft driven by the crankshaft of an engine, the generator would be turning in the opposite direction to what it is now. Clear as mud, right? I heard a while back that there are a couple of wires that need to be reversed, but I don't remember who told me that, or where I put my notes.....assuming I made some... Mike
  7. The gear box in this one is different, the PTO and the Gen turn the same direction. Trying to find a pic because I don't know how to describe it. Mike
  8. Looks very similar to a TD-20-200, I had about a zillion years ago---- Mine had a cable dozer.....dirt moving maniac!!! Mike
  9. A different generator question. I have a 20KW Winpower PTO drive generator. I also have an IH 549 LP engine that had a generator on it at some time. I would like to take the PTO gearbox off the generator, and drive it with a shaft at 1800 rpm, but that will turn the generator the opposite direction to what the PTO would do. Has anyone done this, and is it a problem??? Mike
  10. FYI: http://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/000/3/6/360-international-harvester-856-engine.html Mike
  11. Some specs. http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/IH_ENGINE_IH-14-18-20-691_ENG_SVC.pdf I did a little research for a gasket..........YIKES! Glad I got mine done when I did. Mike
  12. That loader is a 'Wagner Iron Works', Model 140 IH 340, Serial # 204. Sorry about the blurry pic. Next is a pic of a very faded decal. INTERNATIONAL, then WAGNER below that, and a very faint 140 on the bottom. Then a front and rear view. Let me know if you need more info. Mike
  13. Sorry...I was going to get the info off the loader, and then it slipped my mind. I will get that for you tomorrow... The loader is a 3300B...good ole unit, but the right side hydro is getting a little tired. Mike
  14. Here's a picture now... Mike
  15. I have one out back that was supposedly built just for the 350-I. It came off the 350 I that I have. I will check this afternoon and post numbers and a picture tonite. Mike
  16. I have one off a parted out TD-18 on the shelf. NOWHERE near that pretty----- Also 12 volt. I doubt it still works. Mike
  17. I thought I had heard that...thanks. Mike
  18. I wasted an hour this afternoon trying to use the "new Case/IH parts sight", to find out if the 3 point arms on a 666 are the same as 806 arms... The "new" parts sight doesn't even know what a 666 is... (or I don't know how to use it) Anybody know the answer? Something tells me they might not be... Mike
  19. when I did mine I went here... https://www.cubcadetpartsnmore.com/cub-cadet-wiring-schematics Then used the model 2185 (1999-2000) diagram for the engine side, and then used the diagram for a 782, which was what I was putting it in. Once I finally figured out I had to use the key switch from the 2185, it was pretty easy. Good luck- - - Keep us posted Mike
  20. Good point.... Let me check on that. Mike
  21. Would anything here help? https://www.cubcadetpartsnmore.com/cub-cadet-wiring-schematics Mike
  22. Amazingly enough, the implement dealer next door had this exact gear oil....? Problem solved.. Mike
  23. Thanks guys.... Mike
  24. I bought a 782 with deck, tiller, and snow thrower at an auction a few years ago... I bought a Kohler command V twin and replaced the old, tired, 17 horse Kohler flat twin this summer. I just got the snow thrower mounted up today, and decided to check the lube in the 90 degree gear box. What in the world is that supposed to have in it for lube?????? What FELL out looked like 90 wt. and tar mix... Any help is appreciated. Mike
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