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  1. Back in his day, Grampa would use wax then grease on anything that was going together. Later when he was retired and Antiseize became popular he always laughed at how quickly you became silver when you opened the bottle.
  2. I have owned 3 of them. They are a beast. Tough little buggers. I would be surprised if it did not have a loader on it. Seemed to be their primary duty. If it is a gas tractor it is very important to have all the heat shields in place for the long intake pipe. It wraps around the rear of the block and close to the Exhaust Manifold. If the heat shields are missing the engine was probably rebuilt ( good thing). Get Header Wrap and wrap the intake pipe to keep it cool. Its a bonus if the exhaust goes through the hood. Underslung 6 cyl puts a lot of exhaust on a rear tire and make the operator hot. PTO lever is not in the beat location but not terribly bad. IF you need to pull the Torque amplifier lever to shift without grinding, adjust your clutch. 2000 IH loader is a good match for it. but you will want to load the rear tires. Has Dry brakes. easy to access for maint.
  3. What bugs me at consignment auctions around here is people starting the tractors or equipment standing on the ground. with people in front of it and allaround. Most of the equipment is very old and no neutral start or clutch depressed safety. Somebody is going to get killed and others hurt badly. My rule would be . Butt in the seat or the engine doesnt get started.
  4. I lived in Easly SC for 5 yrs in the late 80's I know where you're at. Now live where I was born, Brookville Pa. 1 /12 hrs from Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Penn state. About 45 miles north of MTO.
  5. Yep, I believe there are Hy cap dealers on this site. Heck I may place an order with one of ya. When I looked it up, 884 not listed, 885 is as close as I found. I have the IH parts book, Ill look it up and cross to Hy capacity.
  6. Well Gentlemen, It turns out the rear plastic cap on the back side of the square top was loose. Small socket head capscrew holds it on. I got 3 turns with my fingers before I went after the allen wrench. No worries... I dont really know but i would guess that plastic cap covers the smoke screw. Life is good.
  7. I scrubbed it up with a good coating of Dawn Dish soap this morning before Church. I'll pressure wash this afternoon. Get a good look.
  8. Anyone have a ball park price for a new Hy Capacity clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing kit from Hy Capacity? This one has been my very busy loader tractor for 10 yrs and its slipping pretty bad. Should have time for a split after the pasture starts to grow and Im done feeding round bales for the spring.
  9. I started my big horse on the far today to move to shop and change fluids and filters . Prep for some spring work. FOund the metube that goes under my RD pump leaking fuel. Must have rusted out over the winter. I dont think i need a pump rebuild as the tractor starts and runs fine. But I d need a replacement tube. Anyone have a source?
  10. Update: Kit arrived from Brillman, they Sent Plug wire kit for a top mount distributer. I have a side mount distributer. Called them to order the correct length wires. Was told it was their mistake as sales person should have asked the question about distributer location. Sent the correct wires would not accept payment for the replacements. Wires were the last parts to install. This skid steer was always a little struggle to start, Crank for 39 seconds most times, even when its warm. With the choke pulled. Tonight I crawled in the seat turned the key on and barely pushed the starter button and the Old Wisconsin engine might have made a 1/2 revolution and it was running. No Choke. Engine runs smoother. Is responsive. Completely different machine now. I have added Petronix to a few 4 cylinder IH and a few 606 IH tractors of my own. Always an improvement but not near as dramatic as with this Wisconsin VH4D. Impressive ! This is my Grandson's favorite machine to operate. Cant wait to see his face Saturday when he starts it up. Life is Good!
  11. I'm with you on the square toes brother. Just bought some new boots as well square toes felt weird. Ended up with traditional round toe ariats. No other brands in stock my size. I usually get red wings. We will see how these hold up
  12. Thats what I have done on the tractors I added it to as well. Hot Coil, New correct Plug wires, New Cap. New Autolite Plugs. Just never thought about adding to this wisconsin. But its getting hard to start. Was going to tune it up. Figure this is money ahead. and should make it more reliable.
  13. Bitty, Ordered the parts from Brillman, Probably arrive in 2 days. Getting a catalog. Nice friendly people to talk me through the ordering process. Very knowledgeable. Probably going to order a few new harnesses from them soon too. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Thanks Bitty. I will order in the morning.
  15. My small Skid steer is a New Holland L445 with the Wisconsin VH4D. Tired of changing Points. too hard to get to. Anyone ever add electronic ignition to a Wisconsin engine? I have updated two different 606 tractors and a couple 400 farmalls. Really makes them start faster. But I dont know about a Wisconsin. Anyone Tried it?
  16. I make Wrapped Green- Fermented. Wrapped Dry- Not Fermented Dry stored not wrapped That is also the order that they are consumed by the cattle. Funny how they usually don't prefer the Fermented bales until the weather turns cold. (Green Pasture dies. ) Eat the unwrapped dry bales along with Pasture up to that point. When they switch to Wrapped Preferred they only eat dry hay when all the Wrapped Bales are not availble. I always have wrapped and dry available to them. Keeps them Fat and Happy and gaining weight. I also keep a Protein mineral tub available. I dont worry about the white Mold. They eat it. I was told Orange or Blue Mold should be removed.
  17. And sadly. I agree with what is being said. Write it down and distribute copies to all involved. When I say family I mean children
  18. Love this. Wish I would have been in the same position when I was in my 30's. Farming full time is a business. Has many benefits unlike other businesses, and also many requirements other businesses do not. Full commitment. I had an old man who was a successful farmer tell me one similarity. if you're not growing the business. its dying. Can't sit on status quo. Just doesn't work. Try new things. Involve family when ever you can. Enjoy life. Dont ever regret. Just learn. How's that for advice? Wish I would have listened.
  19. I believe the owls around here get more cats than the coyotes. They leave tails and hind feet up on round bale stack for me.
  20. 2 12volts on my 806. Did it two years ago. They say2 6volt will crank longer but I now know 2 12 volts spin it faster and definitely starts quicker. Used it yesterday plugged in for 30min. And I started like it was cold but it started quick. Put new cables on when you change the batteries for the best results
  21. Too many Birthdays. It gets alot of the good ones.
  22. Sorry I misunderstood. Never had a 300. But did own several 400s. A 350 and still have 350 utility. Utility in family since new. Utility lift lever to raise. 350 and 400 farmalls all move lever fwd to raise
  23. Easy peasy fix. Switch the hoses on the hitch hydraulic cylinder to the other ports. 20 minutes. Put a jack under the hitch before you remove a hose or you're gonna get wet with oil
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