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  1. I got $1500 for my Gas engine out of a 715. Guy wanted to make a puller engine.
  2. the movie was set in Cleveland and partially filmed there. There is a tourist attraction house ( and gift shop) in Cleveland from the movie. The movie was mostly filmed in Canada, I believe Montreal, where they had better snow. At least that is what the flyer says when you visit the house in Cleveland.
  3. Elderly Brother in law has an Allis Chalmers 170 Gas tractor. Radiator is Beyond repair. old dealer in this area says no longer available. Does any one know of Orange salvage yards? I found nothing here on the east coast with my normal contacts. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thank You NATE. I just called Dan and got them coming to me. Hopefully be here before Christmas. This is exactly why I read this Board.
  5. I guess Im looking for salvage yard information. I tried Wengers here in the east. Nothing available. I also have used Bates and Mike Bunck at Steel Wheel Ranch. Nothing available. looking for others. Please give names and numbers or www. information on salvage yards you know of. Thanks on advance Mr Brookville
  6. Fenders on the most often used tractor on this farm have been blistering for a few years. What started with fertilizer pellets getting wedged in the nooks and crannies of the sheet metal. The most effected areas are between the fenders and the fuel tank. I have the larger flat top fenders and would like to stay with them for the headlights. All I see for replacements are the shorter non flat tops. I guess that is what Im going to have to use. Where is the best place to order from? don't really want Chinese but I suppose that's what is available in aftermarket. Don't suppose anyone has any hanging in the garage of shed do you? Mr Brookville
  7. I was "snipped" in 83. Age 23 with 3 kids. on a Friday, ice after and all weekend on the couch watching a John Wayne marathon. As I remember it we had a go at it just to make sure the equipment was still functional. Went to work in more ways than one on Monday. At the 30 day check the Dr smiled and said you two have been busy. Wife took it on as a challenge as she hated being on the pill. I love her...
  8. we have a few of these in the deer stands. No the smoke doesn't keep deer away. I actually think it draws them in.
  9. New issue yesterday. After replacing the Reverse shifter shaft the tractor worked well for Mowing and Baling some 2nd cut for a few days. Then when trying to back baler into the shed it would not Move in reverse. Feels like the gears are not meshing. you can feel it rubbing teeth but not engaging teeth. Pulled the side cover yesterday and the reverse shifter shaft is still in place and moves as it should with the shifter control. What am I missing here? HELP!
  10. Actually a pretty easy repair. Shifting fork shaft twisted off. Local Dealer ( Hetricks) had qty 2 In stock. Removing the side cover as suggested did indeed show the problem. I just neede time to get to it. taking top cover off took the most time. Cleaning off the years of accumulated mud and grease and chaff. Old broken shaft out n 2 minutes. New shaft installed in 5 minutes. 30 minutes to replace top and side covers. Back to brush hogging in under two hours total. Thanks for the help !!!
  11. Snoshoe You are exactly right. Shifting fork shaft is twisted off. So is the shaft available or only as an assembly? Does any one have a parts diagram of the reverse shifter fork assembly? All the parts are barley worn. The shaft is just broken off cleanly. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Bitty I don't think it is. Never has been an issue and the shifter moves easily to all other positions.
  13. I disconnected the rod from the shifter to the lever on top of the transmission. Shifter moves easily. The lever into the transmission will not move to Reverse. Took cover off the top . THe small fork in the rear under your clutch foot seems to not be connected to anything. moves easy and not sure what it is supposed to do. Does any one have a diagram of what must move in the transmission to get into reverse?
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