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  1. I can do more by myself or with my son than I can do with other "helpers" the cattle have never been around. We used a homemade headgate that was 70 yrs old. Upgraded to box store tarter with self catch chute. Heavenly. Yes we have a 2 pen catch pen. Tub and curved chute. Scoop of chop gets them all in the pen. Can calmly separate and get the job done from there myself. Loading in the trailer is easy too. Same set up. But I put a scoop of chop on an empty bag in front half of trailer. They get close, see the snack and walk on. I'm not working wild Buffalo. I'm raising white faces in a very relaxed environment. Love my cattle. Can pet most of them while cutting twine from fresh round bale to drop in haysaver feeder. Had black. Won't go back
  2. Always like Jay Leno. I was working in LA once and had time to be a tourist. Was working near burbank and decided to see the tonight show. Free tickets. I was standing in line and saw Jay pull in driving an old car. 15 minutes later he is out shaking the hands of every one in line. Talked to several of us. I was very surprised by his demeanor and, the calluses on his hands. A working man's thick hands
  3. Next question. Do you need tubes for beet juice or can you add to tubeless radials?
  4. What's the general opinion here? Have my 5140 4x4 maxxum working with 510 loader. Last night I was spreading gravel. Can't believe how light the rear tires seemed to be with a bucket of gravel Thinking of adding beet juice to rear radials. Thoughts appreciated
  5. Loader valve to Loader. I bought new cables and may have them reversed. But I dont think so.
  6. VALVE, CONTROL- replaces #1981852C3 SWITCH 9845783 1981852C3 $136.41 3-7 business days From Messicks Parts Website
  7. Still looking for a Hydraulic schematic for the loader connections to the remote control valve. I now have the loader on the tractor but am struggling with the control connections. I can get it to lift but not curl the bucket have been swapping hoses with no success.
  8. So it turns out that I found this on the remote valve stack up.. I believe I have the oring fittings to complete this. I did find this available many places including a couple salvage yards. Prices ranged all over and up to $619 at Messicks. Glad mine is already on the this tractor. Ill have more questions but thank you for the information shared. Mr Brookville
  9. Thanks Bitty, Thats exactly how it had to be done. So Now I have the Loader valve assembly mounted, With New cables and hoses. Re hosed the loader too. All the hoses were cracked and peeling. Now I need to plumb into the tractor hydraulics. I have no idea where. Does anyone have a diagram or Hyd schematic for these 510 loaders to tractor? Ordered a shop manual, Not to arrive until next week. Thanks in advance.
  10. If anyone has pictures of their remote loader valve mounting under tractor I would love to see it.
  11. Matt, That helps alot. Thank you. Next question. I'm trying to install a cable Loader control in the cab. It had one in the past because there are two 5/8" holes in the floor. How do I disconnect the cables from either the Hyd end or the joystick end to be able to snake them into the cab?
  12. well that is interesting. The compressor quit working too. I need to get access to test.
  13. I stumble upon them in the scrap yards from time to time. They typically sell them by weight. Scrap pricing. I have probably bought 50 or so in this manner.
  14. I just bought a 5140 Maxxum. Love it so far. Everything seems to work except the air ride seat. That worked too when I test drove it and briefly when i got it to the farm. Fuse holder is melted out. looks like it was for a while so it must be wired direct. Seat was leaking down as I test drove it. I cant figure out how to unbolt it to gain access to compressor ect. I am prepared to replace the costly unit if I can get it out of the tractor. Ordered an IT manual. Hasnt arrived yet. Please advise
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