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  1. My old trusty 1250 wont start. Checking it out and one prong on key switch rusted off. I am assuming its the power in leg. none of the other prongs are rusty. Went to Modern Cub Cadet dealer and he tells me it could be 1 of 5 switches. They do not stock any of the 5. What the heck. Went to the local Cub cadet scraper. He also says can be one of a few different ones but he didnt have any that looked like mine. Now what?
  2. Friend has a 42 M. Asked me what the FBK in the serial number refers to. Please educate me. Thanks
  3. I think I have pretty good success with febreeze in cabs of trucks and tractors. Not the cheap dollar general brand but real febreeze
  4. I bet you can AI nine cows for less money than fewsing a bull over the winter. Get the genetics you want.
  5. I have both 330 and a 350 utilities. Neither have power steering. Both had loaders on them at 1 time. The 350 was bought by my father to clean manure out of the lower sheds. I use the 330 today as my main hay raking tractor. Very economical to run. 350 no longer used with trip bucket loader but is a true utility unit on my farm. Starts easy. Steers easy and is a great match for my smaller NH manure spreader. Also spends a lot of time with a 6ft brush hog. Keeps the place trimmed and the hunting trails mowed. Has the under slug exhaust so easy to mow under tree branches. It is the only tractor I own that my deceased father used. I love to just stop on a hill when using this tractor and look over the farm. I know my dad and grandfather saw the same view from the same tractor seat.
  6. See. Right there is the kind of information I was looking for from this group. Thank you. I think I'll leave the fuel filters original...
  7. Im going to update my 806 to the modern Spin On lube oil filters. Less mess and probably better filters. I was wondering if such and upgrade exists for the fuel filters? 361 Diesel with RD pump.
  8. I never lost my taste and smell but it was diminished. I am vaccinated. Wife is not vaccinated, and says she will never be. She lost her taste and smell and it is slowly returning. Said this morning her coffee smelled great. First time since weekend before Thanksgiving I dont think I will get the booster as Im already on Blood thinner and the booster seems to create Blood clots in some people. I know a few.
  9. I refuse to be negative with the good Lord waking me up everyday. The last few years are like eating pie, They are all good, but some are definitely better than others. In 2021 I had 4 cardio versions (Shock to reset the timing of my heart) and finally a Heart Ablation for a hopefully permanent fix to the AFIB. My wife and I both got Covid the week of Thanksgiving. our cases were mild. Mostly aches and sinus issues but the fatigue and Covid Fog are real issues. We were very concerned as we have lost a few neighbors to Covid and some were our age. Then ended the year by tangling my left index finger in a table saw blade two days before Christmas while making gifts. Had to go to State College to find a surgeon that was working during the holidays and had a surgical repair on 12/29/21. Blessed to keep the entire finger length but have to wait a few more days to unwrap and see how good of a seamstress he really is. My son and I had our best year so far selling Hereford bulls in the spring, then blessed with 9 new Bull calves. We have been working on rehabilitation of our Hay fields the last couple years and are seeing good results. We continued this in the fall with more Ag lime application. and will continue Frost seeding in the spring. It is working. We made plenty of quality hay this year as a result and will be selling what we dont need in the spring. Our Hay fields took a back seat to Fence building these last few years. We will continue this in 2022. Increasing our rotational grazing program. Our goal is to get to 50 calves a year before I retire. 1/2 way there now. Cattle came back to this century farm in 2016. All the old fencing has been gone for 40 years. We were also blessed with a new Grandchild in 2021. #12. Happy and Healthy. Not sorry to see 2021 go away. I believe God will continue to Bless this Family and the USA in 2022. Reference Romans 8;28
  10. We finished the family gatherings for the holidays last evening. My kids gave me this tool. I love my adult kids and their kids too. Wire Twist Tool - Model 6000 The Wire Twist Tool is powered by a drill and 5/16” hex bit that is cleverly stored in the handle when not in use. Compact and professional tool for contractors and fence builders. Capable of twisting tough 200 KSI High Tensile wire with ease. Solid stainless-steel construction is built for a lifetime of service. Does not work with 2"x4" spacing woven wire. Use with 3" minimum woven wire spacing.
  11. Some type of Pork and Our own homemade Kraut cooked low and slow with Kielbasa or wieners for the youngsters. Even the youngsters like my home-made kraut. I think because they helped make it. Yes to the Pork as Pigs root forward. Heard that all my life from Grandparents.
  12. I got a tarter cattlemaster series 3 with auto catch cattle chute. Love my wife :-)!!!
  13. What color of smoke? Try some fuel additive. Can't hurt. May lead you in right direction
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