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  1. Helped Grampa run a Huge Case Threshing machine belted to his, now mine,1936 JD AO. You sure could make the Long belt slap up and down with the JD 2 cylinder. That thing would really blow the straw into the back of the barn. We also ran a hammermill at his place to grind feed for his cattle. Oh the memories. From walking age to when He passed away when I was 12. Thank you Grampa. He also used a reaper and a Binder. McCormick of course. Move Forward 35 years and my son and I started raising pigs. Found an old Hammer mill at an Amish sale and started grinding our own feed with Flat belt
  2. Wife talked me into another sleds last week. Haven't had one in years. She found a 1996 polaris indy trail from an estate. Always stores inside heated building. put new gas and plugs in it and it started quick. New track when last ridden 7 yrs ago No scratches or tears on the seat. We had a blast pulling grand kids in snow. Up hill after they sles ride down. Then just behind on a tube. For hours in the 12 degree weather yesterday. Sure hope we get more snow this season. I forgot how much fun snowmobilea are. We went for a 50 mile ride after church today. Just like back in the la
  3. Heck yea, Just use it. If you are that worried go get a $20 fan and plug it in when you turn the welder on. Seriously if you are not into Production welding( all day ) just use it. Bet you dont hurt it.
  4. My uncle built a 5 speed auto for a car in the 50's Drove it from Ohio to the Patent office in NYC I believe but maybe Washington DC. Sat down with the people and showed them the drawings and everything. They said well, we need to see a working model. He replied Get your hat, its outside in the parking lot. He did get a patent on the transmission. Later sold it to Chrysler. they never used it. Kept putting out the 2 and 3 speeds for 30 more years. My uncle was a machinist in a Steel Mill by trade. Had a full machine shop in the basement. Built Hot rod parts for fun. One of
  5. The Pickers have been in this area several times. You really have to know the are to figure out where they are at. Same with the Barnwood Builders. They have dismantled 4 barns in a 50 mile radius of me. Best way to see them is hang out at the local BBQ joint. They will show up for supper. I dont think the Pickers visit restaurants as we never hear about them other than when the show is going to be on.
  6. We received our White Christmas yesterday and last night. 12+ inches of fluffy stuff here. Very easy to push. So i got outta bed early and headed out to play with the skid steer. Just about completed the snow plowing by opening the highway dept plowed shut driveway entrance. Near this entrance is a tall Blue Spruce tree with Limbs loaded with the Fluffy stuff. I was backing up with bucket pulling snow off the road and bumped into this Blue Spruce tree. Instantly skid steer was under a heap and my cab was filled with snow. Skid steer does not have a door. All I could do wa
  7. On my Mothers side, Grampa survived WWI and worked at the local Ford dealership as a mechanic. He somehow acquired a few Model T chassis and converted to tractors with the Sears & Roebuck kit. Replaced the horses with them. Later acquired a Fordson Tractor on steel. and Finally a 1936JD AO that was traded in at the Ford Dealer. I have that Tractor restored. Miserable thing to try and use. Glad I have it but mostly only run for family gatherings. Grandkids think it sounds cool. After he retired he acquired the International 350 Utility from My Fathers estate sale. I have that Tractor too.
  8. I was just going to say, Only need the left handed ones to complete the set..
  9. I build locomotives. And streetcars. And mining and tunneling locomotives and personnel carriers for underground use Just made 30 yrs of traveling and repairing all of the above. Live on and own 4th generation farm. Have beef but also raise pigs in summer. Sell to family and friends only. Also make and sell hay. Rebuild and use old red tractors and mostly red equipment. Although my round baler is green
  10. When the Hyd pump was changed, Did you compare the shaft length and location of the driving gear? Just wondering if it is rubbing the front housing?
  11. in 1984 I was working at a GE Factory. Shortly after i started there we had a gentleman retire and they had a party. This was in South Carolina and it seemed like Everybody i worked with had a Bass Boat and stories to tell. I asked the retiring gentleman what his plans were? Get a bass boat and relax? He calmly stated that He swam through and away from a submerged navy ship at Pearl Harbor once and has no plans to ever get on a boat of any type again. You have to respect that.
  12. If you receive a link to "Justin Beiber sings Christmas Carols" Delete it. It's just Justin Beiber singing Christmas Carols... You are welcome
  13. There is a burnt orange one driving past my house twice a day. Sometimes with a huge horse trailer behind it. Driver has long blonde hair and a cowboy hat. Toots if your out in the yard Makes me smile...
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