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  1. Mr. Brookville

    Fenders for the old 884

    Looked at A&I not what I want
  2. Mr. Brookville

    Fenders for the old 884

    time to spruce up the hardest working tractor I have. Fenders are rusting out. Where to find?
  3. Mr. Brookville

    Bumper pull steel stock trailers, good and bad brands?

    Moritz are very popular around western Pa
  4. Mr. Brookville

    Tourist season why can't we shoot them.

    we call them Mup ears. "Mupear from Picksburgh ta camp.." Thought I was loud to drive side by side through yer fields. I bought the license..
  5. Mr. Brookville

    Wisccinsin Engine issue

    well I found the problem/ it was a throttle link issue. Small rod to gov. broke. both pieces stayed at their connections so I couldn't see anything missing. Younger eyes stopped in and found it in a minute. two points for younger eyes...
  6. Mr. Brookville

    Surgery today

    Great News on the successful surgery. Difference between head and Back surgery is they give you laxatives to make sure you don't strain after Head surgery... They work well for that. And you are afraid to sneeze too.
  7. Mr. Brookville

    It's wet.....

    We actually could use some rain in Jefferson County Pa. between Dubois and Clarion. Not Really Dry but after the very wet spring we could now use a shot. Sorry to hear and see the flooding issues you guys are dealing with. Staring just 75 miles east of me.
  8. Mr. Brookville

    Wisccinsin Engine issue

    I recently purchased a New Holland skid steer from a friend. it has the Wisconsin engine. I have been using it for 3 months. Love it. Small unit and fits in pens and corral where larger unit will not. Last night running at 1/2 throttle and it suddenly went to full governed speed. I shut it down and looked at throttle linkage expecting to find linkage that came apart or a spring broken. I see nothing out of order. Governor lever has spring tension but is not completely returning to full closed position. But I don't know if it is supposed to or if it should stay in approx. center of stroke. Suggestions for troubleshoot please. Thanks in advance.
  9. Mr. Brookville


    That's what happened to mine once. Turned out to be a cut o ring in the PTO clutch pack. Couldn't believe how inexpensive the repair kit was. I think I got all new clutch disk pack and o rings seals etc for under $250 if I remember right. Removing the PTO unit wasn't bad. Actually pretty easy. Teardown of clutch pack was also easy. Clutches were burned from 50 years of use and low pressure as the o ring leaked more and more. I guess.
  10. Mr. Brookville

    2001 chev 2500hd transfer case

    we run a fleet of duramax 2500 HD at work. Also had a few 8.1. We had this issue on 1 of the 8.1 and 1 of the duramax about that age. We felt best option was to replace the unit. Rebuilt units are available. Seems to happen at 150000 mile range. we had no further issues. Ran both to 300000 before retiring them. Story from GM was something about a seal failing. Oil loss. Bearing loss. Gear drops and chews hole in gear case. We never had a issue with truck not working as it should. Noticed oil leak during maint. Found hole.
  11. Mr. Brookville

    Loader for 806

    I had a 2000 loader. It came with my 666. I sold that tractor and had the loader on neighbors 706 and My 806 before I sold the loader. it will depend on the axle mounts. The 2000 loader I had on a 606 back in the 80's mounted differently than the 2000 that came on the 666. The one or the utility tractor (606) had clamping plates for rear tractor axle. and the loader frame was shorter to the rear axle The one for the larger row crop 666 rode under the rear axle and had a U bolt sort of clamp that went over the top of the rear axle. Strong Loader! I dug a pond with the 606/2000 loader back in the took a whole summer, but I got it done.
  12. Mr. Brookville

    morel mushrooms

    I haven't found any yet here in Western Pa. looked for an hour or so. Been a little cool yet Give it a week.
  13. Mr. Brookville

    Is your dog helpful?

    Door bell with a pulse. ( I'm hard of hearing) Good companion in the truck delivering hay. Keeps the critters out of the yard. and ground hogs from under the porch. Best 7lbs of energy I ever had. Jack Russell/ Dachshund mix. Size of Jack, Color of Wiener. plays great with grandkids or adults.
  14. Mr. Brookville

    Guess ill spend the night in town....

    Mader I know the super 8 is open in town. I was there a few weeks ago.
  15. Mr. Brookville


    i own a 884. Its my loader tractor. My only complaint is that its not a 4x4. As handy as a pocket on a shirt. I put a clutch in it year after i bought it. 1999. I do adjust the clutch every year when oil is changed as regular maint. Like i said it's my loader tractor. feeds cattle Every day.