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  1. Thanks to all on this site,Merry Christmas to all. Hope we all can be here next Year.
  2. Hold on to that Pocket Knife.One of the best to carry
  3. Jack is into Building Nascar Engines, David is getting some age on him.Good help hard to find .I have one of the last engines in a tractor Red Built his self,
  4. The best engine shop we have in Southern Ky is closing door, Over last 80 years has built some great engines,
  5. To All that are Out there enjoy today !And those who have to wok or in The Service We Still remember YOU.
  6. Butch-Ky

    Ih 80

    Looks Good Some one took good care of it. That Truck beside it would look good in my drive
  7. That Bluegrass Belknap Lantern is a Jewel.Any thing that is Belknap /Bluegrass Is bring a premium Price around here
  8. Great work on the Tomahawk, But that Anvil is out of this World .
  9. Butch-Ky

    Small disk

    IH disc for Cub They do a good job.
  10. We are losing a lot of oak trees around here.They look good up untill now. leaves drop and die back . Most are older trees with some age on them
  11. Well this all started in 1965, They have had alot of time to pratice!
  12. Box of 100 gloves gone from 5.86 in one week to 13.87 can I say Ripoff?
  13. Son has the same rifle only in 17 cal. Will not group with any ammo.
  14. Butch-Ky


    Been trying to find the old time Banna Mush Melon seed. does anyone have a lead on seed
  15. Had some Barn Swallows build in one of my Blue Bird box they raised 5. First time I ever saw them build in a box
  16. RC and Moon Pie for a dime But you had to have the dime first!
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