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  1. Butch-Ky

    IH886 with dt466

    Better get you some more Ed-U -cation up front
  2. Butch-Ky

    picture for 560 Dennis

    Mike do you have any idea what breed of oxen those are?
  3. Butch-Ky

    Not Red - Square Baling Video and Thanks!!!!

    What type is that? Sudan -- Johnson Grass?
  4. Butch-Ky

    Magneto questions, lots of them

    Plugs gap different for Mag than Dist.
  5. Butch-Ky

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Soap for dog with skunk spray( 1 gal water, 3 table spoon Soda 1 Tea spoon of Epson salt 2 tab spoon of Lemon dish wash ) Works very well.
  6. Butch-Ky

    Another bale mover

    Nice work (cliff)
  7. Butch-Ky

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Question why was some horse drawn plows right hand turn and some left hand turn? Of course hillside was both,
  8. Butch-Ky

    Growing sunflowers?

    Raised them for silage years ago cattle love them ,Cut with a common chopper, Sure will break up hard ground as they have a long tap root
  9. Butch-Ky

    We have Light !

    Do you have to pay KVA demand even if you not using it ? Nice shop.
  10. Butch-Ky

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    What did they do with all of their straw piles out there? Here we either baled it or stacked it.
  11. Butch-Ky

    This is pretty amazing really. (Pilot from PA )

    Great sound to hear the chop chop sound of the Huey coming to get you!
  12. Butch-Ky

    756 Rough Running...

    Check and or replace condenser May be sliding in clamp
  13. Butch-Ky

    Are these rare?

    Use to have one like that to pull trailer with Pulling tractor, Had a20000 lb Pto winch behind cab Road hard, but got you their and back.
  14. Butch-Ky

    A question for electric linemen

    Man that's Guy wire ,Lucky did not due more damage No that is not way most linemen leave stuff
  15. Butch-Ky

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That Picture where the 2 can together Around here that can had a cotton wick with coal oil in it, on railroad at switch tracks they had pot burners used those torch cans to lite the burners