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  1. Go to your local car parts store they have all sizes of copper washers
  2. Keep good Lube in your fuel or that pump will be junk in a couple runs
  3. Good job on hat. That was a big red, must have been fed good
  4. Nice Truck, The Guy's Oh well. Try NAPA get in there books
  5. Happy New Year to all on the Form. Hope Health is good for us this year,
  6. Do anyone raise this? what to do Far as seeding, time of harvest? as no one around here has never raised it.
  7. Does anyone use a BSA 3-12x40 scope on a 17 HRM and how does it perform?
  8. They Guarded the railroad links between Louisville ky and Nashville Tn, Muster out of service July 1865
  9. Butch-Ky


    Had the first frost this morning may have bit some crops in the lower areas, past week got rain after 39 days
  10. Make sure you have a safety belt on and someone knows how to use those lower controls
  11. Man change that Muffler to a Pipe
  12. Looks like you got the Water and Fuel just right
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