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  1. A Tractor and a Hog isnot a Bulldozer as a few People think
  2. That PTO might come in handy in future if you want to add winch on truck.
  3. Go to your local car parts store they have all sizes of copper washers
  4. Nice Truck, The Guy's Oh well. Try NAPA get in there books
  5. Make sure you have a safety belt on and someone knows how to use those lower controls
  6. Better get you some more Ed-U -cation up front
  7. Butch-Ky

    Are these rare?

    Use to have one like that to pull trailer with Pulling tractor, Had a20000 lb Pto winch behind cab Road hard, but got you their and back.
  8. Nice work! Hey nice anvil you have there. Not beat all to crap.
  9. What size rear rubber on F 30 I have one that rear rims Looks like either a 24 or 28 rims
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