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  1. Had a 4700 double cab 12 ft flat bed set my ball hitch 12 behind axel center just to put little more weigh on rear.Made a great great puller for me
  2. Going to Church and remembering those that made The USA what it is. Either Military or Church member that have gone on.
  3. That was used by many. A lot of ground rod stuck in hand when you got carry away on your driving.
  4. I made mine in the shop! 22in disc blade for the bottom 20 for the lid 2 pony shoes for handle 1 for lid season with lard before use.
  5. Was a lot of them. Had a glass jug' burned a small flame in back of Frig the fluid would rise and fall. Also had a coal oil stove. Coal oil was very well used around here. Lamps stoves and frig Along with coal and wood in stoves
  6. How about coal oil fired Ice Box? If you didn't have a spring house
  7. The Coon took the place of the open cut out feeding the line not the transformer The transformer is dead as hot line camp is hanging down
  8. If it was in my Barn it would stay there.Too nice to let it fly
  9. Butch-Ky


    Lookout Nashville Tn. Wolf Creek Dam flood gates open 40000 cu ft per sec coming out, Can see by typing in Wolf creek dam,
  10. Sell me the truck then you can forget the bed build.
  11. Go to Portland Indiana in May they are there by the hundreds
  12. Better get you some more Ed-U -cation up front
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