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  1. It's still a winner. Different. I went to a car show last night. Just a local by the River every Monday night gtg. Still probably 2-300 cars and trucks there. If I saw one Ididit steering column I saw thirty. The standouts were cool. A LaSalle,Corvair Monza, some WOMEN DROVE a forties quarter midget, notchback Barracuda, a couple original drop axle gassers.

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Tonyinca said:

         I cannot believe how nice the paint and tin appear on the one that says International on back.

       I am looking at the tin and the tying mechanism and salivating , it looks so good from here.

         I have not seen them in person , He offered them to me for very little money and I bought them, So it will be a surprise when they arrive.


    I have a friend up in Sonoma County has an old Basque rancher buddy with a pile like that. All IH and AC tractors and Ag crawlers. Some stuff his Dad bought brand new. Pictures make my mouth water.

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  3. 4 hours ago, lorenzo said:

    You must be East of Paris.


    One of my favorite places to visit.

    Also have became quite fond of the country side around Sarthe,  Le-Mans.

    Took a wild ride through that area a few times on a Raly Gt .

    Amazing lack of traffic when you get into the rual parts of France.

    That's the part I want to visit.

  4. 23 minutes ago, J-Mech said:

    Antenna came out of a tractor roof mount radio kit.  Front speakers did too.  Radio is a Jensen radio made for the Magnum tractors.  Antennas are easy to find.  Wal-Mart used to stock them, pretty sure they still do.  Part stores too.  Amazon, ebay...... 

    True. There's a gazillion choices. But not a gazillion good choices. Only want to do it once.

  5. On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 9:51 AM, J-Mech said:

    Jeff, I haven't had time to respond to your post.  Thanks!  I'll come back here when I get some time and answer how the hoses are on the cab. We're not happy with them yet.  We have to change it somehow, but not sure how.  Would have been 100 times better if the valve had gotten centrally mounted and cable driven.  To anyone wanting to upgrade one of these, that would strongly be my suggestion. 


    So, I'm not 100% done, but here is a video tour.  Obviously needs the decals, and some other things wrapped up.  A/C isn't cold enough yet either.  Has 4.5lbs in it, but I don't like my pressures.  Honestly I think the control switch just might be bad.  I have an AC reclamation machine, so I can add or subtract until it's right.  More pictures and videos to come.  It's drying out here!  Cutting wheat snd side dressing corn now.  Enjoy the tour!



    Minor detail but where did you source the radio antenna. Looks like the exact one I need for my Allis.

  6. One thing I learned when I had my gas over diesel TD-6. There's a bunch of them out there and a bunch of people doing what you are. So bits and pieces parts are not dirt cheap. I sold mine because the undercarriage was shot and I wanted a larger more modern machine. Then I missed a clean,complete one at auction a couple weeks ago and kicked myself. I know I still have a parts manual for it. Plus some other paper.

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