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  1. 16 hours ago, Farmall1066 said:

    She has no reason to complain, it’s contained in one spot, not scattered across the whole property, and not in the house. 

    When I was buying parts and pieces for my narrow front 1066, things found their way into the house so I could work on them at night, and spend time with the Mrs. 

    Lookin good Tony, can’t wait to see it come back together!!??????

    "But Dear,I have to do it in the house. That's where the Ultra Sonic Cleaner is".

    I've been known to assemble small gas engines in my home office.

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  2. Don't know much about Fergies except they were superior to the N series(not hard to do). I do know the very first 9N's in '39 had aluminum hoods. Like the first 300. I had a '39 9N and it had a steel hood. Dashboard/Steering column and gesr housing piece was aluminum however. But on the Fergie I'd say war surplus aluminum is a good guess.

  3. 13 hours ago, Pbach said:

    All good advice, thanks. What temp should I get the ring gear to to avoid messing with the tempering?

    I've never done a ring gear. But I've done smaller press fit stuff . 300* seemed to be the magic number. Put stuff in the stove on a pizza stone(!!!!) checked the temp with an infrared. As far as freezing I've had the best luck when it was well below zero outside. Just lay whatever on a old cut sidewalk stone and come back in twenty minutes.

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