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  1. 1 hour ago, IHhogfarmer said:


    The #9 is the only IH 3pt that I know of. Neighbor has one. The pto is messed up on it.I asked him about it and he asked if I wanted it....... too bad I don’t have a tractor with a 3pt cause I would consider it but I don’t think it would work to make a hitch for the Cub.  

    Great Uncle has a 404 with a sickle bar mower that would look good it the 9 imo. 

    Tony, a #9 would fit about the same time period as your 71. The rake was built in 1965 (not sure about other years tho. 

    Colorado again. I may have to take a road trip. Got an old teammate in Greeley keeps telling me to bring a gooseneck.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Tonyinca said:






        I do not have the hay rake , We ran a I.H. three point ,PTO driven, basket rake.( don't recall the #) If I ever found one already restored, I would be very interested.



    I believe that's a #9. Also came in Fast Hitch or that may have been an earlier one. Been looking for years. No joy. Always thought that rake on a Hydro would be the slickest rake outfit going.

    Also amy links to the Oliver 101?

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  3. 9 hours ago, sugarmaker said:


     Well that is the snowball effect for sure! Next you will be residing the barn too?:)

    Nice work cutting out the beam from that white oak log! You might have a place on the Barnwood builder show!



    Possibly ,it's only that north face that's crappy.And it's not THAT bad. It is also the best place to store the remaining good siding until a higher use is found for it.


  4. 23 minutes ago, TP from Central PA said:

    We worked on ours here all weekend, other than painting it's in good shape for once. Even cleaned all the windows!

    Do you need any used motor oil to "preserve" the new beam?  Will need to eat your Wheaties to get that in place!

    121x Kubota or maybe a bigger Hitachi. Have to set some cut stones too.

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