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  1. Nope,not a modern peep. A reproduction Hepburn sight correct for this era Marlin '94. As far as '99's. I love them. Grew up with a few. 30-30,.308 with the detachable mag and a .358. Would love to get another one but the prices have skyrocketed!

  2. On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 12:06 AM, Tonyinca said:

    Thank You Sugarmaker ,

           To answer Color , This baler is I.H. made in Stockton Calif . from 1962 to 1965  and it was yellow with black wheels , lights, and pick up reel, engine.

           Please , click on Farmall Fans 's web address above to view my complete story of what this baler means to me. In My initial posts on this thread .

           Yes , I hope to do bale day , which some of my friends do once a year in Tulare Ca. , Most of balers used are the I.H. 55W.

           I have a friend and neighbor restoring a Oliver # 101 baler about same vintage as mine , its also a three wire , and looking forward to showing along side him at Calif. Antique equipment show in 2021 and possibly baling along side him.

       Yes I have two hay mowers from the day , One a I.H.  fast hitch pitman type mower behind a Farmall C and the one we used the most with this baler a I.H. fast Hitch # 100 Balance Head mower. 

        I do not have the hay rake , We ran a I.H. three point ,PTO driven, basket rake.( don't recall the #) If I ever found one already restored, I would be very interested.



    Is this the one Tony?


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  3. This whoamaker was my mothers answer to a 15.2 1300# mare that ran away with her baby boy. Me. I was nine years old. Heaven forbid we use a bit and make her hard mouthed! I built the one ear headstall later. About the same time as the bulldogging rein. I don't think I've ever used that contraption since.

    WP_20200112_12_06_17_Pro (2).jpg

  4. 3 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Youngest sent me this shot of him moving bulls. He knows how to put words on his pics somehow. Don't know why he's complaining about cold, don't see any snow on the ground and the bulls' tails ain't blowin' sideways?



    Gotta make it worse than it is so the girls feel sorry for you.

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  5. Practice pen pickup '86-87 thereabouts. Yella was a soured saddle bronc that came out of some amateur stock contractors pen. So they thought he'd make a calf rope horse!!!? He showed up and the boss said "he's yours,fix him" .After quite a while he made a decent pickup horse,wheat pasture and after I got the box sour cured,heading horse. Little light weight for dragging bulls around. He always did throw his head like that. Spike hair,RayBans, beer company tshirt,no chaps or shin guards College Rodeo in the 80's. I had the world by the a$$ and didn't know it.


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  6. 49 minutes ago, IHRunner said:

    I got a ticket for one of my boats numbers being out of order. Got another ticket when i was done fishing and as i was leaving i tossed all my cutbait in the water. Apparently thats still chumming. Even though i wasnt fishing....i got a fine...got a warning for not having my lights turned on on the boat near sunset. CPW is a bunch of jerks for the most part.

    They do a lot of that sh!t here. Magistrate usually throws it out if you have a half thought out rebuttal.

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