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  1. 1 hour ago, Sledgehammer said:

    The .327 is another round that I think would be fun in a lever gun along with a .460 S&W. 


    Marlin made a .32 H&R 1894. I wonder if you could ream it?

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  2. 1 minute ago, IHRunner said:

    Si. The 101. I have the gp100 in 357 so i snagged a 101 in 357 as well. 

    I wanted 327 mag but im not set up to reload it.

    I think I am. If you can use the .32 H&R dies.

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  3. 9 hours ago, IHRunner said:

     de I found out ranger precision makes an inbetween lever and i went with it. Whatcha tink? We have bobcats. Mountain lions. Black bear. Hoomans. Mulies. Antelope. Badgers....lots of badgers. Yotes. 

    When i go to the mountains now Liberals in colorado also reintroduced wolves so thats a concern.


    How's  the finish work on them? The RM Stainless guide gun I handled you could just about shave with the edge where it transitions from the flat side to the curved outer perimeter.

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  4. 1 hour ago, hillman said:

     I like v8 Detroits. some on here h8em? There was a pile of them on the road when I was young and there are a lot of tall tales about them out on the highway. Anyhow they are music to my ears ! would love to own a cabover KW  for a toy .with a Buzzin Dozen

    this dude makes her sing? 


    I was on a location movie shoot a couple months ago. The generator truck was a big old cabover Pete with the gennie mounted on the back. After tear down they fired the truck up to leave. Couldn't believe my ears. 12v Detroit.

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  5. 1 hour ago, AKwelder said:

    So.  On a side topic, I need a house pistol.  My 92F is useless.  Might as well be a single shot, never fired more than 3 shots in a row from day one.  

    what do you recommend?  And I have a prejudice, no glocks

    H&K USP Compact. Ugly,not exactly precision accuracy. Utterly reliable.Goes bang every time. Extremely well made. Customer service?.Beats me. Never needed it.

  6. 19 minutes ago, IHRunner said:

    Just a fitness tracker basically. Monitors my heart rate. Blood ox. Blood pressure. Sleep schedule. 

    We would like to know. Thats pretty average for me now. Long as im under 200/125 i really dont notice anymore. But when it pops above 160/100 it notifies me. 

    Pretty accurate. 


    Doctors have no clue on me either. But they are scrambling to find out. 

    I have a garmin watch that also monitors me but its a bit more expensive to wear at work. 

    A while back i had an incident that landed me in the ER just before my birthday.

    Ive had heart problems for a while. But lately its been an uphill battle lol.

    Thats about my range. The meds and now CPAP keep me barely legal. No heart issues,pulmonary issues, kidney issues,no history of drug use and no alcohol in nearly a year. They get quiet when they can't point a finger at something.

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  7. 45 minutes ago, IHRunner said:

    But as always. This is nipping at my damn heels. Perfectly relaxed and rested and she always starts climbing back up to greet me. Cutting my shooting short. 



    What is that thing? How accurate is it? And I need one. Also W** is yours so high? The genius's have an answer because they sure don't for me.

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  8. 34 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

    That doesn’t surprise me. It’s been a few years but I was impressed with the quality/service/speed dealing with skinner

    Definitely would recommend Skinner. Stock what they advertise,great quality and service.

  9. Nope,not a modern peep. A reproduction Hepburn sight correct for this era Marlin '94. As far as '99's. I love them. Grew up with a few. 30-30,.308 with the detachable mag and a .358. Would love to get another one but the prices have skyrocketed!

  10. On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 12:06 AM, Tonyinca said:

    Thank You Sugarmaker ,

           To answer Color , This baler is I.H. made in Stockton Calif . from 1962 to 1965  and it was yellow with black wheels , lights, and pick up reel, engine.

           Please , click on Farmall Fans 's web address above to view my complete story of what this baler means to me. In My initial posts on this thread .

           Yes , I hope to do bale day , which some of my friends do once a year in Tulare Ca. , Most of balers used are the I.H. 55W.

           I have a friend and neighbor restoring a Oliver # 101 baler about same vintage as mine , its also a three wire , and looking forward to showing along side him at Calif. Antique equipment show in 2021 and possibly baling along side him.

       Yes I have two hay mowers from the day , One a I.H.  fast hitch pitman type mower behind a Farmall C and the one we used the most with this baler a I.H. fast Hitch # 100 Balance Head mower. 

        I do not have the hay rake , We ran a I.H. three point ,PTO driven, basket rake.( don't recall the #) If I ever found one already restored, I would be very interested.



    Is this the one Tony?


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