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  1. I'm no backhoe fan but it looks like you did well. Those old 270's were solid machines.
  2. Missed this earlier. Today was rather hectic. In fact had a minor transmission leak pop up that wouldn't have been so minor if I'd headed north. But thank you for the generous offer. Google says 68 miles.
  3. Gee Chris,how do I go about getting some genuine PA maple syrup?
  4. It'll start. Won't even breath hard. Mine would start if it was below zero.
  5. Nice to see you made Ashtabula. Looked like nice show from the rail since I had to work. The one time I would have liked to get stuck in Wick siding we just rolled on past.
  6. If you have a good rad shop handy I'd get it checked out. Also the water pump. They tend to get a bit wonky.
  7. Wow,absolutely outstanding work. May as well do the radiator"while you're there".
  8. Pp This This absolutely when working around heavy equipment pins. Also a track spike hammer called by some a B&O makes a good pin punch.
  9. I wish I knew where my old machine was stored. I'd take a picture of the slack adjuster I built. There wasn't that much to it. The main thing was lucking into a piece of tool steel all thread that was the correct size.
  10. If you put it away with all the starting issues sorted out I think you'll be surprised at how easily it comes to life.
  11. I'm not a lead guru nor a bodyman by any stretch. But stuff I've used surfacer/ skimcoats on has over years developed spider webs most likely do to temperature swings. Lead doesn't do that. If it's yours,classic and going to stay yours for a long time I think lead may be viable.
  12. Some audio stores sell a adapter. I tried Radio Shack. They looked at me like I was senile. http://www.amazon.com/RCA-AH216-Stereo-Headphone-Adapter/dp/B00005T3GH Thanks,used the part # found it on eBay $3.00 and change shipped.
  13. Some audio stores sell a adapter. I tried Radio Shack. They looked at me like I was senile.
  14. My old one still works. Wish I could figure how to use modern earplugs in that old size big headphone jack
  15. Did you adjust the hand clutch? Plus it may be a little stiff from setting up.
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