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  1. Used to be a guy here that converted them. Had one at an equipment auction and represented it as such. Also sold the rails and 550. I think they bought $50.00. A guy that had a 1468 got them.
  2. Having run a few of those trucks back then I can tell you spend a little more on the body work. If you don’t the problem will just come back. The inner fenders around the hood hinges,cab corners, floor pans and the core support all need close attention.
  3. That’s my 560D. Just leaned it against there for the picture. They were advertised as Cub Cadet weights. But when I saw them in person I knew they weren’t . Seller realized it also after someone passed on them. I also knew they were a lot more uncommon than Cub weights so I took them anyway. Don’t fit anything I have. So far.
  4. Which ones did I buy? Letter series through 450?
  5. Me too. Had em all used to it. My pickup horse. Never did it with a bulldogging horse though. To busy setting stirrups,checking girth’s , Brest bands and such. Oh yeah, it’s called a “crouper”.
  6. That pickup is going to test you. I thought knotters were bad. Pickups are spring loaded movement. You have to hold your mouth just right. I don’t think I could assemble one sober.
  7. I run my tongue over the chips in my teeth watching this. My pony wasn’t quite that easy on me.
  8. Somewhere in this pile there’s the manual for mine. Pretty sure it has the wiring schematic. I’ll dig it out and post a pic. But I have to go to work soon. My control box is all rewired and spliced. I took the schem and chased the circuits with a blink light.
  9. exSW


    Humpf! I just found a tight Supermatic with three barrels. I’ll trade you bills. I start breaking out in hives when things approach four figures.
  10. Browning Citori Field grade twelve with the fat grip. Fixed chokes.Fit me perfect. Love to fine another, don’t see ‘em often. Shouldered a Franchi 20 gauge o/u the other day. Pretty close.
  11. Your wife was different than my mom. Rode just about every day until she was seven months along with me. Finally couldn’t get her leg over the saddle.
  12. Seems like I’ve seen quite a few 756’s that are gas. That sure is a straight one.
  13. Somewhere there’s a sweet corn ? patch that needs you.
  14. Everyone is down on those 66 cabs. What’s a really tight one like to operate? Are they nice if kept up?
  15. I think it depends on the type of paint.
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