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  1. 25 minutes ago, IHRunner said:

    Dunno Kevin. Im getting older. Might not be as easy to pull off anymore lol. Might have to settle for 2 or 3. Not a complete harem lol

    What you need is ONE healthy 35 year old.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, TP from Central PA said:

    I got that part, but what is the difference other than its paste?  Anything?????

    The carrier is different. The active ingredent is suspended in something. And that something might have complications for one species and not another.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Tonyinca said:

    As far as I know Stockton has merged with some big supplier that no longer makes custom wheels ! 
    tried to have deep dish steelies made 

    the shop tried finding a source also .

    the good thing about these is they are very reasonable so if I find something I really want I can get another set .

    as oppose to the RedKid those wheels were custom made for it ! No changing unless I want to spend big money and I am loosing my appetite for that lol .


    There was a factory GM deep dish but the center hole was to small to fit over a nonGM hub(at least Ford and Dodge).

  4. 11 hours ago, Tonyinca said:

    Hey Guys , I wracked my brain looking for a rim that would compliment this build. 
    I hated the IH snap ring wheels it had in front.

    most of the modern truck rims are either to  goddy or to modern looking for off road .

    this truck is not being built for car shows or a rock climber but for frequent driver and compatibility with my tractor collection and tractor shows and preserving the integrity of the local blacksmith truck . 
    I came up with old school Indy’s 18x10 paired with Michelin  LT truck road tires. 
    I am asking for your opinions , Good , Bad or indifferent and if you have thoughts or pictures of what you think would enhance this 66 3/4 flat bed binder ?




    Love that style. Back in the '80's those were the ones. A step up from white spokes. But unless the metalurgy has improved I wouldn't use them on a work/towing truck. A set of deep dish steelies that would take the IH dog dish hub caps would be my vote. Stockton wheel still around?

  5. On 10/29/2020 at 9:35 AM, lorenzo said:

    Don’t know if this photo is real or if the color has been altered with Photoshop but I have never Sean a horse this color.   What do you think ?  Fake?  Or did the owners die it? 


    if not , someone spent a lot of time with this one ,  look at that tail .

    Lotta time in a sweat blanket, a lotta Show Sheen and probably some supplement(I think gelatin helps).

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  6. On 9/27/2020 at 10:52 PM, sandhiller said:

    I know you love horses and the comment is common sense and from experience. 

    OUt here we have had more people and little kids injured since the 4 wheelers and SxS's came along. 

    Most people wouldn't put their child on a horse that wasn't a kids horse. I know accidents with animals can always happen but it seems like they have no problem letting them ride a 4 wheeler. 

    Just this afternoon leaving in the truck, I listened to an ambulance call. 12 yo male, Ranger accident out in a pasture. Unconscious then conscious and breathing. Took the Rescue unit a long time to get to the scene, rough country. Then they called for another unit with ALS (never good). Made it back to Valentine and flew him out. Haven't heard a family name yet but damn I am getting tired of these calls. 

    Seems like when everyone was horseback, injuries weren't as severe. Yeah, kids got bucked off or fell off, cried a bit, wiped their nose and got back on. A horse has a brain and another set of eyes to keep you out of trouble. 

    I wish we could go back to those days. Just grab the big old hand brake, slow this old world down and enjoy the cattle work horseback with family and friends. 

    Apologize for my soapbox. Just getting to the age where I reminisce about the good old days. And in a lot of ways they were better than today. 

    The  truth of this was brought home the first time I moved cattle on a THREE wheeler(aging myself here) and hit a sinkhole. Ouch. Now I'm  58 years old and still a hot headed speed junkie. 800cc's of Polaris's best at hand and I realise I really would be better served with a good Dog.

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