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  1. Merci' .Amazing pictures,beautiful country. Thank you.
  2. Mark's good. Called and talked for an hour earlier today.
  3. exSW


    What you need is ONE healthy 35 year old.
  4. I wonder if anyone one has adapted balebed tech to a sled @sandhiller?
  5. I'd look at aircraft engine stands. Some really nice ones out there.
  6. There was a factory GM deep dish but the center hole was to small to fit over a nonGM hub(at least Ford and Dodge).
  7. Love that style. Back in the '80's those were the ones. A step up from white spokes. But unless the metalurgy has improved I wouldn't use them on a work/towing truck. A set of deep dish steelies that would take the IH dog dish hub caps would be my vote. Stockton wheel still around?
  8. Lotta time in a sweat blanket, a lotta Show Sheen and probably some supplement(I think gelatin helps).
  9. I thought it was a drawbar tractor. My FH drawbaw doesn't look like that.
  10. What's the dimensions on the shop?
  11. Boy does that look familiar! Even had the post driver mount on the front. Are those 45 degree Goodyears?More pics please.
  12. Isnt that rhe truth. I looked for years. Short of getting one out of a firehouse that was surplused it was impossible. Even the 100 footers when you got close you could see all the rust around the edges andbin structural areas.
  13. The truth of this was brought home the first time I moved cattle on a THREE wheeler(aging myself here) and hit a sinkhole. Ouch. Now I'm 58 years old and still a hot headed speed junkie. 800cc's of Polaris's best at hand and I realise I really would be better served with a good Dog.
  14. exSW


    Are you guys catching a lot of smoke?
  15. Will you have any hay this late to bale this late? Or will you have to wait until next season?
  16. I love the way its sounds.
  17. Keep it up. I'm seriously thinking about something like this. But the last auction I attended had two Honda Big Red three wheelers. Non running. Still brought 600ish each.
  18. exSW


    It's been over 50 years since my Grandmother past. I can still see and hear her. My condolences.
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