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  1. Wow,absolutely outstanding work. May as well do the radiator"while you're there".
  2. Pp This This absolutely when working around heavy equipment pins. Also a track spike hammer called by some a B&O makes a good pin punch.
  3. I wish I knew where my old machine was stored. I'd take a picture of the slack adjuster I built. There wasn't that much to it. The main thing was lucking into a piece of tool steel all thread that was the correct size.
  4. If you put it away with all the starting issues sorted out I think you'll be surprised at how easily it comes to life.
  5. I'm not a lead guru nor a bodyman by any stretch. But stuff I've used surfacer/ skimcoats on has over years developed spider webs most likely do to temperature swings. Lead doesn't do that. If it's yours,classic and going to stay yours for a long time I think lead may be viable.
  6. Some audio stores sell a adapter. I tried Radio Shack. They looked at me like I was senile. http://www.amazon.com/RCA-AH216-Stereo-Headphone-Adapter/dp/B00005T3GH Thanks,used the part # found it on eBay $3.00 and change shipped.
  7. Some audio stores sell a adapter. I tried Radio Shack. They looked at me like I was senile.
  8. My old one still works. Wish I could figure how to use modern earplugs in that old size big headphone jack
  9. Did you adjust the hand clutch? Plus it may be a little stiff from setting up.
  10. You better hang on to that fuel pressure gage! You might need it! I have not looked on line for it or called the local dealer yet.Regards, Chris I'm pretty sure I put it someplace I wouldn't lose it!
  11. If your gas side start is up to snuff you shouldn't have any trouble starting it in this weather. One of the beautiful things about these machines. I started my old one when it was this cold and colder. Once to the absolute consternation of a Cat operator. " I'd of bet my truck,house wife,daughter that thing wasn't going to start....."
  12. Wonder if you could use AC notill units with the down pressure locked in on the fast hitch?
  13. Thank you for sharing. I have a couple FH toolbars that I've kept around for a projects like this. I already used one on a Herd seeder.
  14. That sediment bowl looks a whole lot like the one on my 560 diesel. I can't tell what the dimensions are from the picture but the 560 one is slightly smaller than average water glass size. I have one of those fuel pressure gauges.....somewhere.
  15. A set of those stainless IH dog dish hubcaps would really look good.
  16. This site should B the first place you go after buying one of these machines.
  17. I never switched mine to neg ground. All it does is charge the battery (no lights). I did put a master disconnect on the battery.
  18. They are pretty compact but it will surprise you with what it can do. But usually when something stops it right off that's a pretty good sign you've reached it's limit.
  19. Did you notice the difference in travel in the slack adjusters from the left to the right side. The sag in the left track as well. If he has or gets an old service manual it has the measurements and string lines to check it for alignment.
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