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  1. Tucker's the only thing left on Fox that's worth watching. With the sound up. #legshow
  2. Because if it's 100% yours you assume all liability and all profit. In this case you are shielded from liability BUT still retain all benefit. Something you HAD to have for your business to succeed. With this being the case. Why would you editorialise when you have no need too? The closest parrallel l can think of is the anti trust exemption for major league sports.
  3. Funny. I can't wait for the first vid of it going across the field picking up that beautiful green irrigated California alfalfa!
  4. This transends Politics. People that aren't able to see that have a lot to do with why we are in this pickle.
  5. Because under section 230 they were granted specific protections under the law that facilitated their "busineses" growth. Exceptions that protected free speech and shielded them from liability of said free speech.
  6. There are arguements that the section 230 distinctions don't apply to the mega platforms. The one I read ran about three pages. A complicated answer to a simple question. 230 is/was designed to protect mom and pop gun,tractor,4x4 whatever forums. Not multi billion dollar commercial entities that weren't even imagined when it was written. But took off as soon as it was. They are trying to write "new truth".
  7. To cheap to buy new To scared to buy used.
  8. Probably the only part of Florida I'd consider. I heard Cottondale's got a restura nt now.
  10. The problem with Florida is I see people from home that I didn't want to see here!
  11. Ah **** move to Canada and get it over with. I'll take a socialist country of 30 million over one of 300 million anytime.
  12. https://sidist.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&Category_id=5
  13. I've considered switching my balanced head mower to an SCH system. They actually list one.
  14. There's several Dryshod dealers near me. I think these Mucks will be my last. I take it they are China?
  15. "Or hang in Fort Smith at Judge Parker's convenience"
  16. It depends on how mad/broke/disgusted or desperate I am.
  17. exSW


    No snow? @IHRunner
  18. How many of us have had the same talk with our son's our fathers had with us on that subject?
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