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  1. Funny. I can't wait for the first vid of it going across the field picking up that beautiful green irrigated California alfalfa!
  2. How many of us have had the same talk with our son's our fathers had with us on that subject?
  3. Wiring harness stays with engine. And it depends on the State. Also end use.
  4. Cab swaps on those trucks are dead easy. Just switch the complete wiring harness between cabs also.
  5. Ok,I missed something. When did it get rear disks? And is that a Dana rear end or IH?
  6. 310's and 358's were never easy. 312's and 360's are at least Melrose engines with some support. Yeah,you used to trip over 282's but good ones are drying up. Blocks are still easy.Try to find one with a good head or crank. And you"ll pay when you find it.
  7. Merci' .Amazing pictures,beautiful country. Thank you.
  8. I can tell you they are not as easy to find as they used to be.
  9. Neighbor that milked used to say he had the biggest shop in the world! On a clear day i prefer working in natural light
  10. I've seen that exactly once. And I watched the kid do it. Pulling a gravity box full of corn with an MTA down an 8% grade. For some reason he had the TA back. When it picked up speed he panicked and threw the torque forward. It was quite sudden. I think the housing was fine but it took a complete TA( that came out of my parts 560 btw) to fix it.
  11. There's bushings in the steering column. Don't look like much but they take up a suprizing amount of slop.
  12. There was a factory GM deep dish but the center hole was to small to fit over a nonGM hub(at least Ford and Dodge).
  13. Love that style. Back in the '80's those were the ones. A step up from white spokes. But unless the metalurgy has improved I wouldn't use them on a work/towing truck. A set of deep dish steelies that would take the IH dog dish hub caps would be my vote. Stockton wheel still around?
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