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  1. i like the paint color,may not impress the purist,but i like it.
  2. Good for him ,anything to keep these kids off of those @&$” phones. That is something he can definitely be proud of.
  3. X 2 i tried to download a service manual once ,can't remember what for, ended up costing me 150.00 dollars to get the virus wiped from my computer.
  4. A friend of mine bought a house and found this in the attic, just curious on how old it might be. We pretty much had a livestock farm in my youth and didn’t plant a soybean until the late 70’s but I don’t remember any seed beans in anything but a paper bag
  5. I think H&S ended up with some of Gehl's mixer patents. I have never got up close with one but have seen them from a distance and the mill and loading system look familiar.
  6. The old Gehl 95's were a good grinder but the newer 100's up to the 170's are far superior. Their self contained hydraulic drives are almost trouble free. Gehl offered the remote outlet drive also, and those are the only ones we ever had hydraulic motor problems with. Coupling and uncoupling the hoses introduces dirt and grit in the system and the drive motors don't handle that very well. Arts-Way had a decent mill other than the three bevel gear sets on the unloading auger ,i always looked those over pretty close before trading one in.
  7. If I got in someone would be collecting on my life insurance ,one way or another.
  8. I see a few pieces i would like, IE that intake screen.
  9. I bought the oldest daughter a Dodge Charger police model, off an auction, man will it get with it. Funny thing is it won't let the tires break loose,some kind of monitoring system i guess. I have driven it several times down the back roads it's funny to watch the on coming traffic hit their brakes, when they see it coming, you can watch their rear ends raise up when they stomp on the brakes.
  10. Well that is interesting ,my dealer told me NLA can anyone get in this parts depot or is it dealer only ? i will check the SN# later .
  11. i have a video of it running when we first got it,but i'm not smart enough to post it. yes it just opens up the top few inches of soil to dry it out and try to warm it up a little.
  12. We still run an old Gehl model 130 bunk feeder and I need a wheel hub for it , Gehl no longer has one and I haven’t had any luck online looking either. I could cut the whole axle off and start over but the way it’s made that’s not going to be a simple task. Anyone know of a salvage yard or one sitting in a fence row I would appreciate it.
  13. This is our third wet spring in a row without the vertical tillage we would still be waiting for it to dry out enough to no till.
  14. And a 16 oz. Budweiser to keep you company, I have those same shoes, my nephews make fun of them. They call them my "paa paa shoes" they are a lot easier on my feet than the hard soled boots were.
  15. I feel for those who have gone through life without a mom, for whatever reason. I know this is mainly a male forum but Happy Mothers day to all anyway.
  16. Buddy of mine calls it sometimers disease, sometimers i can remember and sometimers i can't .
  17. We are on our second Great Plains 24' Turbo Max. They are NOT a disc and will not fill in ruts. We use it to open up and air out ground that is a little too wet to no-till and they do a fantastic job of that. we run it about 2"s deep at 2 to 3 degrees the faster you go the better job it does so usually the younger guys get that job. Ten horse per foot will work just fine at these settings, if you sink it in the ground at 6 degrees power and traction become a problem.
  18. Happy Birthday Caleb?
  19. Young man that is a good looking old H you have there and it is really special because it belonged to your grandpa. Where are you located,i am sure someone on here would love to help a young IH collector out with this project.
  20. When we want to clean them for a parade or show i take dawn dish soap and thin it just enough to go through a squirt bottle. Coat the tire completely and let it dry, when dry pressure wash it off, slicker than a peeled onion when done.
  21. Precision rebuilders Saint Clair Missouri, if they can't fix you up it probably no longer exists,great people who will go above and beyond to help you.
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