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  1. A friend gave me a book on the history of John M Browning's gun making accomplishments, he basically took gun making from a single shot to the automatic weapons of today. It is a good read if you come across it.
  2. I am going to throw my 2 cents worth in. Most of these olympic athletes are kids,kids with a dream to be the best at whatever sport they have chosen. Most will go to the olympics and come home with nothing more than the memories,maybe a hometown parade at best. Even the ones that win medals, unless they are in a major league sport won't make much if any money off of these games. There are a few bad actors in the bunch maybe, the womens soccer team is protesting the huge difference in pay compared to the men. Should they protest by kneeling during the national anthem ,no they should not, some of them have other issues as well that i'll leave alone. These young men and women should have our support, they have sacrificed there whole life for this moment, and we as a country should stand up and cheer them on. Just my 2 cents
  3. All of the above suggestions are good ones , i would also pressurize the water system before i bought it, If they are not properly winterized it can be a nightmare . We have had fifth wheels for over 20 years and if they are maintained and shedded they are a lot of fun.
  4. They are a good,accurate planter for there age, a very simple air system that is almost identical to the new planters. We ran one for six or eight years, the main issues we had were with the micro switches not functioning properly,there are quite a few, if one sticks or fails it will NOT function and that can be a real pain when your in a hurry.
  5. sum beach,i may have to take up watching sports.
  6. We have a few barn swallows also, I haven’t seen any little ones flying yet though. Second picture is of some of there mud nests for those who haven’t seen them
  7. Quite the view,probably as close to NZ as i will ever get,
  8. You were about 2 miles from me an hour west of St. Louis.
  9. i would like to have a V8 , just because i guess, the price they bring compared to my actual need for one makes it unlikely.
  10. The beefallo was an up and coming thing back when i showed cattle,they even made a class for them,i havn't seen any since.
  11. all of the field pullers around here seek out the B F Goodrich radial tires that came out on the 66 series IH's,power savers i believe they were called, i don't know if they made them in a 16.9 though.
  12. We have had a martin house as long as i have been here,there are six houses now scattered around the farm. I enjoy listening to them and watching them chase after the equipment catching bugs. Fifteen or so years ago they picked our farm to congregate before there trip back south,there were thousands of them on the power lines and in the trees for a day.
  13. 2 weeks and they will be gone, lot’s of young one’s flying now.
  14. I hate to see any of these kids in pain, my thoughts and prayers are with this child.
  15. We sold a set of 18.4 X 26 diamond treads years ago, in decent shape at Sikeston ,if i remember right they brought 350 $ each. I don't know if you do facebook, i don't but my wife does, a lot broader audience on there.
  16. Looking at a dump truck these guys have for sale,they are located in Elrosa,MN. Anybody on here know of them or have any dealings ? 10 1/2 hour drive from me i just thought i'd ask.
  17. A good friend of mine's dad loved fresh sweet corn, so his dad had him plant 6 rows in the middle of a 10 acre field of field corn. His dad would go check on it often, he came back one evening telling his wife "about two more days we'll have lots of sweet corn" you guessed it that night the coons moved in and cleaned it out.
  18. How do you keep the raccoons out of your sweet corn ? we used to plant some and it always ended up as a critter buffet a day or so before it was ready.
  19. I heard there was a lot of rain up your way, the Missouri was banked full north of me. we lucked out and had a nice 2 1/2" rain, i have been in your shoes and it is no fun, hoping you can get it leveled out and replanted.
  20. Looks nice Christian, glad it is working out well for you.
  21. Check out the post on the 6" M crankshaft.
  22. I just saw a post the other day from someone wanting to crank up his "M",i hope he sees this. Let us know how it works out.
  23. I would gladly sit on a soaked truck seat for a 1.3" rain right now,it's already 93 here with no rain in sight.
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