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  1. I believe the Minneapolis Moline is a 2290, if it is then it is identical to the first combine i ran ,a 525 Oliver. It came equipped with a sunroof a 2 row wide corn head and an eleven foot platform with a Hart Carter flexible cutter bar, If i remember correctly it held 55 bushels. Up until dad bought it all of our corn was ear picked with an M2H picker mounted on a 560 gas.
  2. I think the biggest issue is the programming to make it run after you remove all the emissions.
  3. De Witt auction in Sikeston sells Howse cutters if you don’t have any luck elsewhere
  4. They paid the ultimate price and I thank them. Seems like such an avoidable tragedy to me.
  5. Never had a bin that big but we have shoved a 6” auger in the bin through a hole in the door. Auger has to be running to do this and I would think with a 48’ bin you would have to be at least 20’ in to avoid collapse. That is the issue with built in sweeps they don’t allow near the flow of material as an open sump. whatever you do please be careful people get aggravated and complacent and hurt.
  6. About 80% white , I got a glimpse of him last week but no pictures
  7. Prayers from Missouri.
  8. I have been in your shoes, prayers for you and Zeke.
  9. I agree 100% all they want to do is buy more ground instead of doing a better job of managing what they have. I have hunted on state land in Kansas and they do a good job of it . I don't know if they plant the crops ,or local farmers,but a certain percentage is left standing for the wildlife.
  10. This is definitely deer, tracks and droppings everywhere,but we have plenty of coons and squirrels at they all you can eat buffet as well.
  11. we have had an explosion in the deer population around here. A sample of the destruction
  12. Not a big sports fan by any means,other than my kids ball,but if i were going to attend a major league baseball game,this would be it.Anyone close enough or lucky enough to go.
  13. The answer is in the question good,bad or ugly.We had 4 rental houses, at one time, i have seen great renters ,we had one for 30 plus years, and i have had some that were less than stellar. References,references,references
  14. Admitting that you are not the perfect parent is a good sign of being a great parent, no one is perfect. Congratulations on the new addition.
  15. I remember reading a thread about someone working on this,not sure if there is any connection.
  16. Congrats Zeke you keep practicing up for the big pull
  17. Only gets 5 acres per fill but he reloads in 2 minutes it is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.
  18. This is some later corn that we hired a drone to apply some fungicide on I think this is the up and coming way to do this
  19. I have heard of choke cherries not sure if they are the same as our wild cherry trees here or not. These trees have leaves that are poisonous to cattle. They can’t get enough in there system by browsing the low limbs but if one blows over when it’s green you have to move the cattle or get rid of the tree or they can eat enough to be fatal.
  20. from H to 80


    Ok if no one else is going to bite I’m confused
  21. I am jealous I don’t have any farming neighbors left , just subdivisions and an industrial park
  22. I assume this is the same guy that asked me about doing this, let me know if you get it figured out.
  23. Radar looked like it should be pouring,got one little cloud burst then some drizzle. four tenths in the gauge. We will take what we can get been sixteen days since the last shower.
  24. They are supposed to play at the local fair August 7th,they had a backup for Dusty after his injury,but this may change things. I heard he had injured his hip and then i heard he had passed,what happened ?
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