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  1. A drastic difference between then and now good looking tractor
  2. Question, how did you open that field up,i don't see any corn knocked over. We run a three row gehl pull type chopper and i can manage to pick up some of the corn i knock down opening up,but not near all of it.
  3. i have seen one used on a ride that returns every year to our local fair,we always called it the bullet. A couple of years ago they showed up with the ride fully restored and the story behind it. Apparently they were built during WWII as a trainer for pilots to help them get used to the G forces in battle and were later repurposed for entertainment. Maybe you can sell it to the carnies.
  4. Glad to see it's back, just hoping it stays that way,a lot of good people and stories shared on here.
  5. No M expert for sure but now I know more than I did anyway
  6. I have seen a yield bump in both corn and beans on pasture or hay ground that is put in crops. I believe that all the organic matter has a lot to do with it.
  7. i believe that this power steering was factory installed,it sure looks factory anyway, i am no M expert by any means though.
  8. Started on beans Friday only cut about 6 acres before losing a bushing on the shaker pan ,monitor showed 38 bushel an acre at 13.8 moisture but i didn't get it calibrated yet, so it could be off a little. These beans were planted earlier and got hurt by drought so i am hoping the later beans are better.
  9. Neighbor inherited this gem from his uncle,it has to be one of the last M’s built, has all the goodies power steering , live hydraulics and PTO .
  10. I believe that harrow would only be extra weight in most of our clay hills. Not interested in hooking up the moldboard and trying it out either.
  11. We had a 350 years ago,dad traded it in on the 856, supposedly when i was about 4 they sat me on the seat for a picture when i jumped off i must have unlatched the brakes and the hired hand had to chase it across the driveway. My mother has the before and after first tractor drive pictures somewhere.
  12. we loaded tons of manure with a 560 and trip bucket loader until skid steers came along. The first 20 HP air cooled skid steers would out maneuver and load twice as fast as the old 560. I know we had fluid in the 15.5 X 38 tires but i can't recall more than maybe 2 sets of weights on the rear. If i count right there are 6 sets on that 460, i would think that would hold more weight than the front axle would take or the loader would lift, maybe not.
  13. I know of seven around here and 4 of those belong to an equipment trader. Curious as to how big of a radius those came from.
  14. I believe the Minneapolis Moline is a 2290, if it is then it is identical to the first combine i ran ,a 525 Oliver. It came equipped with a sunroof a 2 row wide corn head and an eleven foot platform with a Hart Carter flexible cutter bar, If i remember correctly it held 55 bushels. Up until dad bought it all of our corn was ear picked with an M2H picker mounted on a 560 gas.
  15. I think the biggest issue is the programming to make it run after you remove all the emissions.
  16. De Witt auction in Sikeston sells Howse cutters if you don’t have any luck elsewhere
  17. They paid the ultimate price and I thank them. Seems like such an avoidable tragedy to me.
  18. Never had a bin that big but we have shoved a 6” auger in the bin through a hole in the door. Auger has to be running to do this and I would think with a 48’ bin you would have to be at least 20’ in to avoid collapse. That is the issue with built in sweeps they don’t allow near the flow of material as an open sump. whatever you do please be careful people get aggravated and complacent and hurt.
  19. About 80% white , I got a glimpse of him last week but no pictures
  20. Prayers from Missouri.
  21. I have been in your shoes, prayers for you and Zeke.
  22. I agree 100% all they want to do is buy more ground instead of doing a better job of managing what they have. I have hunted on state land in Kansas and they do a good job of it . I don't know if they plant the crops ,or local farmers,but a certain percentage is left standing for the wildlife.
  23. This is definitely deer, tracks and droppings everywhere,but we have plenty of coons and squirrels at they all you can eat buffet as well.
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