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  1. After this discussion my nephew showed me a video of a newer green planter, pulled by a quadtrac, planting at 15 MPH. I don't care what anyone says, there is NO planter, no matter what color, that can be accurate at that speed.
  2. In my opinion when it comes to accuracy speed kills, i try to stay under 5 MPH but we mostly notill. Now if the clouds start coming in and i am trying to finish a field then speed may vary.
  3. I think electric vehicles may have a place in the urban setting but the technology is just is not available yet for any other use. I imagine our grandfathers were just as skeptical of the first tractors and cars,thinking they would never replace the trusty team.They are coming and as they improve more people will jump on the wagon.
  4. We stopped by Gilley's in the early 90's it was midday, so not much was going on, but it was a huge place. RIP Mr.Gilley
  5. Stupid question maybe but how do you suppose they start and engine that size ?
  6. Jessica something if i remember correctly didn't they did a second shaft along side and tunnel over too her ?
  7. trying to locate an after market or used front grill for our 7400 IH workstar. I have found a ton of them for a 4300,but the larger ones are slim pickings. Anyone know of a good source for one ? I tried Vander Haags and they don't have anything.
  8. Our smaller rivers are all flooded now and the Missouri is on the rise, looks like some June planting again this year.We have had over 3 inches with some places west of us getting 6" plus, and it is still raining. I sure wish we could save some of it for July and August or send it to some of you folks that need it. A friend has a saying " four weeks of planting,😆four weeks of harvesting 😆and 44 weeks of BIT..ING about the weather🥵
  9. Great pictures, thanks for showing us some of that pretty country.
  10. Apparently it was a wide spread campaign, the notes were spread out as far as 6 miles from me. I think by looking at the handwriting, it must be kids,they do not teach cursive writing in school any more. It looks like a mixture of printing and a poor attempt at cursive.
  11. Found this note in our mailbox. My reply we do encourage a vegan lifestyle, all of our cattle are strict vegetarians
  12. I am a firm believer in grid sampling also, we saved enough money on P and K in the first year alone to pay for the testing. Our ground varies a lot from place to place and certain soil types have a better ability to retain fertilizer than others. Testing for micro nutrients also is a good idea that will pay dividends. Blindly throwing fertilizer out,at today's prices especially,Doesn't make economic sense. Just my 3 cents [ inflation you know ]
  13. There goes the neighborhood 🤣
  14. If you come down highway 50 or I-44 you can see our silo,if you know where to look.
  15. We planted a few acres yesterday, the ground worked well, but they are calling for 6 days of rain so we didn't get too carried away. It is sprinkling here now, so that will be all of the planting here for several days
  16. Hanging the combine from the ceiling should help also😁
  17. We have a Woodmaster also, it is the 5500 series, and i heat my house and shop both with it. Fairly easy on wood until it gets in the teens then i fill it twice a day. I like the fact that it is an open system,i have never had it air lock like some of the closed loop rigs.
  18. I agree with hardtail we run 16" tires on some trailers , good used are hard to find. 17" is way more popular.
  19. i bought 42" rims for the 5488 from Cook Tractor in Germantown IL. they were as cheap for brand new rims as used ones were bringing elsewhere.
  20. How do you like the 6818, we ran one for several years, i liked the 10" spacing but they were a booger to grease or work on.
  21. i had the same problem with A&I couplers i tried everything to get them to work, finally gave up and ordered a set from Hy Capacity and they work fine.
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