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  1. I have a broken auxiliary power plug and I’m trying to get the terminals out. Anyone know of a tool or has anyone made something ? I tried a sliver of sheet metal but couldn’t get that to work
  2. I don't think, even if it did cross pollinate with GMO corn,that would make it sterile. Volunteer GMO corn seems to germinate and grow quite well in some of my bean fields. A lot of things can effect seed pollination, take a few seeds and wrap them in some paper towels soaked in very warm water then wrap that it tin foil and place it somewhere warm [ Missouri at the present comes to mind ] Check it after three days, If you don't have a sprout by then it's bad.
  3. Way to steep for me, that little loader must have some awful good brakes.
  4. Yes It is a twine only baler,our hay goes inside so i never needed net wrap. The next baler,if i ever wear this one out, will have net wrap, so we can pick up some of the custom baling.
  5. As far as the baler i've really never had any issues, where i needed parts,it's 21 years old and has been good to us.
  6. It’s been so dry and our hay crop so poor that we are baking everything in sight. This is a retention pond on a farm we rent. The last piece of new Gehl equipment I bought and the 5488 earning it’s keep.
  7. your corn looks better than ours,it's just too dry here.
  8. Those oddities interest me,we have a 70 Oliver with an aluminum hood, that i suppose was a war time change.That is one of the reasons they were called the "greatest generation " they adapted and overcame. This weekend we need to remember and salute them.
  9. Hiatt auctions was about 1 1/2 miles soutwest of me as the crow flies. I actually went to school with Kip and Kelly.
  10. China has been messing with cloud seeding also,that is a little concerning in my opinion.
  11. You should see some of the loads going in and out of the Sikeston auction.
  12. i agree a 25 gallon spot prayer with some type of nozzle instead of the wand would be the ticket
  13. I was wondering why they did that also
  14. Well we got it baled,i was always told [ what you use on Sunday, you will fix on Monday]. We bent the PTO on the tedder,had a flat tire on the rake and had to borrow a hydraulic line and a sensor for they baler. We ended up with a whopping 43 bales ,i'm not sure what the plan is now ,wait and see if we get more growth or cut the rest now and hope for a second round.
  15. We have a 5x6 baler but bale 5 1/2 foot bales because they fit in our storage better. The humidity yesterday afternoon was 45% so it dried well but we have a heavy dew this morning that will make for a later start baling. Hopefully i'm wrong about the count but will know this afternoon.
  16. Dry spring and two late freezes all add up. Going to cut some of our pasture ground for hay and hope that it recovers by late summer.
  17. I cut about 30 acres of mixed grass hay this morning,to say it is poor is an understatement, there are a few spots of Brome and Orchard grass that are decent. If i had to guess it will be lucky to make 80 bales total. I should have took the money i spent on fertilizer and bought hay or lottery tickets🫤
  18. Maintenance is the key i guess , did you have to plate the inside where the shaker pan runs, that seems like a failure point.
  19. 9900 hours on a combine is incredible,i would have thought the sheet metal would have worn through long before that.
  20. The smoke is not really visible here but we are getting some beautiful sunrises,sunsets because of it,
  21. OK what was that used for ?
  22. Yes,the black vultures are known to attack calves or sickly livestock,we had a round with them a couple of years ago. They apparently don't like loud noises because they don't stay around here anymore.💀
  23. Online or at one of the yards?
  24. Prayers for you and your brother,cancer is a terrible disease that runs in our family as well.
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