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  1. She came to our local fair years ago, when i was showing cattle. There was a huge crowd ,so i climbed up a sycamore tree where i could see, had too be around 1980 i think. I remember seeing a news story about her at some country music awards deal ,she didn't look very thrilled about this so called new country music. AKA rap,hip hop,junk.
  2. Great looking bunch, the tractors and truck don't look bad either.
  3. I found the missing wire, it was shoved up behind the ignition coil,the kill switch works and all is good. Thanks for all the replies,with any luck we can have a fish fry tonight.
  4. With all the B.S. that these teachers put up with today, i can see why they need days off. My wife has been teaching for 23 years and kids today have no respect,no discipline,no manners and very little ambition. I'm not saying that's true everywhere or with every kid but some of the crap she puts up with is unbelievable. I would be fired and jailed within an hour and would probably have to purchase a new belt.
  5. We had an all volunteer fire department for many years,the fire board pushed for a full time paid crew about 10 years ago,claiming it would reduce our insurance costs. The reduced insurance never showed up on my bill but the increased property tax did. Then about 6 years ago they pushed for a sales tax increase claiming it would reduce our property tax. Now they get both taxes and spend money like water. Hopefully the people in these all volunteer districts realize what a bargain they are getting. Thank you all for your dedication and service.
  6. remote steering,pull start, no key just a flip switch. There are two wires with female bullet connectors that come from the toggle switch. In run there is no continuity in off the switch completes the circuit. i found several wires on the motor with male bullet connectors but none i have found are grounded. Scared to start plugging wires in with all the electronics on these newer motors. Once you" let the smoke out" it's hard to put it back in😃
  7. i bought a used 2010 15 HP Mercury from the conservation department for my gigging boat, all of the controls came in a box. We got it installed and running but i can't figure out the kill switch wiring. The only way to kill it now is to pull the fuel line and let it run dry,choking it does not work. After searching on line, i thought i'd check here,very seldom do i have a question that someone on here can't answer.
  8. Military rigs are built for stout but not for comfort.
  9. A friend of mine did that with guineas, he would sell them locally and as soon as the new buyer turned them loose,they would head for home. Not all of them made it back but those that did were sold over and over.
  10. A 50,000$ patrol car and a 5 million dollar lawsuit
  11. They all sound cheap by today's standards.
  12. The first scope i had was a Redfield 2X7 widefield ,my dad bought for me as a Christmas present, I think around 1979. It is mounted on a model 100 Winchester and i haven't shot it in years.
  13. As long as my outside wood stove is running,that is what i do. I have run lots of 155-160 degree water through my regular pressure washer without any issues. It's not a replacement for a steam cleaner but it works well enough for general cleaning.
  14. With the summer we had our cattle would have stomped that ground to pieces looking for a little shade.
  15. Could be, but i've never seen any kind of seeds or pods on it.
  16. My eyes are aging with the rest of me and i have been tossing around the idea of putting LED lights on the Magnums. I have been looking at Tiger lights but a neighbor put them on one of his and two or three have moisture inside of them already. Does anyone have any experience ,good or bad ,with the replacement LED's ?
  17. Not to highjack this post but while I have the tree experts attention, what kind of tree is this ? I believe me great grandparents planted it. I have asked several locals and no one seems to know what it is. It is slowly dying and I would like to save a cutting or sprout off of it.
  18. i saw those advertised also,i think they were plastic,and bolted on. I don't know how they would work in green stemmed beans, compared to a full finger head though.
  19. Life raft for these new electric powered yachts the wealthy a building.
  20. Looks good Christian,that should be really handy out in the field. Like the proverbial third hand we sometimes need.
  21. They won't be getting it from me, i'll be danged if i will pay a subscription so they can sell or use any of my data, we get by with the free services just fine.
  22. I have to confess,i have done the exact same thing, working on my flag pole light.
  23. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt, but by looking, i would guess they went through the windshield.i bought a 1206 years ago the had rolled .He was pulling a 15' John deere no-till drill when the tie rod let go. The tractor jack knifed and the drill was climbing up the rear tire when the drawber snapped. He said if it wasn't for that it would have taken him out. Back then you could still find parts in the salvage yards,i put a new fan ,radiator and support along with the steering console and some sheet metal on it and it went back to work. I sold it to a friend of mine but he lost it in a barn fire 10 or so years ago.
  24. My kids all showed cattle through 4-H, the youngest still does. I have been a 4-H leader for 24 years now,the life lessons that these kids get last a lifetime and so do the memories.
  25. If you find a solution let me know. This project is on my winter to do list.
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