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  1. As i headed to the shop this morning around 6 i noticed flashing lights down the road ,not uncommon because our road is a shortcut to I-44, as i got to the door i heard three gun shots. "That is not right" so i jumped in my truck and drove down there .40 in one hand ,thinking it was a policeman in trouble. As i got closer everything looked normal, officer had what i thought was a ticket book in his hand, so i asked him "everything ok i heard gun shots" everything's good he said this guy hit a deer and i put it down.. I thought damn your a poor shot.
  2. You find that 856 side panel in there also Ace😁 I would try a steam cleaner,but i am kind of impatient, especially this time of year.
  3. UPS ran those old 300's for years,until they added more pollution junk than the motor could pull.
  4. We had an inch and seven tenths of rain here the last couple days and it's cloudy and drizzling now. There will be some pretty deep tracks in the fields when we get going again. Seems like we get three days of harvesting then three days of wet,going to be a long harvest.
  5. Always heard, once you let the smoke out you can't put it back in.
  6. Poor guy must have terrible balance to trip and fall enough times to sustain those kinds of injuries, it is sure a good thing those Marines were there to help him up each time he fell.
  7. I can see where they have their place , I have been to south Texas hunting, they have quite a few critters that snack on calves in all that brush . Only thing we have are a few coyotes and occasionally a pack of stray dogs, I don’t need someone plowed over by a rouge cow. I have a friend who likes them long eared bovines working cattle with him is always interesting.
  8. Those long eared cattle have a certain, shall I say , protective instinct about them. Which I do not require or tolerate
  9. He sure doesn’t look 90 saw a piece on the news this morning
  10. I guess I’m guilty of the same thing the entrance to an old cemetery butts up to a small crop field and over the years I have encroached on it by a few feet. Not on purpose or with I’ll intent it’s just that as the equipment keeps getting bigger you tend to make wider sweeping turns.
  11. We have had some really good cows make it to that 13-15 year old range, maybe 10% at best they are good momas and usually have no problems, unlike heifers which are a pain in the butt sometimes.
  12. For some reason the bought heifers seem to meet untimely deaths on the farm. The home raised are just more healthy, for tax reasons .
  13. I did not know that, always learning something new here . If I can just remember it now .
  14. Probably Hiatt Auctions I live about 2 miles Northeast of there as the crow flies.
  15. I had issues with mine last fall ,unplug it for a couple minutes, and try that. After harvest i sent it in for a tune up.
  16. Where at in Missouri , i'm near Union which is 50 miles west of St.Louis.
  17. i would use wheat and mix grass seed right in with it,one and done kind of thing, the wheat will germinate quicker than the grass and will protect the young grass somewhat from freezing out this winter.
  18. Wife took a trip Northeast with a group of 4-H er's a couple of years back and bragged on the scenery also. I have never been there unless you count an FFA trip in high school to D.C.
  19. I purchased a used 2000 gallon diesel fuel tank and pump from the state. It had about 50 gallons of fuel in it ,so i thought i would drain it out and take a look inside. The fuel itself was dirty but the other gunk and debris that came out with it troubles me. There were several sticks, some leaves and even a rag along with a black substance about the consistency of soft butter. The tank was still in use when i bought it, so what is the best way to flush this thing out. I am thinking a steam cleaner,any better ideas?
  20. I thought maybe it was something in my computer,i'm glad that's not the case but i hate to see these hackers getting rich. If they end up paying a ransome who do you think will end up paying the bill. Not sure how this country, that is home to almost all of the major software players, got so far behind on cyber security.
  21. Hopefully you are feeling better soon,my middle daughter had it last summer and she still has a few symptoms, her iron levels are always low and she gets stomach cramps now and then. It is definitely a virus that is harder on some than others,they have come a long way with treatments since it started though.
  22. Just about every government employee from the local to federal level.
  23. I helped a friend put a 3 point on a bare 706 years ago not a hard job just time consuming.He bought the complete set up from a salvage yard.
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