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  1. man!! i love the pic with the lights on ! i wish mine looked like that
  2. I restored this Super H in 2006. I purchased it from my uncle in 2003 IIRC. He and his Dad bought the tractor new in 1957. It is a 1953 model, but it sat unsold on the dealer lot for 4 years. It has the original tires on it and was in very good condition when I bought it.
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  4. I have a few scanned in.. One of my favorites...
  5. Hey All. Been awhile since I posted anything in this thread. Has been crazy busy since summer and now harvest is wrapping up. We picked up these combines this summer. Both are in excellent shape and have never set outside. These were very popular machines in Western Canada. This one is a 1960 Model. This one is a 1962 Model. Best Ken
  6. Ralph, The weather here is horrible as well. Was -48C at my house Monday nite and -37C last nite. Glad you found the IHC Chapter 38 web site. I am the editor of their quarterly newsletter. It is worth the $$$ to join as you get the Harvester Highlights magazine plus our quarterly newsletter. It is kind of nice to see that there is a movement in Western Canada to preserve and support some of our IH history. Do you belong to the International Cockshutt Club?? They have a pretty decent quarterly magazine as well. Best Ken
  7. Hi, I am to young to be of the binder/thresher era. My Great Grandpa was a thresher guy, he never owned a combine. I believe they powered their threshing machine with a big single cylinder IHC stationary engine. The thresher was a Wood Brothers. My dad helped him and my grandpa thrash. My grandpa kept a working binder on his farm until the late 1970's. They would cut oats for greenfeed with it. Here is a pic of my dad and uncle cutting oats. Dad is the binder man.Guessing about 1966. We do still have the tractor and binder! And the binder does work. Here is a pic of my Great Grandpa Wood and his team bindering oats. I'd say mid to late 1940's
  8. My experience with flax is somewhat limited. Most guys don't grow alot of it around here. If they do, it gets dessicated which really helps. We have put in close to 25 AFX rotors in older combines here. They have turned out awesome!! We put one Accelerator kit in from Stewart Steel. Did not work out so well. Best, Ken
  9. Ralph, Does your 1660 have serrated bars on the rock trap beater?? Do you have the 20 tooth or 32 tooth beater drive gear on the rock trap beater?? Best Ken
  10. It has 1456 on the reverse side in marker ink, it must have been in their shop a one time. Ray Ray, It is funny how these old tractors can travel around. Here are a couple pics of my IH fridge I bought off of Ebay for $90. It was located south of Camrose Alberta, so it cost me more for fuel to go and get it than it did for the Fridge. Dad and I also redid these engines last winter. The lower one is an LB and the one on the blue cart is an LA. Best Ken
  11. I believe the 580 had a 354. My C/S book shows that as well as the s/n list on the C/S web site.Cockshutt S/N's It is is the eastern USA somewhere, owned by a collector. Sad that it never made it to production Ralph, You are correct. the Buda Company was sold to A/C. I think that is why Cockshutt went after a different supplier. Surprisingly enough there are quite a few 540's around here. I know of 3 within 20 miles of home. They are a sweet little tractor. Ray, That is an old Case Power and EQ. key chain from Barrhead. Best, Ken
  12. My uncle had a neighbour with a 40 PD. He said it was a pretty decent tractor. Most of the 30/40/50 hit the junk pile around here. I really like the Buda gassers. I think Cockshutt could have picked a better engine line than Hercules when they went to the 500 series. Yet they stayed with the Perkins in the 560 and the 580 Super was going to use a 354 perkins. Go figure. Best Ken
  13. Ralph, That is a classic Cockshutt pic. Good looking tractor. The 50 is a pretty serious tractor for it's time. I think a 40 PD is kinda scarce. I haven't seen one around here. My uncle told me the 50 diesel was a hard starting thing. The 50 I'm looking at is a high serial number deluxe gas. It has the big wheatland fenders on it. I believe the 50 had 18 inch front wheels on it, am I correct? Best, Ken
  14. Ken, those are great. I watched a 550 like yours sell for just over $2000 a few years ago at a farm auction. I was interested but didn't really need it. No factory 3 point on this 40. Just a home built that I put together using some Fordson Majory lift links and draft arms. It works pretty well. Good luck getting that 50 deluxe. Dad's 50 had the deluxe decal on the hood when he bought it used in 1960. I don't know if it was a true deluxe or if someone had just put on newer decals. It had been repainted yellow but I think it was orignally red. Interestingly, the decal is mis-spelled on one side of the hood "deuxe" instead of deluxe. Serial is 1420. I think I may have posted this one before or at least one similar. It shows the 50 powering the belt drive Case hammer mill a couple of years ago. Ralph, your 50 is an all red model. They are a nice tractor. Is it a gas or diesel?? I'd also like a 35 for the collection too. Wish, wish, wish. Your 40 looks good too. I'd like a E-3 with 3pt just to have something different. The CO-OP tractors look pretty cool restored. OBG, Thanks! We really try to do our best at this stuff. My dad's famous saying is "not bad for a couple of amateurs" I really think if we didn't work together we wouldn't restore tractors as it is alot more fun as a team. I really felt for you when I read your post about your son being deployed. God will keep him safe. I was down your way a couple times in the last 6 months to visit Denny. On my last trip down I bought a real nice Super C wide front tractor from John at Post Creek Supply near Ronan.. I try and stop there everytime I'm down there. I love walking throught that wrecking yard. My daughters think its kinda weird that I visit a wrecking yard on my vacation!!!! Best Ken
  15. Ralph, Ours is 8591 I think. 1952 model. It has the shoe type brakes. I almost have a 50 deluxe bought. I'd love a 2 tone Cockshutt for the collection. I think I posted these before. Our 1962 550 And our 1947 30 And yes those are Cockshutt 20's. There are a few of them around here. None restored tho. My dad would love one for our Cockshutt stable. Does your 40 have factory 3pt Ralph?? Best Ken
  16. Hi All, Been following this post for along time, and just haven't had alot of time to post much on it. Busy summer, busier fall and still yet a busy winter. MB Cat, love the pic of your truck and tractors. Looks pretty darn sharp. Ralph and Gary, there are quite a few of those 1 cylinder tractors around here yet. Usually see them at tractor shows in the summer. They are something to see and hear doing belt work. Ralph, I meant to jump in when you guys were talking about Cockshutts awhile back. I just finished up my Dad's Cockshutt 40 on the weekend. That has to be one of the sweetest sounding tractors ever made with that fat muffler. Best Ken
  17. Hi All, Looks like its fair dry where you are Ralph. We are mucho wet here, not much seed in the ground yet. Charlie If my memory serves me right, the late model D still had the batteries up ahead of the seat on top of the transmission case. The powertrol unit sat under the seat and the hyd. pump was in between the governor housing and the mag, thus giving the unit LIVE hydraulics. We have two AR's at home. One is "unstyled" like the BR, only bigger. It has lights and electric start. The other AR is styled(like Ralph's). We redid it in 1995. I think they quit making BR's in 1947. It's too bad they never made a "styled" BR, it would have been a cuitie. We have a styled D, I think a 1949 model. Electric start, no hydraulics. Its a beast. The pistons are like gallon cans. When we did the engine I was 16 or 17 and was totally amazed at the size of the pistons. Much of the land in our area was broke with D's, 15-30's and LA Case's. Most used a barrel (45 imperial gallons) of gas a day. This is what we started out with. Both were late 1940's D's. And here is the finished product. It is too bad I didn't paint then like I can now, but it still looks decent. And here is our styled AR. The muffler is too long. It should be the same length as the air stack. Best, Ken
  18. Thanks. I think I'm about done doing tractors for the year. I have a Super W6 and an M in the shop right now, but I think they will have to wait till winter. I'll try and post some pics of them soon. Best Ken
  19. Hi All, Been pretty crazy around here lately with seeding in full swing now. We are about 2 weeks behind, so everyone is getting a bit antsy. Ralph, It looks like the D in your pic has a different seat on it than ours. Did it have a powertrol hyd. system under the seat? Speaking of John Deere, here are a few pics of one Dad and I just finished. It is a 1940 BR. The first pic is Dad and I in 1969. I believe this pic was taken in 1997 or so. And here is the finished product. I find the story behind this tractor kinda funny. When my Dad was 16 he was going to rent my Great Grandpa's farm. So he, my Grandpa and my Great Grandpa bought the BR and a 2 bottom IH plow as an extra tractor/plow combo. As it turned out there were too many chiefs for my dad, so he just stuck to farming with my Grandpa and they bought my Great Grandpa's share. It is the tractor I learned how to drive when I was 5 years old. I was the hay raker then. It's been around for a long time, so its kinda nice to get it done. Best, Ken
  20. Charlie, The GP was also a valve in block engine, not an overhead valve unit like the D. I always wondered why Deere did that when they had a proven engine design with the D. Best, Ken
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