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  1. ihcscoutman,

    Reading your post from January of 2012 of the work you were doing on the Super W-4 sounds VERY interesting indeed !!

    Unfortunately, the photos are no longer showing. Do you still have them? Is there a way you could share them with me?  I'm currently working on my 1942 W-4.

    Thanks,  dwillis4

  2. man!! i love the pic with the lights on ! i wish mine looked like that
  3. I restored this Super H in 2006. I purchased it from my uncle in 2003 IIRC. He and his Dad bought the tractor new in 1957. It is a 1953 model, but it sat unsold on the dealer lot for 4 years. It has the original tires on it and was in very good condition when I bought it.
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  5. I have a few scanned in.. One of my favorites...
  6. how you doin kenny

  7. Hey All. Been awhile since I posted anything in this thread. Has been crazy busy since summer and now harvest is wrapping up. We picked up these combines this summer. Both are in excellent shape and have never set outside. These were very popular machines in Western Canada. This one is a 1960 Model. This one is a 1962 Model. Best Ken
  8. Ralph, The weather here is horrible as well. Was -48C at my house Monday nite and -37C last nite. Glad you found the IHC Chapter 38 web site. I am the editor of their quarterly newsletter. It is worth the $$$ to join as you get the Harvester Highlights magazine plus our quarterly newsletter. It is kind of nice to see that there is a movement in Western Canada to preserve and support some of our IH history. Do you belong to the International Cockshutt Club?? They have a pretty decent quarterly magazine as well. Best Ken
  9. Hi, I am to young to be of the binder/thresher era. My Great Grandpa was a thresher guy, he never owned a combine. I believe they powered their threshing machine with a big single cylinder IHC stationary engine. The thresher was a Wood Brothers. My dad helped him and my grandpa thrash. My grandpa kept a working binder on his farm until the late 1970's. They would cut oats for greenfeed with it. Here is a pic of my dad and uncle cutting oats. Dad is the binder man.Guessing about 1966. We do still have the tractor and binder! And the binder does work. Here is a pic of my Great Grandpa Wood and his team bindering oats. I'd say mid to late 1940's
  10. My experience with flax is somewhat limited. Most guys don't grow alot of it around here. If they do, it gets dessicated which really helps. We have put in close to 25 AFX rotors in older combines here. They have turned out awesome!! We put one Accelerator kit in from Stewart Steel. Did not work out so well. Best, Ken
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