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  1. Those will probably work but for $336.00 you can get an in frame kit... https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/Farmall-A_Basic-In-Frame-Engine-Kit-with-Flat-Head-Pistons_BIFH1150.html I suspect you are the fellow that I talked ton on CL last week. I tried to do something similar with my A way back when. I got it to run but it never ran well, it also developed a O-Ring/Sleeve leak after a while. I got frustrated and did a complete rebuild, not saying you have to got top to bottom but considering how those pistons look I would hate for you to throw money away on those rings. Do the kit and at the very least you know that part of the engine is in good nick. What do the bearings & journals look like? K
  2. I haven't posted to RPM forever but this is a fun thread. 1945 Farmall BN, a war tractor. My grandfather wanted a planter but the only thing available was for an A (A110?) so he had to take and modified it to make it work. Also have BN187 two way plow and a set of cultivators. K
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