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  1. kracked1

    Radiator core mounting question

    What everybody forgets is these are not pressurized systems.
  2. kracked1

    Newest addition at the Proving Grounds

    I can say that it is an experience to run a 24. Never run one with a dozer blade, just a scraper.
  3. kracked1

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    She is definitely a give orders rather than a take orders type girl. She just wants to buff what is left of the paint and wax that. And yes it still has the Dana 24 and the closed knuckle front axle.
  4. kracked1

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    360 currently. Will have a built 390 going in it eventually. She is gathering parts to put one together. Says she wants to show the wanna be trucks at school what a real truck is.
  5. kracked1

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    Just a plain Ranger. The extra lever is a dealer installed WARN overdrive unit. It bolts directly to the transmission and gives a .78 overdrive. Technically you can split every gear if you want.
  6. kracked1

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    Daughters 1970 she bought last winter. 99.99% rust free. It had spent its whole life in the high desert of Oregon.
  7. I have one that should be repairable. It is on a spare cracked 10-20 manifold. It is complete at least.
  8. kracked1

    Exhaust/Intake Manifold

    I know their black is spendy but it lasts. Especially if cured in the oven. Just don't let the wife know.
  9. kracked1

    Exhaust/Intake Manifold

    The muffler black sold at the green and yellow store. Cooked on in an oven. It is what I have found lasts the longest short of ceramic coating.
  10. kracked1


    Was pulling a 720.
  11. kracked1

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    I know on a 3208 I used to run in a dump truck it would do this about every other year. I know how bad of a job this is. Talked to an old timer that said to put all new rubbers in the mounts no matter how good they looked. They did look very nice yet. We switched rubbers and never broke another bolt in 10 yrs. The rubbers get harder and don't absorb the vibration properly.
  12. kracked1


    Must be running a ripper behind it rather than a moldboard plow. Picking in a back and forth pattern rather than a land would get your a55 kicked by the old man or who ever else had to try and plow against the stalks. Or told to plow it your self. I have spent many hours trying to plow that type of mess.
  13. kracked1

    TracTractor wheeled conversion

    Wow, that is neat. Never seen any thing like that. Must not have been very well received.
  14. kracked1

    Sad News

    Ken was one of a kind. He will be missed by many.
  15. kracked1

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That 10-20 is mine. It is an early 1927. I finally found the manifold I needed and it ran yesterday for the first time in 30+ years. Was a great feeling to hear it again!