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  1. same crank on the 10-20, 15-30, 22-36 it should help your search.
  2. Glad to hear you found a solution. That is why it is tough to diagnose when changing multiple things at once. I have seen many bad plugs out of the box.
  3. Electric fuel pump is get fuel in the carb when only a couple gallons used to make weight. Then it is very low in tank, almost level with float bowl, then lift the front end and now you run out of gas.
  4. Look for a small plastic gear pump behind the bar/sprocket. If plugged or too stiff oil will strip. Not hard to replace. Also a good area to clean.
  5. Not fully switched to gas. Sounds like diesel still being injected.
  6. Been playing in the dirt for 30+yrs. Been full time at it for 20+. Run everything from LS98 dragline to #2 shovel. LeTourneau Model D 4yd scraper to 660 Cat. Komatsu 007 hoe to Cat 349. Skid loader to 980 loaders. Owned my own trucks before that. Pic is a house I tore down for a fellow a few years ago with a 650H JD dozer. 4 bedroom house I took down crushed as best I could and slid the roof back on top. Thought I had more pics but I dont on this computer.
  7. You must be close to me. Trying to figure out which quarry that is.
  8. 35 miles away. Wife has spent many days there for many surgeries. Always had great outcomes, good people there.
  9. I would not do it with that Massey. As you said the power steering and other hydraulics would then be full of diesel. I would buy some cheap oil and change it a couple times. Or just find a plow day and put it to work for a few hours. That will cook the water out also, and clean the carbon out of the engine also.
  10. The biggest problem with those starters is low voltage to the solenoid. There are way to many connections between the batteries and the solenoid for engagement signal. Put a ford starter solenoid as close as possible to the starter. Run a wire from the solenoid post from the battery to one side of the ford solenoid. Run a wire from the other side to the small engagement terminal on the starter solenoid. Then hook the original engagement wire from the push button to the ford solenoid engagement terminal. You will end your starter problems. This was a bulletin from IH. The original push button circuit was prone to poor connections and the factory solenoid took a huge amount of poer to hild it in. Once it had low voltage it wouldnt hold in solid and would start burning the contacts and soon you had a no start issue. And when the solenoid had poor contact inside the starter was running at low voltage and it would start self destructing. Did this to many tratcors back in the day.
  11. Boy you can really see the compaction patterns on the corn.
  12. Advance the timing. the 5 degrees after TDC is what is causing the pop. Had the same issue on my M.
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