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  1. kracked1

    1932 T20

    I know that mine is VERY selective on where the timing advance is set. The more you gamble and advance the timing, the better it starts.
  2. kracked1

    1932 T20

    What he ^^^ said. Nice looking tractor.
  3. kracked1

    TD24 help

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
  4. kracked1

    TD24 help

    mmi I found that thread and that was exactly what I needed. The tool can be made fairly easily. Thanks again.
  5. kracked1

    TD24 help

    We got it down to just the 2 pumps. That is where there is a special wrench to get it apart to get to the valve in the pump/plunger.
  6. kracked1

    TD24 help

    Good friend has a TD24, it is at our local show and only runs 8-10 hrs a year. We have been rained out for 3 yrs now which means it only idled out of the shed and run long enough to cable up to the scraper and then unhook and go back in the shed. This year it has no fuel to the rear 3 cylinders. We are hoping it is just a stuck plunger since the front three have great fuel. Took the pump apart as far as we could without the special pump wrench. Everything looked great, but still no rear fuel pumping. Ideas?
  7. kracked1

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    Every shop around here had a barrel stove or two in it for many years. They even worked better if you run a few pipes through the top barrel with a fan blowing through them. Worked great till you got them a little too hot and they warped bad.
  8. kracked1

    Snow plowing?

    Spent a lot of time doing exactly that. Happiest day on the farm was when we got a tractor with a cab. Those final days of plowing were always terrible.
  9. kracked1

    Bet it don't start a. Cold diesel

    Rated for 400A, more than I would have figured. I agree with whoever said it might jump start a cell phone.
  10. kracked1

    Did you ever think.....

    MTO, sorry to tell you the steering wheel was missing on all of them. And the stick was leftover from a switching?
  11. kracked1

    T-340 tracks

    I should have been clearer. It is just the idlers, rollers and sprockets with some other misc tin work. Im not sure what else is there. I will ask him what else he has.
  12. kracked1

    Low oil pressure after overhaul.

    That is where your problem is. It is going to have to go back to the machine shop so they can fix their error.
  13. kracked1

    T-340 tracks

    I know where there is everything but the tracks for a 340 in pretty good shape.
  14. kracked1

    Cat pedal dozer?

    There were 2 runs of them made. I know the early run was small and they are worth big money. I don't know how to tell them apart though. I have seen them in worse shape bring $4000 for the early one.
  15. kracked1

    Dead Cylinder

    ^^ I have done this also. Roll the piston down, fill with rope, then roll piston up to hold tight. I works well for pennies.