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  1. MMI I just messaged you with contact info on these parts. Check your private messages.
  2. Favorite Piqua Ware is a great skillet! I have a 10in that is the main pan on the stove, cooks my eggs every am. Most CI if seasoned properly makes good users. Daughters favorite user is an Asian pan from fingerhut.
  3. Have a 1998 club car here gasser. It is a 4 seater with the flip down back seat. Use the heck out of it. Handy to jump on and run to the neighbors or do yardwork. Have an older Cushman trickster and it has way more cargo capacity and goes 2x as fast, but it isn't quite as handy. As said before the grandkids run the wheels off the golfcart.
  4. Good running 175 for sale on FB marketplace.
  5. Parts I saw for sale on Facebook marketplace.
  6. Looks like a county road underpass. I90 4 lane going over the top.
  7. I agree on popping the muffler loose at the ball joint. I have seen mouse nests that almost plug them off.
  8. Go to the nearest farm store and get a twisted clevis with a 3-4 inch hole in it. That is all you need to hook it up.
  9. ^^^ like he said you need the trip arm lever. There is also a spring that hooks onto that bracket with a hole and goes to the trip lever. If you can get that roller into one of the notches as they come around it will hold it up. The hitch is gravity held down, I wire mine down if I am traveling down the road as a safety measure. Once you get the trip arm installed you will tie a rope to the end of it and go to the tractor so you can pull the rope to trip it to lift and trip it to drop. Either one only takes a quick yank, you don't need to hold if it is all working correctly.
  10. I just run a regular trailer tire on the rear. It is real close to the size needed. A traction tire is nice to have on the lift wheel. A good snow tire will work most times. You just want a bias ply rather than radial.
  11. That was always a trick in the old days when I was still chasing young ladies. Find out what cologne their dad wore. Switch to that when you were around them. Stacked the odds in your favor quite a bit to make a bloomer run later.
  12. Which rod do you need? A picture would help.
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