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  1. Always liked the look of those trucks. What year is it?
  2. Prices for first rate restorations are in new territory. If he doesn't sell on FB, he should look at a fall auction like Mecum. Buyers are there primarily for restored trucks and tractors. Actually sorry to hear he's selling now. Was hoping to see it at Red Power in June.
  3. Condolences and prayers for you and family. Sounds like your Dad lived a good long life.
  4. Thanks Dr. E learn something all the time from you. One other question - has the Deere plant along 5th avenue in Moline been there as long as Farmall?
  5. Stopped to pay homage to the Farmall plant on my way home. The main building looks to be in some use. @DR.EVIL may know. Building same as ever, missing the IH logo of course. Second pic is a stock photo.
  6. 8V92 Detroit, 13 speed. And yes, there were some oil drips on museum floor mat 😁
  7. They apparently expanded for the second time. If you've been here, always a large rectangle, now an "L" shape structure. Several IH trucks. These two '86 GMC's caught my eye and @DirtBoyz07 Ford Big Boy. If you've never been, highly recommend.
  8. Here's a pic . Mine were real bad too. I replaced the tach with a new one, saved the original.
  9. Mike at Triple R Tractors carries these for 88 and 86 series. Bought one for my 986.
  10. Are restorations part of your business? Beautiful work.
  11. Outstanding and especially after all the restoration hours you put in. Congrats 👏
  12. Jim, we have never met but I've always appreciated the positive perspectives and advice you bring to this forum. Lifting your son and family in prayer this morning, for recovery and well being. Erich
  13. Done right. And kudos for getting the IH emblems and decal on the cab.
  14. Great thread and love the pics. Nice 3288!
  15. Matt, condolences on the loss of your parents. Miss mine everyday. We've got a cabin on the farm and bought a Fujitsu mini-split. Solid unit, we've had four trouble free years. Heats and cools the space effectively. We've had -10° nights this winter, zero problems. Erich
  16. Been there, done that. As stated, single split.
  17. I'm obsessed with this TD25. I could watch it all day😁
  18. The truck looks awesome. Hope you're starting to feel more yourself!
  19. Here's a couple, before and after. Dad bought it new in '72, sold it to a fella a couple hours from us 9 years later. Dad used the proceeds and purchased a 1086, his first cab tractor. When he passed, we bought it back from the widow of the second owner. My son and I gave it the full treatment in memory of my Dad, Henry. One of God's real good men. He was a Korean war vet among many other things. Nice tractor, 5000 hours 401 diesel engine. We'll be bringing it up to Historic Farm Days, Penfield, IL in July. Ford is feature tractor.
  20. I've got a Ford 8000. It's a dry pre-cleaner, element filters under the hood.
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