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  1. Been there, done that. As stated, single split.
  2. I'm obsessed with this TD25. I could watch it all day😁
  3. The truck looks awesome. Hope you're starting to feel more yourself!
  4. Here's a couple, before and after. Dad bought it new in '72, sold it to a fella a couple hours from us 9 years later. Dad used the proceeds and purchased a 1086, his first cab tractor. When he passed, we bought it back from the widow of the second owner. My son and I gave it the full treatment in memory of my Dad, Henry. One of God's real good men. He was a Korean war vet among many other things. Nice tractor, 5000 hours 401 diesel engine. We'll be bringing it up to Historic Farm Days, Penfield, IL in July. Ford is feature tractor.
  5. I've got a Ford 8000. It's a dry pre-cleaner, element filters under the hood.
  6. Tiny cars cause all sorts of big problems. I don't want one, they can keep 'em!
  7. Mt. Sterling KY, Shell station
  8. Stopped for fuel on I64 this morning. Had a chuckle. Yepper, smart car.
  9. Praying for all those affected at our church in Lexington today. My brother in-law is an EMT in Madisonville, been called in to help. Unbelievable grief and devastation for these people.
  10. Thread follow-up. Sent the main hydraulic pump hose out to be rebuilt. $85. Not bad. I'm taking this tractor to RPRU in '22. Hope to meet some of you guys who've been helping me along with it. Grateful for you all.
  11. Devons Tractor Parts, Westfield, IN 888-560-1466
  12. Thank you, Frank. Tractor didn't need much. Clutch, hydraulic filter/fluid, typical leaks. Bought it a few miles from us, one owner at a retirement auction. Cultivator tractor. Tried to get those too but the price wouldn't stop climbing. I think you're on to something with some block pedals! Was saying to my wife this week, being grandparents puts your life in a new perspective. True life blessing.
  13. Great story, cool machines🏆Got to get up there to the Cat museum.
  14. Praying that the healing power of God and the hope of all here and at home surround you and your wife.
  15. Thanks Dennis. We are bringing her along, seems to enjoy the farm already.
  16. Wrapped up this little Super C. Started as a Covid project during lockdown but ended up the tractor for my first granddaughter! Not old enough yet but she's showing interest 😀 Here’s a few before and after pics. Sweet little tractor.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Nice 560, look forward to hear more about it!
  18. RIP to one of the IH giants and a heck of a gentleman. Always had time for a conversation.
  19. All in the CNH family I guess lol
  20. Confirmed, put the D with the model number. Makes perfect sense now, thanks Matt. A side note I've got a really good New Holland dealer in town. Happy to get IH parts for me. Closest CIH dealer is 40 miles north.
  21. Given the price, I'll try that first. Ends look to be ok. First time I've used CIH site for this tractor. When I entered model, came up Case Diesel Power Unit. What did I miss?
  22. Very helpful, thanks for the link!
  23. Would anyone have understanding of the CIH parts page? I'm looking for the main hydraulic pump pressure hose, I believe the part number is 379644R91. Attached a pic, mine is leaking top and bottom
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