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  1. Sweet 986 right there. Those roofs took some weather and you've got a bank full of front weights. Ahead of me already!
  2. Fixed up our 986 a few years back. Got the shifters right which is why I like it. Decided to paint it, the Rops roof was rusted out and couldn't stop there lol. Rake and bale with it, enough power for that it's a '76.
  3. Neighbor farm had one of these several years ago. Odd gear shift placement as I recall but a fairly bullet proof tractor. That's a hydraulic oil tractor, not heavy weight oil that was used in the letter series tractors.
  4. IHRedDrive


    Sweet pic right there!
  5. D188 is a gutsy engine, have one on our Farmall version. If you want a replacement block, call Bates Tractor in Bourbon, Indiana.
  6. We're going, missed this year due to work. Lived in Springfield/Dayton area for three years when we first got married. Be nice to get back.
  7. Looking over the Mobil 505 oil Ace mentioned. Sure looks alot like CIH low ash and Mobil has a good product record. I'm going to call a local distributor and get info. Don't trust Penz either but looks like dealers are pushing it because it's a Shell product like the other new CIH lubricants.
  8. https://www.mobil.com/en/lubricants/for-businesses/industrial/lubricants/products/products/mobil-pegasus-505-sae-30
  9. Didn't realize Shell owns Penzoil brand. @Farmall Doctorhave always used CNH/Viscosity low ash in the gas tractors.
  10. I want to put 100 thumbs-up for each of the above photos. Outstanding on so many levels!
  11. I've bought four or five from Steiner, had trouble with one. They took it back no questions, sent out a new one.
  12. Just rewired our 504D. Yes, wiring harness is different. Glow plug engine.
  13. Fellow we work with does all of them. We have a Ford 8000, big Simms Minimec pump on it. That was more, close to 2k.
  14. Looks real good in the sunshine. Feel free to reroute and head to my farm in Kentucky.
  15. I had mine rebuilt at a professional shop for just over $500. Some will say that's too much, others it's a bargain. All I know is the fellow who did the work has many years of experience and the ability to bench test the pump. The tractor runs as it should.
  16. Have the diesel Farmall version. Same thing last spring. Flex ring broke up, had the pump rebuilt.
  17. Carter on my Super C too. Just rebuilt it, zero problems.
  18. Follow up post. I dumped the old oil, pulled the filter out. It's against a black trash bag but you can see it was thrashed. Gave the reservoir a proper cleaning, put a new filter/Hytran in. A pic of getting the steering out of the way to access the filter housing. Works nice. Still wanting to get this tractor finished for RPRU or Half Century assuming Illinois is opened! ?
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