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  1. Used Permatex Indian head, light coat on the pan, nowhere else. Ran the H for 3 hours this past weekend, no leaks
  2. Well, we drilled it out, put new plug in. We like the H, pretty proud of it was on the cover of Red Power. We're using it this weekend to haul firewood. It doesn't sit around.
  3. Agree. Have your starter checked. We have "skinny" batteries (Interstate) and have zero problems with the 1256.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. We decided we're going to cut off what's left of the existing head and my son is gonna weld a new head onto the drain plug. Once that gets done I'll post a pic. Something else, what is your best way of making sure the oil pan gasket doesn't leak? Picked one up at the dealer today.
  5. Any of you guys used these before?
  6. No it's not. Must have been changed out at one point.
  7. Yep. Stopped till tomorrow
  8. Well, I took the pan off. Good news is the bottom of engine looks good, real clean. Bottom of the pan, same. Here's a pic of the pan on the workbench. And the plug is toast.
  9. Going to finally get an 8 point socket set. In the meantime I'll give the pipe wrench a shot
  10. Work if corner is stripped?
  11. Do you guys have a tried true way of getting a four sided drain plug off? We got an old Farmall H. Not even sure it's the original plug. Crescent won't do it, couple of the sides are almost rounded
  12. We must be lucky here in KY. Have a good shop in Lexington. They do everything in house, same day usually and send it back painted. Of course, we have two alternator and generator rebuild shops within 5 miles of each other. And those boys keep busy, trucks cars tractors.
  13. Recore if you have a good shop near you. I replaced an 806 radiator that was too far gone. Northern Radiator in Minnesota. Real nice unit, zero problems.
  14. Shoot me a PM. May be able to help you out.
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