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  1. YouTube has real good tutorials on polarizing your generator.
  2. Everything in moderation. Watching cable news is akin to watching tribal warfare, so I limit it.. I have strong opinions about America's direction and they weren't formed by talking network heads. Life itself is the best learning tool.
  3. Try Devon's in Westfield.
  4. IHRedDrive

    farmall land

    GirardBid.com Farmall Land USA Auction
  5. Thanks for sharing these. Always liked the looks of those GMC conventional cabs.
  6. Here's to hoping 2021 goes forward! Haven't been to one since 2016 Union Grove, Wisconsin.
  7. Fifth from the bottom is ours. We sold it to fund our 1256 project. Still miss that tractor๐Ÿ˜ž
  8. John, Here's a before pic of our 504D. Never needed an overhaul, but pretty much everything else you'd expect we got done. Being ours is a factory wide front, the hydraulic assist steering and related components were particularly crafty ๐Ÿ˜„ Let me know if I can help, happy to do so if you need it. Erich
  9. I'm hoping for Illinois in '21 but Ohio '22 is on my calendar. Lived in Springfield for three years when we first got married.
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