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  1. There's been talk about solar in that area for several years.
  2. First thought was grapes too. This is in northern Kentucky, a tree nursery makes sense as well. Our farm is 45 miles from here, I'll report back later this spring.
  3. Driving in unfamiliar farmland today. What are these white posts? At least 150 acres.
  4. Saw this tractor on Friday. Louisville Farm Machinery show is a good one but have learned to be there when the doors open at 9am. By Noon it's packed. I'm only an hour or so from it, so easy to do. Nicely painted 1566. Reminded me again I've never run or owned a 66 series IH.
  5. Used Northern in the 986 no problems so far. Put a Clancy in the Ford 2000 used for mowing. Same, no issues.
  6. Bates Tractor Parts Bourbon Indiana if you want a used original.
  7. Little late, but got a kick out of it
  8. Our '76. Got the shifters right and we use it to hay alfalfa. No ac 😁
  9. Shot this photo last night, doesn't really do it justice.
  10. That would make sense. The canopy tractors were designed to be a less expensive model.
  11. "Collision and damage repairs on an EV can often run about twice that associated with a comparable combustion engine vehicle,” said Mr Scherr. So add higher insurance payments to this nonsense.
  12. Ours is an early '76. I always thought it was due to it being a factory Rops/canopy tractor? Did not know about the '78 change.
  13. Fall in Kentucky. The barn turned 100 this year.
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