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  1. Don't know about the 240 but I understand there is parts sharing with 404.
  2. Thanks! PM me if you have any questions. Ours is a diesel my son and I know every square inch of the tractor lol
  3. When we were doing ours, found lots of good parts from Mid South Salvage in Decatur, Al. Keep going, our 504 is great small tractor
  4. IHRedDrive

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    Dang, that's cold
  5. IHRedDrive

    1456 Row Crop Question

    Got it 3"
  6. IHRedDrive

    1456 Row Crop Question

    Thanks. Do you know length of the rim wedge bolts?
  7. IHRedDrive

    1456 Row Crop Question

    What is the correct thread bolt size for the rear wheel center casting?
  8. IHRedDrive

    Overhaul kits

    Been there done that lol. I would think the same thing if they are selling from the dealership. Hard to tell where management is on sustaining parts for these old machines. Sometimes I'll go to Bane-Welker our CIH dealer, the parts available, price is right and real good quality. Other times not so much.
  9. IHRedDrive

    Overhaul kits

    Exactly. OEM means nothing if CIH isn't building the kit.
  10. IHRedDrive

    Overhaul kits

    Does anyone know where CIH gets their engine kits from? What exactly does "OEM" mean?
  11. IHRedDrive

    Building a new truck for Christmas...

    That is awesome, looks great Merry Christmas!
  12. IHRedDrive

    The TD 5 gets its shed 👍

    That little red dozer looks right at home!
  13. IHRedDrive

    Worth a look if you haven't seen it....

    Incredible how many films IH made over the course of those years.
  14. IHRedDrive

    Worth a look if you haven't seen it....

    Love seeing those Transtar trucks off the line.