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  1. IHRedDrive

    1256 Side panel color

    Red for 1256. 806, 706, 504, 404 and non blackstripe 1066 are white.
  2. IHRedDrive

    RFD Mecum Chuckle

    I have an idea who should know better, a respected person in the tractor world. Thing is, if they are going to televise these, should be educational with good/new insights. Some of the unusual early machines I want to know more about than the quality of the paint job.
  3. IHRedDrive

    RFD Mecum Chuckle

    Was watching this morning. If you've never seen it lots of love for Deere. An 806 and 1206 come across the block and one of the announcers says - look there! Still has the rubber caps on TA levers hardly ever see that. 🙄
  4. IHRedDrive

    5288 sentry light/hard steering

    Yep, our 986 same thing.
  5. IHRedDrive

    Snow pack in the upper midwest

    The rain in Kentucky has been intense. Can't imagine how much snow this would be if it were colder. This is a pic of a creek near our farm taken on top of the bridge yesterday. Thankful we have three days of dry weather in front of us this week.
  6. IHRedDrive

    1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    Dont know how I missed the stream. Thanks for posting this, great pics.
  7. IHRedDrive

    1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    How'd I miss this? Beautiful 14's
  8. IHRedDrive

    56 /66 / 86 Series Tractors w/ differential locks

    Our 1970 856 has diff lock.
  9. IHRedDrive

    State of the Union

    I just spit out some diet Pepsi there...Hilarious
  10. IHRedDrive

    2020 Magnums??

    I'd like to see it with one of those nice IH retro paint jobs😉
  11. IHRedDrive

    Tractor camping!

    That's a heck of a nice morning view. If you can't see the sunrise first thing, nothing better than those beauties!
  12. IHRedDrive

    The most reliable tractor models

    Amen brother.
  13. IHRedDrive

    450 Diesel project

    The looks of those 450 and 350 Farmalls are tough to beat. Looks great.
  14. IHRedDrive

    Oily fluid out of exhaust manifold IH 1466

    Probably slobber or wet stacking. It's unburned fuel mixed with soot. Pull something heavy with or get it on a dyno if that's the case. Diesel slobber looks like engine oil but if you've seen it you know the difference.
  15. IHRedDrive

    Need your prayers

    Prayers heading upward for you. You're a lucky man.