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  1. Praying for your sister and all in your family.
  2. Prayers ascending for you and family. Stay strong.
  3. Make sure the top pipe (fuel tank to sediment bowl) isn't gunked up.
  4. A whole lot to love about that, great pic!
  5. D361 was one of the best engines IH made. It was designed out of necessity to keep up with Deere New Generation tractors. If it were me, I'd build it and as Matt suggested, run it in before adding any turbo. Dad owned one on our dairy farm years ago. 11,000 + hours before any overhaul. He insisted on "as close to perfect" maintenance with all his tractors.
  6. Sweet 986 right there. Those roofs took some weather and you've got a bank full of front weights. Ahead of me already!
  7. Fixed up our 986 a few years back. Got the shifters right which is why I like it. Decided to paint it, the Rops roof was rusted out and couldn't stop there lol. Rake and bale with it, enough power for that it's a '76.
  8. Neighbor farm had one of these several years ago. Odd gear shift placement as I recall but a fairly bullet proof tractor. That's a hydraulic oil tractor, not heavy weight oil that was used in the letter series tractors.
  9. IHRedDrive


    Sweet pic right there!
  10. D188 is a gutsy engine, have one on our Farmall version. If you want a replacement block, call Bates Tractor in Bourbon, Indiana.
  11. We're going, missed this year due to work. Lived in Springfield/Dayton area for three years when we first got married. Be nice to get back.
  12. Looking over the Mobil 505 oil Ace mentioned. Sure looks alot like CIH low ash and Mobil has a good product record. I'm going to call a local distributor and get info. Don't trust Penz either but looks like dealers are pushing it because it's a Shell product like the other new CIH lubricants.
  13. https://www.mobil.com/en/lubricants/for-businesses/industrial/lubricants/products/products/mobil-pegasus-505-sae-30
  14. Didn't realize Shell owns Penzoil brand. @Farmall Doctorhave always used CNH/Viscosity low ash in the gas tractors.
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