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  1. Good information. I've seen these on new tractors. While I'm thinking about this, I saw an 806 with a factory quick hitch. Different set up I know but can you use a quick hitch for any of today's implements?
  2. 361 definitely for the 806. Thanks for digging on this Danny.
  3. Only used 3 point. Can you run any typical modern PTO implements with fast hitch?
  4. Farmall Doctor, you speak wisdom. Only 30w for us, diesel or gas. Here we go.
  5. If you want to rebuild a D-361 from an 806, do you go OEM? But then where is CaseIH getting their kits from??
  6. Had no idea! We are going by what some are telling us.
  7. We learned our farm in Flemingsburg was prime hunting ground 300+ years ago. We found these after turning over several acres of no till soy acreage. Had them framed.
  8. I've seen these but have no experience with them I just assume keep them original, as I've never had a problem. There are several videos on YouTube that show Farmall spin on oil filter kits.
  9. Spent summers on the family farms in Strykersville and Arcade. Great memories.
  10. Thank you, truth. Called Viscocity rep a year ago and after mumbling something about packaging he confirmed it.
  11. Real nice 656. Saw one of those rods on this 856 at a farm auction last fall.
  12. In the background of the Whitehouse pic, looks like a Loadstar but can't tell what its setup is. Great pics, thanks.
  13. Like those Cubs. Had a '54 and I'd like to have another some day.
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