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  1. Great reading Dr. E's stories about the Farmall plant. That first hand knowledge is priceless
  2. That would be awesome article for Redpower too
  3. IHRedDrive


    Yes, cultivate early like tobacco. Guys getting their C's and H's out for first time in years.
  4. Great pics! Couldn't agree more. Too many vehicles of that type. Seemed like the only place to get away from them was in the tractor displays. The fields and food courts were jam packed with side by sides and golf carts. The show has really changed because of it. Hope the PTB can figure out some practical solutions. Mr. Harms had a heck of an idea when he and others started the HCOP.
  5. Thanks for the excellent pics. Wife and I were there Friday till 4;00. Was it me or have the side by sides and golf carts reproduced😅 Great seeing the old steam and oil pullers especially. Our plan was to bring my Dad's restored Ford 8000 down but we had too much going on at work. Maybe 2021.
  6. 274 has the 66/86 series front look. Unusual tractors, I always thought they were the last iteration of the Farmall A.
  7. https://www.blue-bird.com/buses/vision/vision-gasoline-bus
  8. I loved stacking square bails with my two brothers. It was hot but good work. That was until Dad let me do the raking with the 806 😉
  9. We sell square bales to horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky. Alfalfa pure and mix. CIH 8520.
  10. I'm going Thursday and Friday. Great show bringing the H wide front this time.
  11. He had the foresight to buy American Motors aka Jeep brand. Today, it's their cash cow.
  12. All Farmall's are special. Yours just isn't rare.
  13. Beautiful aircraft. Been to Mason City many times. We have friends in Kensett.
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