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  1. What all were these tractors marketed as? I know Cockshutt, CO-OP, Black Hawk, Gamble .....what else is out there?
  2. We had what I guess could be called the U.S. version of the Cockshutt. It's a CO-OP 20.
  3. With the topic title I was actually looking for this model AC:
  4. I've owned the Deere longer, and the main reason was it had better tires.
  5. I needed something to pull a Batwing mower so I kept it. Also kept the 1206, a 560 with loader, and the MF35
  6. The IH Toys, Memorabilia & Collectibles forum has been dead for a long time. It's one of my favorite ones to look at.
  7. I've always heard what good resale green paint has, well, I had my retirement sale a couple of days ago and I felt like my 1086 did alright. This is not a show tractor, it has pulled a bean planter, a sprayer, and hauled wagons in the fall for many years. With the buyer's premium, it came to $26,500. https://harmeyerauction.hibid.com/lot/166949202/1978-ih-1086-tractor?ref=catalog
  8. Just a "bump' as the auction ends tomorrow.
  9. I'm having an online retirement auction next week. Have some "Red Stuff" on it. https://harmeyerauction.hibid.com/catalog/477785/schlegel-farms-online-auction
  10. Ok, that makes sense. Cool outfit...........what model 66 is hiding in the picker? The first mounted picker I ran was a Deere 226 on a "B" tractor, then a 227 on a 60. Went to a New Idea pull-type after that, but I still have a great love for corn pickers.
  11. What is the deal with the 66 series IH and the 234 picker/sheller? It looks like the two rows he's picking have already been picked.
  12. Wonderful pictures.............thanks. Question, is this a museum that is open to the public?
  13. Allis bought the Roto baler design from Lubben Family back in the 30s I believe.
  14. I always figured the 560 was the biggest row crop equal to an M-450 and the W6 would equal the 560 standard.
  15. I figured the 660 was a replacement for the W9 series.
  16. Good post and a fair representation of both tractors When I was a kid my dad had a 1949 Deere "B"................. a few years ago I bought a Farmall "M" just because I always wanted one. The two things you mentioned that I noticed the most (other than horsepower and size) were the Roll-A-Matic on the Deere....it was a plus. And the hand clutch on the Deere .................. a definite negative (to me, dad liked it). Both are good machines.
  17. Was the FWA tractor a factory deal or an after-market set up?
  18. My wife says she is glad that we both keep our eyes on the road when driving!
  19. I would assume the drills are included because of sowing wheat in the fall.
  20. I have both of those guides. If I'm not mistaken, the Deere one also covers a whole year's worth of equipment whereas the IH is a Summer Fall guide.
  21. I'm on my second Country Clipper and have been happy with both. I went with the twin-stick on my second one because I have a bone spur in my shoulder and it seemed easier to maneuver. I also like the company story ... a grain bin company that originally built decks for other companies trying to keep employees busy during the winter, then decided to build complete mowers.................. and also is 100% made in America. https://www.countryclipper.com/company/about-shivvers-and-country-clipper-mowers.aspx
  22. Very impressive show and nice pictures. Even though the 450 was sort of the end of a series M-450.....it was also the first tractor that IH realized how nice white trim went with their red color.
  23. Yes, jass1660 posted that it was a colter and I saw it immediately. Thanks.
  24. Probably the neatest post I'm going to see today, I love old farm pictures. The dioramas are also great! Question though, about halfway down there is a picture of a 560 diesel (it is between a loader tractor picture and a 66 series at the fuel barrels) .....the tractor has what looks like some kind of roller on it, and it appears he is almost stuck in the mud. Any idea what is going on in that picture?
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