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  1. Grabatire

    Td9b engine bolt into early td9

    No it won't. Well not without some ingenuity. The side frames on the 9B are a bit longer than those on the early TD9 and the TD9-91. The flywheel won't fit either.
  2. Grabatire

    Super A Hydraulics

    Thanks guys.
  3. Grabatire

    Super A Hydraulics

    How could I plumb a remote hydraulic cylinder into the hydraulic system on a Super A?
  4. Grabatire

    TD9 91 loss of Hydraulics

    When you install the new creation, be sure to keep lots of grease in it. There are two zerks on it and one lubes the pump-end, the other the pulley-end. Unfortunately the tube between the zerk and the pump-end spline needs to be almost full in order for the spline to be properly lubed. It is nigh unto impossible to get the splines to be in perfect alignment so lots of grease is necessary.
  5. Grabatire

    Hi. Rocko59 here

    Yes, it's real nice to know that your OK. I had the pleasure of meeting you back in 2008 when I stopped by Browns for some parts. You shared a little personal history and I had to take my hat off to you. Those who have you for a friend are well blessed.
  6. Grabatire

    TD9/WD9 Primary Pump

    Well I contacted Central Diesel and although they do have some seals, they are not selling them. The fellow I spoke with said they have not been able to find a supplier, so they are keeping their stock for rebuilds. He alluded to the possibility of contacting the manufacturer to have them made again. The option he gave me was an exchange deal; $235.00 for what he referred to as a rebuilt, plus my pump. That's actually not too bad in US dollars, but add 30% exchange plus shipping both ways and whew.
  7. Grabatire

    TD9/WD9 Primary Pump

    Thanks crawlernut, I'll touch base with them.
  8. I called our local CaseIH parts department to order a couple later style seals for the primary pump and they tell me they are now obsolete. Maybe that's just up here. Does anyone know if an aftermarket version is available? I need two.
  9. Grabatire

    IH Engine Colour

    Thanks Howard_P. Just what I was looking for. Very much appreciated. Now if you have any suggestions on how I can get this fog between my ears to absorb it.................... Thanks again.
  10. Grabatire

    IH Engine Colour

    I probably should have posted this question here instead of IH Trucks. The question being; what do the colour coding of the engines designate? On the IH Trucks forum jingles1928 replied that colour corresponds to engine size, but didn't have follow up info. I'd sure appreciate someone filling in the blanks.
  11. Grabatire

    IHC Truck Engines

    Why were the old IH truck engines labeled Green Diamond, Red Diamond, etc, etc?
  12. Grabatire

    48 TD-9

    Sounds great, and unless a link has been removed from the rails, it looks like they are around 80% judging by what adjustment is still available.
  13. Grabatire

    International Refrigerator

    In the summer of 1952 Dad bought our first fridge; an International. I remember it being carried into the basement where it sits to this day. The handle got broken many tears ago, but the fridge still works when it gets plugged in, which is only to show it off. Good grief, I don't think a person could afford to have it running full time.
  14. Grabatire

    WD9 air cleaner

    If you get desperate I have what you need, but the shipping might be a shocker.
  15. Grabatire

    Ashland 80D Scraper

    Night Crawler, I had the opportunity to operate a TD15 and a TD14A. I'd say they are about the same on a dozer. The 15 was more user friendly though. As for pulling a 10 yard scraper, a TD15 would do quite well depending on the loading characteristics of the scraper. Some load easier than others. I've drug Cat 463's and Cat 80's behind a high horse D8H 36A and the 463, even though it was a larger capacity, loaded easier. On the other hand a Letourneau 11 yard was a hard brute to deal with. The Ashland 80D is a forward dump type, i.e. the bowl lifts up and dumps out the front. It doesn't have the push off ejector. As such the depth of spread is not controllable so it takes a bit of tinkering to accommodate that.