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  1. Dry camping at Half Century of Progress show

    I also camped on the street side outside the gate in 2015. When inquiring who to pay I was told that was a "grey area" and not to be surprised if the city didn't come along to collect. No one ever did. I was told the 2017 dry camping area would be near the old airplane museum. But have since read the website about the off site camping.
  2. Looking For A Good Route To Des Moines

    If you do go the 24 to 39 route take US 52 when you cross into IL. That turns into 116 and will take you to 39.
  3. Half Century of Progress

    That is the camp ground next to the show. I see the former chairman quite often and he has not mentioned any changes.
  4. The IH community lost a good man.

    Darius was a great guy. He was also involved forming the Illinois Tractor Pullers Association. He was collecting IH way before I knew it was cool to collect. In the late 80s one of his hired men told me he had 60 or 70 then. His checklist for anti freeze included almost 120 vehicles. He was promoter of the Champaign County IL Fair tractor pull for 40 years. Half Century of Progress show had a lot to do with his ability to get people to believe and get on board with him. He will certainly be missed.
  5. International Photographic Center

    Thanks for all the pics. My Dad, now 91 and in a nursing home was always interested in this farmstead. When the new Buyers Guide would come, I was in to the new red tractors. His comment always was he would like to go see this farm where all the pictures were taken.He was under the impression it was more in NW Illinois and never made an attempt. I think if he knew it was maybe 125 miles away, that would have made him and his buddy a nice Sunday drive. My thoughts are that maybe someday the local IHCC chapter could get a day set up to visit there, maybe in conjunction with a show.
  6. International Photographic Center

    Danny, on the tractor did you notice the front lower shield ? It has a 66 series type badge plus that odd shaped front panel. ??
  7. International Photographic Center

    Found it. Not exactly on the beaten path and probably for a good reason. Hid almost as good as the Dirtboyz underground.
  8. International Photographic Center

    You are a step ahead of me Bill. I could see no golf courses either.
  9. Vintage Ads

    Is that the one restored maybe 15 years ago ? Cousin from Greensburg took me to one several years ago.
  10. Vintage Ads


    I wonder why the 856 wasnt included in the demo program ?
  12. Vintage Ads

    Later known as Uniroyal

    This 1456 belongs to a local collector. I drove it through a local parade and thats when the bug started nibbling on me.
  14. Vintage Ads

    My dad stayed with a pull type combine long after he should have. Main reason ?? He was further away from the dust than those guys with the "pusher" combines with no cabs. And he drug a wagon alongside.