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  1. You have a blowout on a oring you well have to take the fuel tank off and pull the housing just be careful how all the linkage comes apart so you remember how it goes back together
  2. Very good tips as I have just finished doing a TA in a 6588 that had an undersized shaft in it never seen that before now it all makes sense thanks for the info
  3. I like the claw hitch myself my 3688 has it. I would think you could sell them or trade
  4. I think am going to stay with the piston pump from what am seeing anyone know were would be the best place to get one
  5. Thanks Ed that’s a big help I checked there web page awesome to know what to look for. What’s your Opinion on the piston hitch pumps are they good pumps or should go with gear pumps
  6. No I don’t have the original one wish I did. The TA was changed before but they had put a 3688 TA in it which has a 51 teeth gear in it
  7. Hey guys working on a 6588 doing some trany work and putting in a new TA. I picked it up the other day and was looking at the Constant mash 47 teeth gear that comes with it but it doesn’t have the flat Facing for the Clutch brake pad has anyone else had this. It’s from hy cap
  8. Best way is to take out the pto and top link cover off. How lose is the linkage on the right side as there is some there anyway. It’s not that hard to change the shaft but you do need to set it up right. There are timing marks on shaft
  9. I thought they also made a 684 with a longer bar axle not sure but a friend of mine had one and the back axle was longer then normal
  10. You well have to change a bunch of stuff thare it’s a told different setup. you could try to get a used three point hitch setup from a wrecker
  11. Seen the tractor with decals like that before but don’t know sells them
  12. Thanks for the input well check that out
  13. Yes there is a conversion kit to put a gear pump on it. The two plus two all were a closed Centre hydraulic system so is the 3688 and late model 1086 and 986. I was hoping there would be a way to now if someone has changed it over with out pulling the pump. I would prefer a piston pump over a gear
  14. Hey guys anyone know where to find seat cushions that look like the originals on 88 Series tractor
  15. I would love to have that in my shed but no way can afford it. They are one of the best designed tractors built for that time to bad people never got the concept. Hey International 1466 what did they go for in that sale
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