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  1. Am doing soybeans with it
  2. Anyone know we’re you can buy after market seed knockers for the 800 plate planter caseih is the only place I can find them and there not cheap
  3. hey everyone what is the best way to test Shaft monitors on 1600 series combines I have some that the alarms do not shut off except when you push ignore any help would be greatly appreciate thanks
  4. The ones at TSC are junk bought one two years ago and it’s falling apart already
  5. Thanks so much for the information love to talk to someone who has worked with this for so many years. It’s to bad we can’t get the parts for the pump it self am in the process of doing all the tests today
  6. Ok was looking in service manual and there talking about a pump plug adapter anyone know what this is part number 14-554-5
  7. Thanks guys for the in put. I have checked the signal check balls and they look ok as the ball and spring are there going to see if I can borrow a flow metre this weekend also have checked the screens on the office they seem to be clean I was wondering what is this dart valve you are referring too and is it replaceable
  8. Hey guys working on a 6588 Hydraulics work but pressure is low and slow. The tractor has to be rev up above 1500 to make them work and even than there is not much power there. I have tested the the outlet Pressures and am only getting 1500 to 1800 motor valve is 1200 am thinking pump is bad what you all think
  9. Did you get it working and were did you get that flow divider am looking for one like that
  10. The torsion bar is likely seized up inside the tube take everything off on the right side and push the tube out the left side and put the bar in a press
  11. Sounds like the auto header valve is sticking
  12. You have a blowout on a oring you well have to take the fuel tank off and pull the housing just be careful how all the linkage comes apart so you remember how it goes back together
  13. Very good tips as I have just finished doing a TA in a 6588 that had an undersized shaft in it never seen that before now it all makes sense thanks for the info
  14. Thanks for the input well check that out
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