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  1. Clear coat is a good tool to use on paint just make sure the paint is compatible with your clearcoat. I have used it with no problem but I also had a paint job go bad with it as well not fun to fix it after the paint drys
  2. Good to know thanks so much for the reply that’s what am going to do
  3. Hey everyone am putting new brakes on the 6588 the kit came with 6 fibre discs and seven solid plates. I took mine apart and there is only 5 fibre discs and six plates. I tried to put the 6 and 7 in put there’s no room for the last plate and fibre disc anyone else see this before
  4. Anyone know we’re you can buy after market seed knockers for the 800 plate planter caseih is the only place I can find them and there not cheap
  5. hey everyone what is the best way to test Shaft monitors on 1600 series combines I have some that the alarms do not shut off except when you push ignore any help would be greatly appreciate thanks
  6. Thanks for the input well check that out
  7. Hey guys anyone know where to find seat cushions that look like the originals on 88 Series tractor
  8. I feel for you been reading your posts got to say brings back memories . I once did a stupid thing and bought a 720 Dree same kind of thing ask all the right things about tractor only to find a money pit. Got it home and could not be live how the thing ran bock was cracked pto was junk power steering on its last legs. And like you one thing lead to other . By the time I was done I had a new tractor and the money I had in it showed too love your post good work
  9. Good job looks great how did did this happen
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