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  1. Thank you all very much for the compliments. It has been a fun project even though some of the parts were limited availability. It should be good for several years now. It is only 48” wide so it doesn’t take up very much space to store it.
  2. Info for t4mike or anyone that might have interest. I spent most of the winter going through the T-4 and getting things back in to tip top shape. I took it to the local show this past weekend. Here is a list of a few things that needed attention: Replaced all steering clutches, drums and brake components (the parts had drawn a lot of moisture over the years) Installed new throw out bearings for the steering clutches Installed new bushings and shafts that operate the carrier for the throw out bearings Cleaned out the rear end housing, installed new seals and new fluid. Took the final drives apart and replaced bearings, seals and gaskets Took the engine apart and cleaned sediment out of the water jacket. Replaced the rubber o-rings at the bottom of the sleeves Rebuilt the water pump as it started to seep. Replaced the engine clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing I was fortunate enough to find several NOS parts during the process I found a NOS choke cable Made a new wiring harness and battery cables I found a factory original tow took for the front with the proper IH part #
  3. My manual is showing: connecting rods 30-35 Ft lbs; mains 70-75 Ft lbs; head 75-80 Ft lbs
  4. Thank you for the explanation on the differences between part #'s. I believe that I will need the offset one as I have the pto speed reducer on mine. I may have to go the route of having one fabbed up. Thanks for your time.
  5. Trying to locate a factory drawbar extension for a T-4, T-5 or TD-5 crawler. I would like to find one to finish out my crawler. There are 2 different part #'s that should work (I am guessing one might be a little longer than the other). The part #'s are 636032R1 and 636037R1. I have contacted multiple parts suppliers listed on this forum with no luck. One of the suppliers thought they had one but was unable to locate it. Does any member here know of someone that might be parting out one of these machines? Thanks for your time and any information.
  6. Thanks Mike. I sent it off to Kentucky Clutch and they were able to re-line it. I sent it on Wednesday and it was returned on Friday!
  7. Doctor Evil - I found it odd that the clutch disc didn't have springs as well. Also, the H clutch uses a 1-1/4" splined shaft while the T4 uses a 1-3/8" splined shaft. Just one more oddity..... junkandcattle - Thank you for the contact in Michigan. I will get in touch with them. R190 / just Dave - Thank you for the technical information and source for materials.
  8. I am needing to replace the engine clutch plate on my T4. The plate is 10" with part # 635112R91 but not having any luck finding a new one. I checked with several places but came up empty handed. Does anyone know of a business that could re-line mine? Thanks for any information.
  9. I am in the process of replacing the steering clutches on my T4 and have a couple of questions/concerns. When I got it the clutches has seen a lot of moisture and they were in bad shape. The pressure plates were completely shot and one of the throw-out bearings was locked up. I decided to replace the works.... backing plates, drums, new plates, pressure plates, brake bands and throw out bearings. I got the clutch packs re-assembled and adjusted them per the measurements in the book. I re-assembled everything over the weekend and with the shafts in place the complete clutch pack can slide approx. 3/16" side to side on the shafts. Is this normal? Also, should the throw out bearing be in constant contact with the fingers on the pressure plate (mine is not)? I have not but the linkage pieces on yet between the levers and the arm on the release shaft or adjusted the brakes yet because I wasn't sure if the side to side play is normal. Thanks for any information that can be offered.
  10. I certainly wish that I had the capabilities and tooling to make my own parts.... It sounds like you have some great talent. It looks like one of our other members may be able to hook me up with a NOS part. Thank you to everyone for your information.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions. I will check with more folks on the list. I can probably salvage one of my 635306R1's but both of my 635292R91's are shot. They had seen too much moisture and are rough. I previously checked with the dealers listed on machinery trader but the inventory was not accurate. I am wondering if they showed inventory because they had them at the parts depot at that time but I have already purchased them.
  12. I am currently searching for a couple pieces of brake linkage for my T4 crawler. I was able to grab 2 from the parts depot but that is all they had. Are there any other good sources that may have these parts? I checked with FP Smith, Brown International Services, Machinery Parts Warehouse and numerous other places that come up when doing a Google search on the part number. I also inquired with Weber tractor parts. The parts I am needing are: 635306R1 Link, brake lever 635292R91 Lever Assembly, brake floating Does anyone know of any other NOS parts retailers that may have these parts? Thanks
  13. Do any of you 284 fans need an IH Windbreaker for you tractor? Sold the tractor years ago.
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