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  1. Modified to run front wheels on top of wide rows instead of in between. This way fronts wouldnt pack wet ground infront of bedder bottoms and make cloddy rows.
  2. Picked up 16x38 rims and tub full of parts i had powdercoated. Heading to KC this weekend to swap parts and pick up a nice 1456 front axle.
  3. PM me your full name for the contact info. wedgelocks weren't as common as clamp ons but 34" wedgelocks would be rare.
  4. Added a set of factory breakaway Hyd lines. If anyone has a set they'd part with send me a PM. Pulled range top plate cover, both detents and springs gone. Reverse shaft snagged and pulled out. Spent 15min looking for moon key with magnet in hyd oil. Turns out it was laying on a gear tooth. Noticed that '71 1456 diamond cabs have slightly different platform.
  5. Picked up a nice cab this weekend for the 1456. Have a good front axle traded for coming from IA in a few weeks. Slow progress but its coming together. Lots of projects to work on.
  6. Ill have to ask what the mans name was that owned and was driving the 806 in the Dallas intro. People who own it now have neglected it and beat the crap out of it. Last i saw it, it had steel wheels and a narrow front pulling a bush hog. At one time board member Eric Farley repainted it. That 806 use to look decent but its in sad shape now.
  7. #16 IH 1456. Elkhart IL. 1 owner mostly original.
  8. It was modified to where it is set on wide rows and then you can take off the extensions and narrow it way in. Once i get another front axle on im gonna pull it apart and set it on narrow and get pics before i take it off. Might make decent pulling front end.
  9. Made a parts run today. Got some 3.5" 9 bolt dual hubs for this 1456 and some weights for the 1066 i put up for sale to jazz it up a bit more. Anyone have any if the hood brackets that go under the Air filter housing? I have 2 in a row now with that bracket missing.
  10. Speaking of '69 1456. Friend bought S/N 10015 last week. Take note of the D stamped after 1456.
  11. Any thoughts or ideas on how to set this one up?
  12. Brian, i dont have the funds to 100% restore every IH I drag home. I figured that out on the 1st 1456 i bought and restored. No way was going to afford what i had planned. Saw that time was running out to find and collect what I wanted. I have to sell a few I fix up to keep the ball rolling. CIH is hitting older parts with beyond ridiculous prices these days. Hardest part on restoring a tractor is finding one, and second is paying for it and whats to come. Guys always knock tire condition on a 40yr old tractor. The fact you can but new tires but you cant buy a new 1456 doesnt register with some. I have from now on to fully restore what i have in my collection. I like going through them and getting them mechanically 99% and leave them unpainted. Alot easier to use and continue to fix up. Too many half ass restorations with new paint and rubber on a worn out leaky tractor.
  13. Even found some lizard eggs under there or i hope they were lizard eggs. As for tilt vs non tilt and mechanical vs hydraulic suspension it was all options that could be any combination of.
  14. These '71 56s have a few differences Im finding. The bolt on ether plate makes it easier to change hand pumps and carried over into 66s. They had a 1 piece plate though. Local friend has a '69 model. Only one i know of locally.
  15. Nate it came from South TX. Its a '71 model. Only 351 built after this one. Still don't have a '69 model.
  16. Cant rip it off too quick but i can see in my mind hauling it across the scale. Such a hard to find axle too. More than likely it was the rare narrow tread center tube and they just destroyed it. Ive only seen 2-3 in person. My ant filled tach shows 4199hrs and i believe it. Alot of the wear spots are still tight. Clutch pedal, brake pedals shifters, hyd levers still fairly tight. Have it field stripped to hot wash tomorrow. Is this key cable factory or some add on to keep the steering wheel holders from loosing it?
  17. I didn't, he took it off before i bought it. Glad he did. Hauled better with it off.
  18. Johnny Cuttn Torch and Jimmy the welder fixed her up good! That damn thing comes apart and narrows in to a super narrow front end.
  19. Winter Project was put up for sale. Got held up by some mexican bandits. The short lil pepper shot everything but himself! Gettn rough in Texas....
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